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#1 Post by Sunleader »

I wish ya a Good Day lads.
Not sure I.ll be very active here.
But given that I have been following the Comic for about 10 Years now. I tought I might want to at least Register myself to See who is around now and then

The whole Name is Sunleader the Sunliveman.
A Name given to me 20 Years ago on a Lan Party Playing Counterstrike. I like using Flashbangs and I like telling others what to do. Also we were Drunk. So Yeah dont put too much tought into that.
The Name stuck and has become my Nickname ever since. Albeit most of my Friends just call me Sun.

I am approaching 35 Years of Age. So Basicly I am halway to my Deathbed.
I am clearly and absolutely Male.

I am German and in Germany. Dont expect me to go anywhere else. Germans dont like going to Places outside Germany. We just like making them Germany. Even tough we are pretty Horrible at it and usually just end up making everyone angry with us instead.
Its a quite strange thing tough. So many People come from all around to Live in Germany. Yet they dont like it if Germany comes to them.

I am a Miner by the Way.
Obviously I like Anime, Manga/Comics and Light Novels. And Obviously not just the ones from Japan.
I also like Annoying Furry Haters on our Discord with TwoKinds :P

I am not gonna bore you with all the stuff I dislike. Its just way too much and I dislike it. So I really dont wanna waste time on it.

Well. Get along Lads.

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Re: Greetings.

#2 Post by Neutral Smith »

Don't feel old, I'm 40.

Don't drink the water, but leave the pumps running.

I've tried the (unofficial) Discord for a while, but that's not a place I enjoy.
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Re: Greetings.

#3 Post by Bellhead »

Welcome to the Forums! Please do enjoy your stay.

We're not as active as we were back when you first discovered the comic, but we're still here, nonetheless.
Gearhead in the digital world, who will probably grow up to be a very grumpy old man.

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Re: Greetings.

#4 Post by Technic[Bot] »

Oh i was not aware there were still operating mines in germany, most my grandparents were miners on some other part of the world.

Anyhow this quaint phpBB based corner of the internet salutes you. Customary water warning have already been given as per spec so I will only add:

Happy foruming!
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Re: Greetings.

#5 Post by Sunleader »

Surprisingly. Germany has quite a few Mines.
The most obvious ones being Coal and Lignite Mines. Which is also where I am working.

My Salutes to your Ancestors then. Glückauf from West Germany ^^
Albeit I am not sure they get that one. As that is a German thing ^^

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