Okay, loving every single part so far.

A place to discuss the production of the second book in the Twokinds series.

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Okay, loving every single part so far.

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Firstly saying, loving it! Secondly, it is 2:59am here. I have read through every single comic in one sitting since 4pm. If you ever wanna chat dude, I'd be honoured. I'm an amatuer-ish writer, my stuff is pretty creative and very large scale. But my artwork side isn't so great, if you don't mind. I have some pretty damned good ideas (If I do say so myself [I'm not a bragger]). I guess I'm saying, I'd feel privileged as a fan to be able to help you with this comics.

P.S. Flora's my favourite. :flora:

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Re: Okay, loving every single part so far.

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Wrong board to make this thread in. Make an intro thread in the newbie board, then PM Tom from there if you'd like.
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