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Re: Printable Toys (Crowd Sourcing Ideas)

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Rainyredman1234 wrote:
Wed Mar 14, 2018 3:52 am
Why does this seem like something that needs to be done but not as many people are on board with the idea?

Also idea, how about like warhammer 40k with the figurines for a strategy game?
Honestly i was thinking about something like that the other day.
I was listening to some Fire emblem music. That game series is old, running on its first iteration on a NES running on a 6502 at 1.7 MHz. At that rate you could run a very similar game engine on paper and pencil. Even D&D is more complex than that and runs fine. You can make you own "maps" and "units" either as figures or written character sheets if you are more of a frugal person. And can be done so that if falls under fair use so we can save teh lawyer money.
I was thinking things like printable folding figurines honestly :kathrin:

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