Lamentations of an avid reader

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Lamentations of an avid reader

#1 Post by backonninja » Fri Nov 30, 2018 12:14 am

I'm sad to see that as of today (November 29th), only 10 stories have been updated this year. Most of which have been discontinued. There hasn't even been a Fall Writing Competition like the past few years... It's almost as if the Story Board has been forgotten... (;_;)

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Re: Lamentations of an avid reader

#2 Post by Neutral Smith » Fri Nov 30, 2018 7:52 pm

Just busy with other things, and not in the mood to stare at a text editor for more than 15 minutes (too tired, other things to do). And I guess that a lot of people have that same feeling.

But my next chapter is at 7 pages, 10 pages (Arial, 10pt) is my target.

Might take a few more months, I'm a bit stuck, I know what is going to happen, but not _how_ it's going to happen. And I need a 'bridge' paragraph between two locations, "not a lot happened while they traveled" feels like cheating.
I can't remember how Tolkien did that in his books, they crossed continents, Shire <-> Mount Doom can't be done in a few weeks (assuming a maximum of 30,000 paces/30 mile a day), and now my protagonist is going to do the same. (well... next chapter, he is going to be told that he has to take a detour... and his horse is not with him)

I think on a regular basis about my stories (plural... there are more in my head, taking place in the same world, but not same time), but not the time to put my thoughts to words.

I just don't care what others think, I enjoy writing it :)
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Re: Lamentations of an avid reader

#3 Post by Technic[Bot] » Sun Dec 02, 2018 5:32 am

Personally i could not write to save my own life.
But I do enjoy reading other people stories however do not forget that the forum community is not that big either, just around 20 regulars or so. And as Mr Neutral said, most have other things to do, places to be. Wether they rather be writing or not.
So relax maybe next year will be better!
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