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I uh, I guess I'm kind of shy when I'm new... But I'm Gemini, that is my real zodiac, and I'm really energetic sometimes, but can get annoying... So uh, sorry in advance. Also I have a bit of an anger issue so... Fun😅

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Re: hi...

#2 Post by Bellhead »

Just like me when I started. :) This was the first place I really opened up in. Don't be afraid to voice your dissenting opinion, friendly debate is always welcome. Make sure to give the rules a good once-over, but remember to have fun.

Just don't drink the water. :P
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Re: hi...

#3 Post by Tesla Foxtrot »

Welcome to the glorius forum!

Take Bellheads advice otherwise you become like me! ( jokes )

Hope you enjoy your stay!
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