Spontaneous transition between realities!

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Spontaneous transition between realities!

#1 Post by Nox »

Just thought.
Every week i have to travel several hours by car, and recently ive been thinking about 2 kinds to pass the time. A question that i keep asking myself though.

"what would happen and what would the reaction be if I/you were to spontaneously transition between our reality to the (presumably) fictional reality of two kinds, whilst also retaining all knowledge and information that has been gleaned from the narrative?"

A condition that i have also considered is that there would be a massive language divide as no one would speak the same language (assuming "human" is translated for the readers sake, and is not infact english)

Also, disregard things like disease because technically you would likely die instantly with no immunity to that worlds illnesses.

The scenario that ive been working with is:
"without warning you find yourself in an unfamiliar forest. You have no idea where you are or how you got there. The only thing you have in your possession is what you had on you during the transition. You hear voices speaking an unfamiliar language several meters to your right. Upon investigating you see a clearing, and what can only be described as an impossible sight. You see a group setting up camp within the clearing. There are 4 figures present, 3 of which could easily be mistake for animals. You can only recognize 1 creature here. A human with presumably dyed blue hair. Suddenly you come a realization that the group in front of you are the fictional characters Keith, Natani, Flora and Trace. You know its impossible, but there they are".
What do you do?

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Re: Spontaneous transition between realities!

#2 Post by Nox »

I think my first reaction would be to hide and call for help, only to realise theres no reception. I would probably spend some time spying on the group to try and understand what is going on and how any of this is possible. I think for the most part i would be questioning my own sanity.
Im not very stealthy so i suspect i would probably be found out pretty quickly by whoever was on watch.

Upon being discovered i would naturally try to communicate, but only to discover that there is no compression of english. I would try to explain my situation as best as i can with hand gestures and body language. Most of which i would assume would not be understood.
Presumably their names are a common factor though. Something that would branch the divide. I would name each one individually, then name the people they have met to prove that i know who they are.

I suspect distrust would still be high even after begging for help, but i doubt i would be killed right away. I believe keith and Natani would probably want me gone (as they are the realists of the group), but flora would probably not let them kill me.

They would probably not invite me in right away and i think i would have to tail them as they traveled, making no attempts at hiding my presence.

Honestly i doubt i would make it far in their reality. Im probably more clueless than trace after had his memory wiped.

But if i did happen to encounter a dragon, then thats when things would start getting nuts. Suddenly there is a creature that is capable of reading my mind and interpreting my speech.
I honestly have no idea what would happen, but if a sentient being was suddenly presented with the knowledge that their existance may be a work of fiction, theres no telling what would happen.


Honestly there is so many different scenarios and different things that could happen when you think about it. I cant really go fully into detail because it would probably turn into a 500 page novel. But just have a think about what you would do if you were in this situation.

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Re: Spontaneous transition between realities!

#3 Post by Neptune »


Well, I already know that I'm not returning for the time being, so I would probably run out into the forest as far as I can, and avoid civilization. If I had a gun, that would make things worse, because:
1. Loud noise, so you would attract things to your place that you don't want.
2. People will seek the "death magic" that you created and haven't killed yourself by using it.
I'd imagine that my situation would probably be like the "Jerome" incident back in the day, if "human" is another language. If it's just English and Tom is lazy, then I would be the Man from Taured. The Templar would probably loot me of all my stuff for future use and either execute me and throw me into a river or keep me prisoner.

If I end up home after this, then I'm definitely keeping defense and a way to contact home, though there's no way to get to where I would be.
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Re: Spontaneous transition between realities!

#4 Post by Technic[Bot] »

This comes up every few months but i still thing it is good food for thought:
My two cents of it.
Technic wrote: Ok i really must have drank to much last night... Wait i did not drink last night I barely even drink. I am probably losing it...
I see the impossible group to the right
Crazy Technic wrote: Ok i definitely lost it now. I am probably foaming from the mouth and shouting nonsense while lying on the floor right now. I better go and sit near so i don't hit my head to hard while convulsing on the floor. Hopefully once they sedate me at the psychiatric hospital i will be fine
Proceed to go into catatonic state next to a tree. The group fails to notice me and i die from exposure a few hours later.

Really there is not that much into it. The whole experience would probably drive anyone nuts instantly. And they would probably die as a result. Or turn into some weird crazy supervillian with only the faintest grasp or reality left.
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Re: Spontaneous transition between realities!

#5 Post by Turaiel »

I'm late, but topic moved to Ranting Board.
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