Eddy has been flyin' around for years.

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Eddy has been flyin' around for years.

#1 Post by flyineddy »

Hi everybody!

I guess the titel says it all, I've been reading along here for years already. Almost 9 years apparently! And not a single post! Shame on me! :oops:

A bit about myself.
I'm a 27 year old male from the Netherlands.
These days I'm reading numerous webcomics, but it all started here, with TwoKinds and I still look forward to every new page. :D

I'm a rather quiet person who generally doesn't post a lot on forums (if that wasn't obvious already :wink: ).
Maybe now that I've "broken the ice" you'll see a bit more of me. :)

Anyway, looking forward to many more years of TwoKinds!



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Re: Eddy has been flyin' around for years.

#2 Post by Neutral Smith »

Oh no! More Dutch people!

* Hides *

Just kidding. Welcome.

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Re: Eddy has been flyin' around for years.

#3 Post by Tesla Foxtrot »

Welcome to the forum!

My first webcomic was TK aswell!
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