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Update Design of Site

#1 Post by Kventin »

Hello everybody!
I'm newcomer and just do not know where to write, so I'm writing here.
I would like to suggest Tom update the site a little.
Something like that - http://ruraeghw.beget.tech/twokinds/
Can anybody tell me where will be better to post this message that Tom will give me his answer?

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Re: Update Design of Site

#2 Post by Turaiel »

Topic moved to Ranting Board.

Thanks for your suggestion! Your idea comes with a couple technical challenges, so I'm going to provide a little bit of constructive criticism below:

First, the website banner changes from time to time and does not always include all of the characters. Every time a new banner is made, Tom would have to create extra images for each visible character and manually place them on the page, which is a lot of work. Second, this design pattern is not common in the banner section of websites, so most people wouldn't realize that they can click on the characters to bring up more information. Also, hiding this information by default and only showing information for one character at a time can make it frustrating to compare the details of different characters, so having a page with everything listed together is more ideal.

It seems like you have an interest in web design, so I encourage you to continue practicing and researching which design patterns work and which ones don't. Best of luck!
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Re: Update Design of Site

#3 Post by Kventin »

Thanks for your reply and criticism. But you did not quite understand me.
I used the site banner only for an example of technology. In reality, it should be a big picture with a lot of characters ... Yes, there are complications, because the picture will have to be changed periodically and it means a lot of work for Tom. But there are several solutions.
I think such a list of characters would have liked readers) New century - new technologies!
In addition, the picture can contain secret characters and riddles of the plot.
There are many options))))
If this interesting to someone ...

P.S - Will not it cool to see the site in this form?!!!

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