Sorry to bother.

A place to discuss the production of the second book in the Twokinds series.

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Sorry to bother.

#1 Post by chrushl »

Hi everyone!

So I just found twokinds on the internet about 4 days ago and read through it in almost 1 hit.
I totally love it!
And so when I found out there are books of it, as one can easily guess, I wanted to buy them.
But the only things I found up to now, were the kickstarter, which I obviously missed now, and a link to indyplanet, which rather seems like an older version of it, comparing it with the pictures from the kickstarter.

I'm sure this has been asked quite a few times by now, but I didn't find what worked for me...
I'm sorry if I bother anyone with it, but:
Can I still buy somewhere, the printed versions from the kickstarter?
And if so, where?

Thank you guys! =)

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Re: Sorry to bother.

#2 Post by Zylver »

Hullo! :keith:

You should have looked around a little more careful around the board, so you might have come across the thread I just linked :) I think you can find some answers there... or not :|

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Re: Sorry to bother.

#3 Post by chrushl »

Ok thank you. ^_^
Might have gone through it all a bit to fast...
But nice to be led there by conchita wurst herself! ;P