Newbie Board Rules

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Newbie Board Rules

#1 Post by FastChapter » Tue Mar 24, 2009 6:32 pm

This is a reminder for anyone who has not read, forgotten or is under the assumption that the Newbie Board does indeed have its own rules. I think this is the fourth time it's had to be reposted in just as many years. If I were able to sticky threads, I would have created one, but since I can't this will have to do.

The Newbie Board is intended as a place for new members to meet the community. Everyone says "Hello," shakes hands, and the new member moves onto the rest of the forum.

These threads are not a place to open up lengthy discussions, post funny photos or spam with role-playing. If you want to have a discussion, go to the Ranting Board. If you want to role-play, go to the Role-Playing board or take it to private messages. The rules apply on all boards: keep things on-topic and don't spam. If someone new joins, don't turn the thread into ten pages of random nonsense just to increase your post count. The most that gets accomplished is the new member mysteriously never returns to the forum and the people spamming grab ten or twenty extra posts to their account.

That being said...
  • Don't spam threads
  • Don't role-play in threads
  • If the OP isn't responding, don't bump the thread.
  • Threads that devolve into spam will be locked.
  • Threads that have to be locked will be deleted after 24 hours.
  • Use common sense!

These rules are in place to ensure we show a degree of respect to newcomers. The trend thus far has consisted of the new member introducing themselves, posting quick hellos to the people who initially respond, and while they leave for the rest of the forum, a handful of members will stay behind and fill the thread with another five or six pages of complete nonsense that has nothing to do with the original poster. The thread gets locked, but the spam moves to the next thread without flinching. This is why these locked threads will be deleted: some members have chosen to focus their entire attention here for the sake of their post counts.

The Newbie Board is a place to greet newcomers, not a quick and easy way to tack 30 posts to your tally before you have to go to work. Please be respectful of new members, their threads and follow the rules.