Looking for Landscapes

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Looking for Landscapes

#1 Post by aptbr »

I am looking for some TwoKinds art - I am hoping to use a landscape from TwoKinds as a desktop background, and would prefer one without any characters present. I wasn't able to find any art of pretty landscapes, do you have any you could link?

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Re: Looking for Landscapes

#2 Post by Turaiel »

There's an archive of a lot of the artwork at the link in my signature. Although, I don't think Tom has drawn too many Twokinds landscapes at desktop wallpaper resolution.
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Re: Looking for Landscapes

#3 Post by Bellhead »

He did draw that one with all the trees, with the sun and mountains in the background... If memory serves, he was using sections of it as background when group B was in the woods. Not sure if that ever got posted, though..
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