[COMPLETED] System Maintenance Window (2017-10-12 21:00 EDT)

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[COMPLETED] System Maintenance Window (2017-10-12 21:00 EDT)

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There will be a system maintenance window for the forum this Thursday, October 12, from 9 PM EDT to 9:15 PM EDT (01:00 - 01:15 UTC), barring issues.

This is for a minor upgrade and reboot to the server running secondary Twokinds services (e.g. twokinds.net and 2kinds.com). Approximately 5-10 minutes of forum downtime is expected, with all secondary websites (except twokindscomic.com) being unreachable for 1-2 minutes.


EDIT: Some issues were encountered with the server during the maintenance window, which caused it to be extended significantly. I believe the problem has been corrected and will continue monitoring. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Maintenance window completed at 11:10 PM EDT (03:10 UTC).
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