How did you find 2K?

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Re: How did you find Twokinds?

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TheMasterOfOats wrote: Mon Jul 13, 2020 7:11 am I read all of 0 webcomics before Twokinds, but I was hooked. A while later I discovered Freefall through Twokinds, again starting to read out of order before kicking myself and grinding out the entire thing over the course of the week. I can’t say either is my favourite, because while Twokinds is miles ahead of Freefall in story and character development, Freefall is slightly funnier, and is some of the finest sci-fi I’ve ever seen.

Anyways, that’s how I found Twokinds all of 7 months ago.
That's funny because I found Twokinds through Freefall. :grin: So I heard that Freefall was a good hard SF comic and after taking some quick peeks first read it through. It was my first webcomic and I still follow it. Then I took a look at Freefall fan forum (didn't create an account though) and Twokinds was mentioned several times. I got the impression that Twokinds was highly suggestive with nudity and other sexual themes (which in the end isn't that far from truth :wink: ). Later I was reading a webcomic called Stand still, stay silent and people in the comments section were often talking about how the comic was doing at Top Webcomics and how many more votes would be needed to beat Twokinds. There were mentions of it in TVTropes, too.

So in October 2018 I finally decided to check out this comic everybody was talking about. I was reserved at first but soon I was hooked. Shortly after that I also realized I had been a furry for nearly a year already without knowing it.

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