Progress on Second Book

A place to discuss the production of the second book in the Twokinds series.

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Progress on Second Book

#1 Post by Tom »

This is the current progress on the second book:

0% █████████████████████████████████████████████████ 100% ( 80% / 100% )
Last updated: May 5th, 2012

Stuff that needs to be done:

  • Bonus Pages
    27 Comic Pages
Stuff done:

  • Cover Illustration
    Opening Pages
    109 Comic Pages
    Map Page

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Re: Progress on Second Book

#2 Post by Tuna »

That's actually a really rapid pace...

Go, Tom, GO!!

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Re: Progress on Second Book

#3 Post by ButterBall »

Already 6%? Keep it up, man!
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Re: Progress on Second Book

#4 Post by k4z0 »

... crap... again, something to wait for, lol. it was hard enough to wait for the first one... O_O... at least your working fast tom, now that you've had practice in making the first one.
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Re: Progress on Second Book

#5 Post by Neko-Maya »

cool... I just ordered the first one O_o now the second is already in process..
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Re: Progress on Second Book

#6 Post by Ster Zetanee »

Holy... Wow your going to be done in less then 3 months at that pace.
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Re: Progress on Second Book

#7 Post by foxauni »

Ordering first one here soon and then will be ordering the 2nd one too ^.^ Love the comic and the site so yep, I iz fan!
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Re: Progress on Second Book

#8 Post by Schrodinger »

Tom wrote:This is the current progress on the second book:

0% ██████████████████████████████████████████████████ 100% ( 6% / 100% )
Nice little trick there Tom. Very useful.
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Re: Progress on Second Book

#9 Post by CrRAR »

You know what this means...

...more sleepless nights spent tuned to ustream. :D

Can't wait. >:)
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Re: Progress on Second Book

#10 Post by epicallyfailed »

woah... I just found out about the second book a couple days ago ( are maybe yesterday, idk) and ur already 6% done? Thats faster then my 360's download rate. Anyhoo, i just ordered the first book and can't wait!Oh, yeah, this time around I don't think you'll have to update so much of your art.

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Re: Progress on Second Book

#11 Post by Dlemon »

Besides it's release, I'm looking forward to see what BookTwo's cover art looks like. The first was really cool so I think I'm going to preorder this book as well. 136 comic pages will be in the BookTwo plus bonus pages? I'm really looking forward to this next book.

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Re: Progress on Second Book

#12 Post by Squival »

Wow here comes the work on the second book already! ^^

Still havent bought the first one yet, waitin for a pay-up of some B'day money in a few days from my folks before I can afford it.

So much glee knowing that the 2nd one is now underway :D

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Re: Progress on Second Book

#13 Post by gangman5 »

I made the mistake of not pre-ordering the first one, and i'm not gonna make that mistake again!

BTW, here's a small suggestion. You might want to just get someone to run over your spelling, to check everything is as it should be. i know you're not English and might not be COMPLETELY proficient in the language, i don't mind the spelling but it'll just help a bit :-)

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Re: Progress on Second Book

#14 Post by laseki »

Well then.
That was quick,Like I said so many times on the ustream,you have one hell of a work ethic Tom.

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Re: Progress on Second Book

#15 Post by Fireball0236 »

Ooo, yay more progress to track :D ! Nice work with the progress bar too ^^.