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Forum Rules

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Changelog wrote:03/04/2009 -- This is a repost from the News Bulletin board. This will be the rules that are enforced from now on. And no I didn't write them. ~Yash

10/27/2009 -- New rules have been added regarding avatars and signatures. Current rules have been fleshed out for better understanding. Please note they have not changed in any way. ~FastChapter

01/02/2010 -- Rules changed to reflect new adult content regulations. ~Nanaki
  • 01/03/2010 -- Added "Common Courtesy" and "No Spam" rules that were mistakenly omitted in the 10/27/2009 edit. ~FastChapter

01/10/2019 -- Added Necro-Posting rules. Also cleaned up some broken links and codes. ~Hayate
1. Do not promote illegal activities. (i.e. Threats of physical harm or property damage) (discussing illegal activities in an academic sense is permitted, i.e. the merits of marijuana)
  • Threats of suicide and self-injury are not allowed. If you need help, hotlines like are vastly better equipped to assist you.
  • No cryptic posts. Using subtle phrasing to "skirt" the rules is not permitted.
2. Do not post images or comments that contain explicit, obscene or vulgar content. Racial and sexual slurs are grounds for an immediate ban, without warning.
  • Posts with the sole purpose of flaming another person will be removed. This is a forum open to many different ideas, cultures and communities. If you have a disagreement, express it with the same level of dignity and respect you would expect to receive. Debates and discussions are welcome. Flaming and unbridled hatred are not.
  • Furry hating is not tolerated, under any circumstance. Any members seen using anti-furry hate speech will be banned immediately. If you aren't interested in the furry fandom, don't turn it into an excuse to alienate other members.
  • Adult written media, such as stories and poetry, are permitted as long as they are properly tagged in their title.
3. No personal or business advertisements are permitted unless OK'd by Tom or the Forum Staff. Any unauthorized advertisements will be considered "spam" and removed. Spam is defined as linking a website for the purpose of selling, soliciting or promoting a product or service without the expressed permission of the Forum Staff. These include other forums and spoof webcomics.
  • Posts and links about fundraising (including nonprofit fundraisers) are NOT permitted.
  • Profile and signature links must be appropriate and abide by forum rules or they will be removed.
  • Links may be posted if the poster has no vested interest in the website, and whose purpose is not to solicit, advertise or fund raise.
4. Do not link any website or create a username which violates forum rules.

5. Limit one account per person. Usage of multiple accounts is prohibited and will result in administrative action on both accounts.
  • An exception to this rule can be made if a member's account experiences a breach in security.

6. No posting copyrighted material, except with the permission of the owner.

7. Do not upload material unsuitable for minors. Clearly label potentially unsafe links with a brief description of the content that lies ahead. (i.e. NSFW Warning: Nudity, gore, adult content, language, violence, etc...)
  • Links to mature content are permitted as long as they do not violate Rule #2.
  • Use common sense.

8. Do not disrespect the Forum Staff. If you disagree with a particular rule or method, please feel welcome to talk to us about it with civility. We aren't corporate juggernauts, we're a ragtag group of volunteers that are open to suggestions and criticism. We would appreciate any concerns to be sent to us via private message, so we can handle any problems as quickly as possible.
  • If voicing a concern, please be sure to supply us with as much relevant information as you can. Links to key threads or member profiles are extremely helpful!
  • If no staff members are online, be sure to use the ( ! ) button found on every post to report a problem, and we will help as soon as we log in.

9. No shouting! Overzealous use of italics, large font size and Caps Lock are on par with shouting and is considered rude. Not to mention it's hard to read.

10. No double-posting. If you accidentally hit "Submit" twice, delete the extra post if you are able. If not, use the ( ! ) button to report your duplicate post and a staff member will be happy to remove it.

11. Stay on topic. Each thread has its own topic of discussion, and should deviate as little as possible. If the thread has exhausted itself, and a new discussion arises, please create a new thread for it. For convenience, you may want to link the new thread at the end of the old one.
  • Posts which are not relevant to the forum topic may be deleted at the moderator's discretion.

12. Any forum games should be taken to the Forum Games section of the Ranting Board. This section is limited to six (6) active game threads. Additional threads will be removed. Detailed rules can be found in the Forum Games section, here.

13. No spam posts or threads.

14. All forum participants are expected to show one another common courtesy. Keep disagreements civil.

15.Necroposting in threads is strongly discouraged. Any post in a thread which has been inactive for more than a calendar month is considered a necropost. There are many exceptions though, if your post in an older thread doesn't fall into one of these categories, you are making a necropost and the thread will likely be locked.
  • Such posts are allowed if the thread is one of the forum's mega-threads (Threads which have thousands of posts such as forum games, sticky threads, general chat, what made you smile, etc)
  • User-generated content thread (like a Drawing Board or Story Board thread), particularly if the poster is the OP for the thread (You are always allowed to post more of your art or more to one of your stories)
  • Or if the post is detailed, content-rich, and on-topic so as to inspire additional on-topic discussion in the thread.
**All Moderators and Administrators have the final say in all matters, period.**

Avatars & Signatures
  • Avatars are limited to 250x250 pixels, or 300kb.
  • Signature are limited to 800x200 pixels.
  • Signatures are limited to five (5) hyperlinks per member.
  • Be concise. Try to keep the total word count in a signature to fifty (50).
  • Do not upload any images to your avatar or signature that contain sex, gore or violent content.
  • Do not upload any images that violates the terms of service of the host website.
  • Do not upload any images or links that violate any of the forum rules.

Any member breaking, or attempting to break these rules will be issued a warning that will appear as a Private Message upon login. If left unchanged, the user will have their avatar and/or signature removed. Any further violation of these rules will result in a permanent revocation of avatar and signature privileges, or in severe cases, banning from the forum.