Dadrobit Does Sound Design

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Dadrobit Does Sound Design

#1 Post by Dadrobit » Fri Jun 08, 2018 2:01 am

So in the course of getting my audio engineering cert at college, I've kind of fallen in love with sound design. Not much to say on the matter other than that it's a fun hobby for me to go around making recordings from the things around me and making my own audio replacements for videos. I figured why not post some of the better stuff that I've done here? Mixing music is often a part of the work, so it almost kind of fits the bill for this section right? :mrgrin:

After one year of working in sound design, this is what myself and a partner were able to do in replacing the audio for a StarCraft 2 commercial.

phpBB [video]

My latest complete work two years and a For Honor trailer later.

phpBB [video]

This WoW one was not specifically my project, it was a classmate's, but I provided the narration and helped him a lot with the overall mixing.

phpBB [video]

For posterity reference for where I've come from, here's one of my very first attempts at sound design when I was just getting into the program with a United Health Care commercial. :mrgrin:
We had no female voices available in the class, so.... we made do with what we had to fit the work.

phpBB [video]

I'm no longer taking classes, so it's all self-driven from here on out, but the next project that I'm taking a stab at is one of the Death Stranding trailers using audio that is 100% recorded from my own home.

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Re: Dadrobit Does Sound Design

#2 Post by Lamberts » Thu Jun 21, 2018 3:50 pm

Cool vids!
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