One-Lexeme Story

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One-Lexeme Story

#1 Post by Neptune »

Welcome to one-lexeme story! This is the game where you insert a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, determiner, etc. and somebody replies with another noun, verb adjective, adverb, determiner, etc.

Rules (Amendments Added Later):
  • you can add any noun or verb, even if it uses multiple words. For example:
    Poland wrote:Slavs
    Czech Republic wrote:Didn't have a bean
    Is legal, while
    Greenland wrote:Suicidal thoughts
    Switzerland wrote:aren't
    Is not. In this case, Suicidal is an adjective, which must be before the noun even if they express one concept.
  • You must wait three or more posts before posting again. For example, the legal way to play the game is:
    Earth wrote:Something
    Mekkan wrote:Else
    Russia wrote:Entirely
    Coruscant wrote:Is
    Earth wrote:Nonexisent
    Is the minimum space between comments.
Failure to meet the rules results in me goving you a warning and probably no punishment after that.

Just if you don't get what "lexeme" means, it's the term for the smallest particle in a sentence that can be broken into morphemes. A lot of morphemes (which are single particles) are also lexemes, like "yes," "me," "imposter," so on. Some are made of several morphemes, like "invisible," "indeterminate," "spiciest," "8-dollar burger," "monetary value," so on. Now you understand even less

Have fun!
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