Awkward artist joins comic book forum.

Come on in and introduce yourself!

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Awkward artist joins comic book forum.

#1 Post by Thepicausno »

I don't really do forums, but I decided to join to post art and whatnot. I'm a bit shy around these tight-knit communities, as I had some pretty bad experiences quite some years ago. I do mostly art and that's it. Maybe I'll start a fan comic thing? I doubt it. If you wanna see my main work, you can find all my stuff at

I'm also working on a game called Summer Knights, that we're trying to get crowdfunded. Just search kickstarter for "Summer Knights", we should be the first result.

That's all I have to say. Hope I'm able to contribute.

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Re: Awkward artist joins comic book forum.

#2 Post by Neutral Smith »

Belated welcome.

Art style is not something I personally like, but maybe I have to get used to it to appreciate it.
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