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#1 Post by EmrysOfMyrddin »

newbie here saying hello. Just finished reading the comic if you any have hidden lore let me know :D .

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Re: Hello

#2 Post by Bellhead »

Hidden lore, you say? *scratches beard* Don't drink the water. :)

To be fair, though, there are practically DECADES of hidden lore to be had in these hallowed halls, including old Picarto and UStream quotes that may or may not even be cannon anymore, original forum and Twitter posts, sketches... How many weeks do you have?

Welcome, and enjoy your stay!
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Re: Hello

#3 Post by Technic[Bot] »

Hello This quaint phpBB based corner of the internet welcomes you ™

As Mr Bell said the forum has over 10 years of lore discussion, though most of it is likely non-canon and even that which seems to be canon or direct quote from Tom is not on the comic and therefore it is likely to change without prior notice. We really ought to pieces together what little now is canon at some point

My favorite piece of forum lore discussion is that at some point it was seriously discussed whether Natani even existed, or if it was simply some kind of magic automaton powered by Zen's mental image of his sibling. The original Natani been long dead before that. Fortunately that train of thought got discredited with the years. Wasn't there myself but it sounds like a fun discussion to have.

In any case happy foruming!
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