shood be ah anime show

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shood be ah anime show

#1 Post by PAUL-1-0-1- »

tom shood make twokinds ah anime show that wood be cool 8)

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Re: shood be ah anime show

#2 Post by Fritz »

4 things.

1. This is rather spammy topic sense there isn't any real discussion as far as i see.
2. There is actully a topic regarding making a twokinds animation already made right here
3. This isn't even in the right place, to talk about twokinds go to the comic discussion board.
4. All avatars should only be at pg-13 minimum, No adult content or anything suggestive.
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Re: shood be ah anime show

#3 Post by Turtleleaf »

I already told him about the avatar in a pm.
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Im not sure, but you avatar might be considered NSFW and be asked to be changed to somthing else. Like i said, not sure but you never know.

EDIT: Please use proper english and grammar...

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Re: shood be ah anime show

#4 Post by Yash »

Thread locked, avatar detonated.
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