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Chronicles of Michael Belmont OOC + Sign Up.

Posted: Sun Nov 28, 2010 10:26 pm
by Extorio
The Chronicles of Michael Belmont
Written by Captain Angus Crux, ca.1198.

The year is 1190 A.D. Just under a year ago, Europe was plunged into a perpetual night. Creatures that once could only roam in the dark hours have now been given free reign to cause terror, death and destruction to the world and to multiply themselves into an unstoppable horde. Before this, the Order of the Blessed had charged themselves with protecting innocent lives and fighting these hell spawn so that ordinary people didn't have to. However, this sudden increased in monsters has taken the Order by surprise, and they are literally fighting themselves to death against unbeatable foes.

Here's where you, the player, come in. The night before this story begins, the Order's many monasteries that scatter the land were simultaneously attacked by a wave of 2nd Generation Vampires. Taking this as a sign that the one, true Vampire, Count Dracula of Transylvania, has realised the threat that the Order presents to him, and has resolved to crush Us, Commander Zachariah of the Orders armed forces is sending you on a mission to find out what is causing this darkness, and to find a way to put a stop to it.

You are, for lack of a better name, the Fellowship of the Order.

The Order of the Blessed

The Order was founded shortly after Jesus Christ's death by his Apostles. After the Son of God left the world and paid for Humanities Sins, the world became ravaged by Hell Spawn. Dracula and his Vampire brethren ruled the skies whilst the forests were lost to Werewolves. Towns and Villages had to fortify themselves and the Apostles prayed for guidance. They decided to do something to protect innocents and recruited knights of chivalry and skill to aid them, thus, the Order of the Blessed was formed.

At the present, the Order has headquarters located all over Europe and fills a range of different functions. The Order management structure is separated into different sections that are each headed by an individual leader. The leaders of each section form the Council which effectively leads and runs the Order.

These guys, other than the heads of the Priest and Templar divisions won't even be in the RP, I'm just putting their names down in case you need to mention them in your character's speech.

Head of Priests: Father Jacob Garrows
Head of Templars: Commander Zachariah Clarke
Head of Finance: Sir Jonathan Flynn
Head of Vicars: Father Joseph Hertz
Head of Organisation: Sir Julius Antipater

Finance looks after the Order's money and makes sure that each monastery is well supplied and all of it's inhabitants are well fed and well sheltered. Also, travelling money for Templars and Priests has to be requestioned from the Finance section and they choose how much to give. During the event of a 'Black Op', a mission that isn't recorded in the Order archives, Finance will pay the Templar their commission and record the loss of money as something trivial like repairs or replacing weapons. Of course, the whole point of a Black Op is to keep it a secret, so the system of Black Op payments isn't known unless you've performed one.

The Vicars section is tasked with the overall running of the monasteries and Vicars are the one's who teach the young members of the Order about their religion and how to be chivalrous and selfless. They also provide food and shelter for stranded or injured travellers and provide a Mass for those who desire it. Vicars are primarily charged with keeping hope in the people.

The Organisation department are really the guys who run everything and keep each person doing their job. They're responsible for checking financial records, organising Black Ops, gathering intel and ultimately providing the backbone of the entire Order.

Templars and Priests are the two sections that work together. They generally work in pairs, with the saying “One of us, one of them.” (The Company, Heroes), being the reason behind this. Here's a description of what they're like:


Templars are the brawn of the Order. This doesn't mean they are mindless brutes, they just aren't as well versed in knowing how to kill supernatural creatures from the get go. They learn overtime however. Like all members of the Order, at the age of twelve, they study swordsmanship for a year. At the age of thirteen, only those who have no family can choose to become Templars. They choose between Archery or Swordsmanship and are then trained respectively. Templars aren't given compulsory education on creature lore, but are free to study it in their spare time. Despite popular belief of places where Templars have yet to visit, they do not all have big hulking armour and large two handed broad swords. Many actually prefer to wear much lighter clothes with just a tunic of chain mail beneath their clothing and a simple longsword strapped to their belts. Archers are similar, they tend to dress lightly and don't really carry much provisions or equipment. Templars are trained to use their environment effectively and are drilled to think on their feet, which could mean the difference between life and death. They are taught how to use Holy Water and crucifixes to their advantage in battle and know how to use them well. Templars, like Priests don't enter active service until they're eighteen.


Priests compliment their Templar counterparts by being more 'brain' than brawn. They are taught rituals, chants and primarily how to evoke the 'holiness' in seemingly ordinary religious objects to use as offence or defence. They are also taught what each creatures weaknesses are and how best to defeat them. Strategy and tactics are their focus point. This enables Templars to train physically all their lives so that when a pair made of a Priest and Templar are in combat, the Priest can inform the Templar the best plan of action. Like all other members of the Order, Priests first study swordsmanship for a year when they're twelve and then choose the path of the Priest at age thirteen. Magical abilities of Priests are stunning. While a Templar can press a crucifix against a creatures skin and burn it, a Priest can cast off a white light from the crucifix and harm creatures from a distance, even cause explosions and focused blasts (Similar to the 'cross' attack in Dante's Inferno.)

Important Members

Name: Commander Zachariah Clarke
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Hungary
Class: Templar; Swordsman
Equipment: Crucifix As long as he can remember, Zach has always carried with him a wooden crucifix, created from the wood of the cross that Christ himself was crucified on.
History: If the archives of the Order are to be believed, then you would be a fool not to respect this man. Zachariah's life at the Order has been full of military accomplishments and numerous recommendations for higher positions from the age of twenty and up. He came into command of the Templars through the Will of his late predecessor and mentor. The two were on a Black Operation, hunting the Alpha Werewolf and only Zachariah survived. When the Will was read, Zachariah rose to his new role spectacularly.
Personality: Zachariah is not one to mess around. Even in his youth he was very 'by the book' and that hasn't changed in his later years and role as Commander. He has a very analytical personality and is able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of his subordinates better than even they can.

Name: Captain Angus Crux
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Rome, Italy
Class: Templar; Swordsman
Equipment: Nathaniel – Nathaniel is the name of the Hand-and-a-half sword that Angus was given by his mentor and close friend, Commander Zachariah. The blade is a pitch black with a golden edge. It possesses no extraordinary traits or powers but has always been seen as a symbol of hope for the Templars serving beneath Angus. So long as Angus wields Nathaniel, they believe that they can win any battle.
Holy Water – Inside his cloak, Angus has a three wooden bottles filled with Holy Water that was blessed on Vatican Hill.
History: Angus, when he first started his Templar training, wasn't looked upon with much hope. He slacked on his studies and wasn't particularly gifted with a blade. However, at age fifteen, he met Zachariah who placed his faith in the young Angus and gave him his sword, Nathaniel. Since he first held Nathaniel, Angus has never lost in a sword fight. When he became of age, Angus completed many missions before being assigned a partner, Claudio. With Claudio by his side, Angus was promoted to Captain and the two were often described as being the ultimate duo.
Misc.: He once fought a 1st Generation Vampire alongside Captain's Zeke and Kain and those three are the only alive members of the Order to have done so.

Name: Captain Claudio Vetra
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Florence, Italy
Class: Templar; Archer
Appearance: Kinda like this, just with longer hair and a lot younger.
Equipment: Longbow – Slung over one shoulder is Claudio's trademark weapon. This isn't his original bow by any means, he has an unfortunate habit of getting them broken during battle. However, this one possess' its fair share of scratches and blemishes. It's made of Oak and the string is so taught that the arrow hits its mark almost instantly after being released.
Quiver x2 – Claudio has two quivers. One on his left hip and the other on his back. Both are quite tight and effectively lock the arrows inside them so that they don't fall out while he's running, falling, rolling etc. One quiver has arrows with silver tips and the other has just ordinary arrows.
Throwing Knives – In his earlier years, Claudio took an interest in throwing knives and perfected his aim with the weapons. He can hit a target from twenty feet with pinpoint accuracy. These knives are also useful if he needs a melee weapon in a pinch.
History: Claudio's mother died in child birth and his father, an Order Captain, was killed in the field when Claudio was only six. From then on, the Order raised him. At age twelve, he showed extraordinary skill with a blade. While he lacked the muscular structure to sufficiently combat older Brothers, his skill with the blade was noted and he was deemed a prodigy. While most expected him to take the path of the Swordsman, Claudio instead chose to become an Archer and even showed prodigal skill in that field. At age eighteen, he was assigned to accompany Angus on one of his missions and two became close friends. Although Claudio was promoted to Captain at the age of twenty-three, he still serves under Angus and acts as his subordinate. However, Claudio's leadership skills will be invaluable in the coming quest.
Misc.: He is one of four Brothers to be classed as prodigies. Two are dead and the other living prodigy is Captain Zeke himself.
Unbeknownst to anybody other than Him, Angus and Zachariah, Claudio is a descendent of Count Dracula from when the Count was human.

Name: Michael Belmont
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Paris, France
Class: Templar; Swordsman
Equipment: God's Grace – God's Grace is the name of Michael's two-handed longsword. The sword looks simple enough, with a seemingly ordinary and uninteresting design. However, in the grip, is a small, rectangular phial of holy water that blesses his entire weapon.
Hidden Blade – On his right forearm, Michael has a steel gauntlet that has a hidden blade mechanism built in (Assassin's Creed style). It is ejected by a flick of his wrist and retracts in a similar way. The blade itself is twelve inches long.
History: Michael was given to the Order as a baby from his widowed Mother who couldn't look after him alone. However, three years into his Templar training, at age sixteen, his Mother demanded to have him back. Order Law decrees that a Templar can only be returned by the Pope's decision. The Pope asked Michael, as an adult, what he would like to do. Michael looked into his mother's eyes and coldly said, “I don't know who you are. All I see is a desperate woman claiming to love a boy she abandoned and hasn't watched grow up. The Order is my family, and the Pope is my Father, I don't wish to leave this life for a stranger.” Unfortunately, on Michael's first field mission, his only three friends were slaughtered and he himself suffered a severe stomach wound that acts up from time to time.
Misc.: Although named Belmont, Michael is in no way related to the Belmont Clan from the Castlevania series. I needed a last name for him and thought I'd use Belmont as a tribute to the Castlevania games.

Name: Adam Reznov
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Moscow, Russia
Class: Templar; Swordsman
Appearance: Like this but with his two katana over his shoulders.
Equipment: Peter & Jacob – These are the names that Adam gave to his two katana. They are seemingly ordinary but are perfectly balanced and have the sharpest edge ever attainable in weapon forging.
History: Adam's parents were never found. They were listed as K.I.A but nobody really knows the truth. Adam, at an early age developed a liking towards Japanese culture and Samurai tradition so when he turned of age, he requested two Katana for his primary weapons He has only been in active service for three years but has already made a name for himself. One Brother was quoted as saying “He's the kind of guy you want to be watching your back, but he's also the kind of guy you want to punch when at the local tavern.” Adam made a name for himself of being very loud mouthed and offensive, but simultaneously being a great warrior.
Misc.: Adam is very agile and is able to enter any known building without being noticed.


These descriptions are quite basic and in no way does every single type of creature look like the image I give. For Example, not every 2nd Generation Vampire looks exactly the same, some would have scars and different hair colours etc.


Name: Count Dracula, Devil's Prince, Lord of the Night, Blood God and others.
Age: Indefinite.
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Transylvania
Class: Vampire 0 Generation
Abilities: 'Human' Form – In his human form, Count Dracula has superhuman hearing, sight and smell. He can see perfectly in the dark, hear somebodies heart beat from thirty feet away and smell somebodies presence instantly. The Count possesses none of the traditional weaknesses that other Vampires have. Staking his heart, decapitating him, pressing a cross to his flesh will only aggravate or even amuse him. None of this information is known though, because nobody who's tried has lived. The Count also possesses superhuman strength, speed and reflexes. His wounds also heal at a supernatural rate.
Bat Form – In his Bat form, the Count has all of his Human Form abilities but also gains the proportional additional strength from his increase in size and of course, the ability to fly.
History: Shortly after the death of Christ, a young Transylvanian noble man named Vlad Dracula was brutally murdered by thieves. At the entrance to Hell, he bargained with the Devil himself, to grant him eternal life. The Devil agreed to the terms and Dracula was reborn as the original Vampire. He gathered around himself six loyal allies and turned them into the 1st Generation Vampires.
Misc.: Regardless of how evil Dracula appears, he is very open minded.

1st Generation Vampires

1st Generation Vampires can only be created when bitten by Dracula himself. They appear to be a mix of Dracula's Human and Bat forms but don't have the ability to transform like him. The have superhuman strength, flight, perfect vision and rapid regeneration. However, they can be killed via decapitation and have the will power to resist the burns from holy objects. Their regeneration abilities can be prevented if the wound was inflicted by a blessed weapon, then they regenerate at a human level. When they bite somebody, regardless of whether they die or survive the attack, they enter a transformation into a 2nd Generation Vampire.

2nd Generation Vampires

2nd Generation Vampires are created by being bitten by 1st Generation Vamps. They don't start out with a lot of intelligence, just basic survival instincts, but the longer they're 'alive' for, the smarter they get. This eventually amounts to learning language, advance battle tactics and hunting strategy and knowing who to stay away from. They are masters of the sky and are devastatingly powerful in open spaces. They often attack by performing 'fly by's'. They too, have superhuman strength and advanced regeneration but can be hindered by blessed objects.

3rd Generation Vampires

If a 2nd Gen Vamp bites a human, one of two things happens. If the Human is killed during the attack, they transform into a 2nd Gen. But if they live through the attack, they become a 3rd Gen. It takes roughly a month for a 3rd Gen to exhibit any changes but once they do, those changes become clear. Their top canines grow into fangs, their eyes turn blood red (if sufficiently 'fed') or pink (if unfed). They also gain enhanced strength, not on the level as other Vamps, but more than a human. 3rd Gens don't have have the ability to inflict the disease onto other people and nor is their healing factor as enhanced as the others. They are weak to all conventional ways of killing Vampires, staking the heart, sunlight and flesh to cross contact. Also, I only used the image of Edward Cullen as an image because 3rd Gens very much retain their human appearance. They don't sparkle or any of that crap. Just, they look human.

Name: Alpha Wolf, Sir Bowen II.
Age: Indefinite.
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Hungary
Class: Alpha Werewolf
Appearance: Pretty much like this.
Abilities: As the original Werewolf, the Alpha as enhanced abilities of what all the other Werewolves have. He is blindingly fast, supernaturally strong and has a sense of smell even greater than Dracula's. In modern terms, he could outrun a Ferrari, throw a two storey house and smell you a mile off. The Alpha can only be killed by destroying it's brain or decapitating it. Unfortunately, it doesn't stand still long enough to be hit and even if it did, it's skull is too thick to be penetrated and it heals faster than you can injure it. This is one badass [censored].
History: Sir Bowen II was the heir to the fabled Bowen mansion. An impossibly large house filled to the brim with gold. However, he was struck with a sudden illness and while being moved via carriage to the best doctors of the world, the horses were attacked by a pack of wolves. Although his guards dispatched of the beasts, he was still injured. A sickly wolf had climbed aboard, unnoticed, bit Bowen in his sleep. The two illnesses combined into the Werewolf strain and the Alpha was born.
Misc.: The Bowen family swore that they would hunt down the Alpha and kill it at all costs.

Beta Werewolves

Beta werewolves are the people who the Alpha has bitten directly. The become almost exactly like him, almost just as strong, fast and impossible to kill. It is estimated that there are over a thousand roaming Europe but fortunately, killing the Alpha will destroy all other Werewolves alive. Beta's are weak to blessed weapons and silver in particular. Crucifixes can also injure them very badly. Beta werewolves are about the size of Hummer.

Delta Werewolves

Delta's are those who have been bitten by Beta's. They have the strength of ten men, possess speed proportional to their size and muscle structure and are able to regenerate faster than humans. Like Beta's, Delta's are weak to blessed weapons, silver, crucifixes and holy water. Both Delta and Gamma werewolves are roughly the size of a horse.

Gamma Werewolves

Gamma Werewolves are similar to 3rd Generation Vampires. When bitten by a Delta, if the victim dies, they too become a Delta. But if they live, they become a Gamma. Gamma's keep their human appearance but transform into their Wolf forms during a full moon and lose their intelligence and return to a Bestial Nature. They have all the strengths and weaknesses of Delta Werewolves when in their wolf forms.

Name: His Royal Majesty, Urha
Age: Estimated at 600+
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Spain
Class: Goblin King
Appearance: Like this.
Abilities: Goblin's age very slowly but don't particularly have any amazing abilities. I suppose one of his abilities could be his command over the entire Goblin Horde.
History: Urha was the only son of the previous Goblin King and Queen. Him and his 'friends' planned a Coup and he killed his mother and father sometime in 900 A.D. Since then, he as commanded the Goblin Horde.
Misc.: He likes shiny things.

Goblin Horde

Goblin's are tricky little buggers. They stand at no taller than four feet tall but they are fast, very fast. They can be under your legs and have a blade in your back before you even see them. You'll never see a Goblin alone, they always move in groups of no little than ten. Like all creatures, they are especially weak to blessed weapons, crucifixes and holy water. They also dislike, but aren't 'weak to' shiny things, unlike their King who loves them.


Trolls are hulking creatures, about the size of a three storey house. Their skin is impossible to pierce unless you're Dracula, the Alpha or have a blessed weapon and they are highly determined. A troll has been seen walking around with numerous blades lodged in it's back as if there is nothing wrong. As I'm sure you guys would've expected, they aren't very intelligent and only have basic hunting and survival instincts.


Throughout the RP we will meet numerous other supernatural creatures such as Djinns, Spirits (Forest, Water etc), Ents among others. If I feel the need, I'll create a more detailed description of their abilities and appearances later on.

Important Plot Character's

Name: Death Mask Host
Age: Unknown, appears in late twenties.
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Unknown, speaks with no discernible accent.
Class: God.
Appearance: Like this but less modern.
Abilities: The Death Mask has the ability to give death to anything it wants. It can also teleport by turning into a smoke like substance and can phase through anything physical. The Death Mask also sees the past, present and future simultaneously but is unable to turn what it sees into words.
History: The Death and Life masks have been around since creation. They possess their hosts and try to fulfil their enigmatic goals. Nobody really knows what they want, they don't even know they exist.
Misc.: Trying to find the Death and Life masks was discussed by Zachariah and Angus as a possible way to defeat Dracula, but they both decided that they couldn't risk lives on fairy tales.

Name: Sir Alexander Bowen XII
Age: Mid-thirties (Assumed dead)
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Assumed to be Hungary
Class: Alpha Hunter
Appearance: ... unwook.jpg
Equipment: Wolfsbane – Wolfsbane is the name of the enormous sword in the image. It was blessed by Bowen IV and has been passed down through the generations since. It is magicked into being feather-weight, having a never dulling blade and its edge never blunts.
Life Mask Fragment – Unbeknownst to Bowen, he possess' on his person a fragment of the Life Mask. It grants him immortality and heals his wounds at an incredibly rapid rate.
History: -
Misc.: The world believes that the Bowen line has ended. This is just a rumour that Bowen XII has encouraged so that he can hunt the Alpha without fans or pilgrims seeking him out.

Country of Origin:

*This is unfinished, I'm going to complete the 'Bestiary' as you guys come up with character's and what not.*

Code: Select all

[b]Country of Origin:[/b] 
Name: – Quite Basic, just try and make it fit with your country of origin etc.
Age: – Minimum of 18, maximum of 21.
Gender: – Male or Female, your choice.
Country of Origin: – Anywhere in Europe.
Class: – Priest? Templar; Swordsman? Or Templar; Archer?
Appearance: - Use an image if you want but words will be fine. If you do us an image, please link it.
Equipment: – Anything your character has on him/her. Weapons? Holy Water? Crucifixes?
History: – Anything you want really. But you have to have been a member of the Order since 10 and can only be a Templar if you were an orphan by the age of 13.
Misc.: – Theme song? Additional Info?


1. Don't be auto-hitting/killing.
2. Follow all forum rules please.
3. This RP will be ages 13 and above. I don't have a way of checking your age but ya know, I hope you'll be honest.
4. The main character's of this RP are obviously commanding officers. Refusing to obey their orders could lead to your character's death. You've been warned.
5. May add to this when I feel the need to, but for now, enjoy!

I'm sorry if this seems rushed, I just wanted to get you something to be working with while I finished the bestiary.

Re: Chronicles of Michael Belmont OOC + Sign Up.

Posted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 5:57 am
by y7h65
Awww yeah.

Name: Timothy Darby
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Country: England.
Class: Templar Swordsman.
Appearance: Armor, Underneath armor. 7 feet .
Equipment: Armor that he always keeps on. Carries a roll of parchment, a feather pen, and a bottle of ink in a backpack wherever he goes so he can communicate during planning.
Avo. 4 feet long.
Personality: Intimidating, Strong, Silent. Mute. As if it was God's way of Compensating, he's a good writer. Helps for him to communicate. He's quite nice despite his intimidating features.
History: Timothy and Rosa trained under the same master. As proof of their mastery over swords, he gifted them the twin swords Avo and Aeon. They are both capable of switching weapons if necessary. However, Timothy prefers Avo and Rosa prefers Aeon. Not much is known about Timothy. Quite frankly, not even Rosa or his master knows. All that's certain is that he has a certain hatred towards monsters and that he just appeared in front of the cottage that the master lived in a year after Rosa started learning from the master. He had nothing but a knapsack, a rusted shortsword, and a look of rage in his eyes. Since they started active service 2 years ago, they've worked together.

Name: Rosa Durham
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Country: England
Class: Templar, Swordsman.
Appearance: Here. 5 Feet tall.
Equipment: Armor, Aeon 4 feet long.
Personality: The talkative one. Helps that her partner happens to be mute. She can read Timothy's every movement and translate them into words. Nice.
History: She trained under the same master as Timothy. She's from a long line of knights. Pity she was the only child.
However, her father was a determined one. She was sent off to the local master of blades. She befriended Timothy and they've been working together since then.

Swords: Avo and Aeon are a pair of ancient artifact weapons. Unfortunately, the method of activating their true powers have since been forgotten. This coupled with the fact this is the first time in a century that the swords have been used in combat makes Rosa and Timothy completely incapable of tapping into the swords true power. For now.

Avo: Any wounds inflicted by Avo cannot be healed through supernatural means. This screws up things with a healing factor.

Aeon: Any and all magical defenses will fall before the sword. From a simple magical barrier to a ghosting spell, this sword can bypass them.

Re: Chronicles of Michael Belmont OOC + Sign Up.

Posted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 10:03 pm
by Laij
Name: Magnus "The Skald" Engelbrekt
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Sweden
Class: Templar, Archer
Appearance: ... ing&qo=129
Equipment: A longbow, a shortsword, a skinning knife, a quiver and an ironpot. (For cooking purposes)
History: Not much is known about Magnus, except that he was found in a village that had been ravaged by werewolves, leaving him and a few other childs who had been hiding in a hole in the ground. On the journey back to a Templar base in France, all children but Magnus died, either dragged away in ambushes or to disease and sickness. It took Magnus three years after arriving at the base in France to start speaking. After that, he was forged to become a Templar, to fight the evils of the world. He soon became well-known, not only because of his skills with the hard controlled longbow, but also because of his singing during battle.
Misc.: ... re=related He is a strong believer of the Order.

Re: Chronicles of Michael Belmont OOC + Sign Up.

Posted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:02 am
by Arachnion As Captain Jack
Huh, seems neat. I could go for one of the girl templar members, or perhaps a sixth ranger/mysterious waif type, if you're okay with that.

Re: Chronicles of Michael Belmont OOC + Sign Up.

Posted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:39 pm
by Blarg n' Stein
My D-Bag brother turned my PC off as soon as I finished my characters, will work on them.

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Posted: Wed Dec 01, 2010 12:29 am
by Raphael
Name: Draco Ignis (latin for fire)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Venice, Italy
Class: Templar; swordsman
Appearance: ... rdsman.jpg (Probably a bit more modern in appearance than this RP is looking for, but this is him
Equipment: The sword in the pic, and a blessed sword that he found one day during his travels.
History: Once the son of a blacksmith in Venice. Nearing his 18th birthday, and the day he finally joins his father in the family business, his town was attacked by groups of vampires and werewolves looking for blood. His parents were both killed, but not before his father sacrificed himself to kill the vampire coming for Draco.

Looking for revenge upon the creatures of the night, he joined the order and trained under the very weapon that he made from his father's teachings, a large sword he crafted for perfect and easy handling, despite its size.

During one quest assigned to him after one year of training, he came across a strange weapon, a short sword with a grip crafted out of petrified wood. As a group of vampires came after his group, the blade shone brightly and made it easy for Drake to kill them off one by one. Two years later, after many months mastering this odd new weapon, he now plans to use this sword to stab the very heart of the vampire hoard, Count Dracula himself.

Misc.: This blessed sword's grip was hand crafted from the cross used to crucify Jesus Christ himself. When surrounded by the evil incarnate, it causes the blade to shine with a bright holy light, blinding any nearby monsters. It also has the ability to impair the abilities of any monster that the blade connects with (the effect is increased greatly if the target is impaled, rather than cut open). His main sword also has a silver coating forged inside carved indents in the center of the steel blade, for battling werewolves, should the rumors about their weakness to silver be true.

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Posted: Wed Dec 01, 2010 12:30 am
by y7h65
Raphael.... I'm already using that sword as an Artifact weapon........

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Posted: Wed Dec 01, 2010 12:32 am
by Raphael
Oops, my bad. Didn't look at that, I'll go change it.

Re: Chronicles of Michael Belmont OOC + Sign Up.

Posted: Wed Dec 01, 2010 12:34 am
by y7h65
No problem. Nice picture By the ways, I've been trying to find a good picture of that sword for a while now though. I may want to point this out, But technically , your not allowed Blessed/Artifact weapons unless you P'mD Exo about them previously.

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Posted: Wed Dec 01, 2010 12:37 am
by Raphael
Fixed, I have the other one in my favorites if you wanna use that one instead. Also, I see some inconsistencies in Timothy's bio. There's a Timothy, then there's an Arthur, care to explain?

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Posted: Wed Dec 01, 2010 4:02 am
by y7h65
Fixed. I did a last minute name change on Timothy but I forgot to change the names. Whoops.

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Posted: Wed Dec 01, 2010 10:00 pm
by Raphael
Wow, did this idea die before it even started?

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Posted: Wed Dec 01, 2010 10:29 pm
by Tyendinaga
Not yet it hasn't, I'm still trying to make a character.

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Posted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 2:28 am
by Laij
Yep, we're waiting for Exterio to approve of our characters and come back to the RP section, but keep in mind he is busy with his studies! Real life goes before the RolePlay life in this case!

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Posted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 2:50 am
by Raphael
Good point.