Another attempt at animation (linked)

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Another attempt at animation (linked)

#1 Post by Jam » Sun Nov 12, 2017 10:33 am

A few years ago, I fully animated the first 3 pages of Twokinds by hand on a Wacom tablet, it took around 2 months of daily work and... It looked/sounded awful, I'm not a skilled drawer (it's somewhere on these forums for those brave enough to sit through the cringe), I decided it wasn't worth pursuing but today I got inspired and decided to take a different approach, this is the first page of Twokinds animated using a new method (at-least to me) with this method I was able to make this whole thing in just around 6 hours, whilst using this method I still have to redraw almost all the environments, but certain details, like characters I can just make minor adjustments too (adding on limbs hidden by borders and such) and I feel it gives very pleasing results. If others are interested I think I'd like to do more of the comic in this style, and maybe once I finish the prologue upload it publicly.

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