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WWII Artwork Discussion

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Hello everyone!
      So as you guys might know, Tom made some "pinup" artwork with Rose, Natani :natani: , and Kathrin :kathrin: and honestly... I personally really like them. So I was think that I would make a discussion forum page to talk about other "Pinup" style artwork with the characters. Now I am using the "parentheses" because I am not thinking just Pinups with the girls, but also with the boys as well. Like period style artwork. Here are my thoughts!

We have Rose as American with what looks like a thunderbolt.
We have Natani with a Tiger tank
and we have Kathrin as Soviet

Others and my opinion on what they should be depicted with in this kind of artwork.
  • :zen: Zen should defiantly be with his brother with the German stuff
  • :laura: Laura I thought might be cool for Japanese, sense she is a coastal fox
  • :evals: :mike: Mike and Evals I think should defiantly have American depictions
Honestly i'm running on blanks for the rest of them. :grin: Please post your ideas on this topic. Unfortunately I do not have very good art skills so I can't show my ideas, best I can do is explain.

Thanks peeps and have a nice day!
:natani: Stormagedon130 :mike:

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