Ordering Book(s) question(s)

A place to discuss the production of the second book in the Twokinds series.

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Ordering Book(s) question(s)

#1 Post by Kalid »

Hey, so, a bit of a strange situation-

A month or two after the- wait, lemme just get my records. Okay- The kickstarter ended on June 7th. On September 26th I contributed $55(for the "TWOKINDS MANGA + DIGITAL BUNDLE"), and then received the digital copies from Tom on the 30th.

So, I totally understand if I don't get copies of the books because I was late to contribute(I love this comic and can get over the loss), but if I could know whether I will be receiving them or not, would be very appreciated.
Mostly because I want to know if I should be placing an order for the book via IndyPlanet or just waiting it out.
Also on that note, when the second book is out, will there be a deal for buying both at once?

(Also, Also, is the idea for another Kickstarter round with more volumes(since vol.1+2 is only half of the comics uploaded)?)
(Also, Also, ALSO(last one I promise), would this be where plushies would be available, or would those be standard purchase only?)

Much love, ~Kalid

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Re: Ordering Book(s) question(s)

#2 Post by Turaiel »

If you contributed for the books, you'll get the books (so far as I know). None of the physical copies have been shipped out to anyone yet due to significant delays.

The books should be going on sale sometime after Kickstarter stuff gets shipped.

Also, I don't believe Tom wants to do another Kickstarter from what I've seen. It's been a bit too much for him to handle.

Dunno about the plushies.
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