Hey all!

Come on in and introduce yourself!

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Hey all!

#1 Post by FireworkFox »

Firework Fox here! I'm a red fox male living in the USA! (he/him) Also, I'm bisexual, and happily taken by a very cute husky!
My favorite character is Natani, 'cuz I like strong, sexy wolves! Flora, Kat, Keith, and Raine are also very cute! I used to have this weird love/hate thing for Clovis, but after he killed Brutus its all hate.
I've been reading the comic for a few years now. I am a big fan of Tom's bro, Markiplier. But my favorite YouTuber is Scott the Woz. He's hilarious!
Other comics I read include Housepets! and Savestate.
I love video games, especially First Person Shooters. My favorite gun is the M16, but I prefer the full auto version(which is seldom present). But the burst fire M16 is great too! My favorite game is Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War. A lot of people think its not very good, but I have a lot of fun in that game. My favorite CoD character is Russell Adler, with Frank "Onion" Woods being a close second. My favorite weapon combo in BOCW is the M16 and the Mac-10.
I am also a huge fan of action films, especially the Rambo and Terminator movies. If you ever get the chance, watch Rotor(1987). Its low budget and stupid, but so much so that its hilarious!
I'm always looking to make new friends, so feel free to send me a message!
Imma fox uwu

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Re: Hey all!

#2 Post by Bellhead »

Welcome to the forums! You have a LOT of energy, I see. I remember the days when that was everywhere here, though it's quite a bit slower, now.

Feel free to enjoy to your heart's content! Just don't drink the water. :wink:
Gearhead in the digital world, who will probably grow up to be a very grumpy old man.

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Re: Hey all!

#3 Post by Technic[Bot] »

This quaint little phpBB based corner of the internet salutes you.

Seems like we have had an influx of people after Brutus got killed. Which is not something I expected... But it is always nice to see new people here!

Read the rules, do not bump dead thread don't drink the water and happy foruming!
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