Musical Compositions Here!

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Musical Compositions Here!

#1 Post by Tekros » Thu Sep 15, 2016 12:27 pm

Hello everyone! Tekros The Demon Musician here, and current musician for the MMORPG "Twokinds Online" being worked on by the incredibly awesome, diligent, and ambitious Cookie Dragon known as Judah4! It has come to my attention, (through self-awareness) that there is no art section exclusively for those who write music! I understand that many, if not most of the artists here on the forums tend to do visual art such as drawing, but I do not believe that should be allowed to undermine the beloved melodies of handcrafted music! Thus, this thread is here to exist solely for the posting and commenting of homemade music both in relation to the webcomic, and non. I have written several fan songs to fit specific themes to Twokinds, and I have been eager to post a few of them. Unfortunately with the current rules and guidelines forbidding me from posting twice in a row, I must simply share them one song at a time, and either receive advice from all of you, or have you respond with a song of your own, (which I would much far prefer). I would absolutely LOVE to hear the musical compositions from the many different artists in this community that write music! IF YOU'VE GOT A SONG TO SHARE, THEN SHARE IT HERE!

Although this thread allows the postage of music mind you that this section is NOT intended for the use of sharing music that you simply LIKE, such as from large and famous rock bands. That sort of content is forbidden here. Unless you are sharing a song written by another member of the Twokinds Forums Community, or song of your own, then do not post it here. All comments are however received with much gratitude by all the musical artists of this thread! Thank you! :grin: :wink:

Here's a simple little song I wrote today in honor of the ever nearing 13 year anniversary of Twokinds, and as a tribute to the legendary Trace Legacy! :trace:


For those of you who don't know, Dovahquinn is my musician name! Tekros is my persona, and O.C.
(Demon and dragon versions of Tekros are my fursonas)
Hope you enjoy the little chiptune in it as well! |D [video] ...[/video]
Active musician for Twokinds Online.

My musical compositions can be found here.


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