Hello Everyone!

Come on in and introduce yourself!

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Hello Everyone!

#1 Post by CagedTheCactus » Tue May 16, 2017 4:15 am

Hi guys, CagedTheCactus here!

I found the comic about a year ago, but I hadn't really found out about the forums or anything until just recently. After lurking for a bit, I figured I should make an account, so here goes.

I'll probably lurk around in the forums for a bit, but I hope to become more active in some of the comic discussion/gaming boards, and I look forward to talking to all of you!

Outside of Twokinds, my main interests are gaming, computers, and cars. If I do see any threads around these topics, I'll probably be active there. This is the first time that I've joined an online forum like this one, but from what I can tell I've gotten started in a pretty good place. The people here seem friendly and open to newcomers, which is always nice to see.

Thanks for the words of welcome, and see you around!
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Re: Hello Everyone!

#2 Post by dartvader48 » Tue May 16, 2017 4:25 am

ayy! welcome to the dark side.
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Re: Hello Everyone!

#3 Post by DarkTheImmortal » Tue May 16, 2017 4:54 am

Welcome to the world of tomorrow! :nora:

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Re: Hello Everyone!

#4 Post by Hayate » Tue May 16, 2017 6:16 am

Hello and welcome to the forums! I'm pretty sure we have threads to cover all your interests here if you look around! Just remember to read the rules! We are a fairly friendly and accepting bunch so I'm sure you'll fit in! Just don't drink the water... I've heard bad things...

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Re: Hello Everyone!

#5 Post by Dadrobit » Tue May 16, 2017 11:04 am

Welcome to the forums! :mrgrin:

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Re: Hello Everyone!

#6 Post by ThunderVolt » Tue May 16, 2017 10:24 pm

Indeed, we are quite friendly.

Welcome to the forums!
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