What Belongs here- Please Read

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What Belongs here- Please Read

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This is the Drawing Board- Commonly called the "Art Board" and all that other art stuff-
Here's what should be posted here-
-You made some cool new art! Sweet! Post it here!
- You want to start a contest involving people drawing stuff! Yay! Post it here!
- Your pet died- you want to write a poem and turn it into a JPG and put it here- Go away.
- You Want to hire an artist or you want to get an artist here- Try PMs- Or post a thread- But it will be deleted or locked after you find someone or it becomes old or covered in spam.
- You come in and make a thread proclaiming your need for art and ask people to post pictures for you-- go away- Use Google or search on your own-- heck go to one of those image Boards
-You got a brand new camera! Sure! Photography is art! Post it here if you want! (restrictions apply- see common sense for details...)
-You made a sprite! You can post it here!
-You copied a sprite or copy and pasted a sprite! HA! Don't put it here!
- You have links to someone else's work but want to call it your own! Post it here! and get BANNED! YAY! *Thumbs Up*
- You drew something - on lined paper- in the corner-- looks kinda like a coffee stain-- maybe it is one-- don't post it here.
- You colored someone elses work! Give credit for the original artist and post it here!
-OMG! You drew an advanced stick figure! Shut up and get in the soup!
-You want people to worship you because you're soooooo talented - you brag about that talent but fail to post any art even though you keep saying you will post it soon! Go away-- make a thread when you HAVE something to show, and get over yourself- we love great artists- we hate people who think being a great artist makes them superior to everyone else.
- I want to chat with artists... I want to tell them i like there work- Don't make a thread for this-- make comments on their thread!

Not Tolerated-
Flaming, Spamming, Art Theft

Things to remember-
No one is going to become a better artist by copying others all the time or saying they are going to draw but never actually doing it. Drawing is not all about talent- Talent is what gets people going-- people who have talent recognize they can do something well-- and they keep practicing it-- they tend to learn it faster and do very well. This doesn't mean if you have "no talent" you cant be a great artist- someone who learns quickly can do almost as well or better-- depending on if their heart is into it and they don't have a serious hand tremor problem... Almost everyone (probably 99%) of all the artists started drawing REALLY BAD- they got better not by hiding their work but by letting others look at it so they can say "wow- that guys arms look weird-- and his head is too small-- oh is it supposed to be a cat? wow-- you need to see an eye doctor..." from there they know what to work on-- and they improve-- if you don't show your work to others your mind will keep telling you that what you drew looks right because YOU drew it-- some people can be rude- thats why you say your asking for Serious and or professional Critiques- not "hey your drawing suck" if anyone says that let me know so i can delete their stupid spam of a post-- and explain to them what their parents failed to teach them (and not having parents wont be an excuse or earn them "sympathy points").

Everyone Clear on this right? Good. Maybe more later.

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