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Re: Dreams

#1981 Post by Technic[Bot] »

Oh I had a dream too!
And it is even two kinds related.

So the idea is that I was in some sort of gala, ball, or banquet or any sort of fancy event details are not really relevant. But just let me stress that: damn I looked good in that suit. Wish I loked half as good in real life.

Anyway our favorite fox boy Mike was also on the event. He looked a bit older and had glasses. And we were sitting on the same table:

And why you ask? Well in the dream I was either a detective or some kind of police consultant. And the police had good reason to suspect that Mike had ran human trafficking ring. Yep my brain decided to pull a big irony the. The slave ended as a slaver. Oh by the in this context that mean he sealed with human as well as keidran.

Anyhow I and some police agents were in the ball/gala thing in order to get some evidence against Mike he had legitimate business but we had no substantial evidence of him being a slaver.

So I spent most of the night back and forth questioning Mike acquaintances and associates, colleting evidence. The event was on his mansion or something. And questioning the fox himself.

Eventually I pulled an Al Capone. In deflecting and denying my questions about his criminal enterprises I managed to get him to confess to tax evasion. Turns out he forgot to pay some import taxes on some of his legitimate businesses.

With that he was good as convicted. Now with probable cause we could seize or question his finances and it was just a matter of time until we had his slave trading ring exposed.

Once he realized what he had done his expression froze. And the dream finished just as we arrested Mike a removed him from his manor
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Re: Dreams

#1982 Post by RennisTora »

Hmm, still having weird dreams... Nothing too great to write about.

Had a short "VR" dream about some action packed game, was on a speeding bus with random action movie characters, were about to have a shoot out with
villains on another bus speeding to catch up to us, then for some reasons chainsaws started coming through the floor like a horror movie rather than action flick.

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Re: Dreams

#1983 Post by RennisTora »

Had a dream I was wandering around places from my childhood like our old home and neighborhood as well other places like my kindergarten and elementary schools.
They were abandoned and overgrown like after decades of neglect, honestly kind of beautiful in it's own way, I was taking pictures with my digital camera.
Suddenly there were dinosaurs for some reason, and then a random top down view with an RTS (Real Time Strategy) game for a moment.
I remember that while walking around I would think or say to myself "Oh, I remember that" and take a picture, I was alone throughout that part.

Kind of feels like it was partly because of how long ago those memories all feel, but mostly because of how depressing things had been in 2020 with loosing my dad and the last of my grandparents.

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Re: Dreams

#1984 Post by Bellhead »

I don't usually remember mine, but this one kinda stood out. It started out with a kind of anime vibe, like I was listening to the narrator check in on three misfit monster girls on their dates. The three of them were each with guys who were nervous around them, but they were happy. The first and second were fairly straightforward; dinner at a restaurant, and a park bench at sunset. The third was a picnic blanket in a field, but people clad in black started surrounding them, and the guy just took them out like a.. Well, not a ninja, but a skilled fighter. Then they started throwing large objects like cars at him, and he used telekinesis to summon a ring that he used to cut them in half. Then he smiled at his date.

Cut to a flashback of looking at a list including this guy. I remember it listed only the best and brightest, to be included in some special program for experiments. We were all students in the same classroom, and it was incredibly strict, and we had only one teacher. There was this one student.. I remember that it was me, but I had a body separate from my head, and my body could move on its own. Everyone seemed miserable with how strict everything was, so I asked the teacher to escort my body to the bathroom during a test, and tried to cheat by asking the person beside me about a question on the test. Not long after, we were all talking to each other, which was a MAJOR infraction.

Then I'm a kid by the window, and I notice the door is still open, and ask everyone to quiet down, but the girl next to me just disregards me. I'm no longer the one with no body, but it was still my idea that this happened, somehow. Not 10 seconds later, the teacher walked in and turned the lights on, and the classroom froze silent. She was TICKED, but smiled that evil smile that villains do. She opened the blinds, and handed out letters to each student, mentioning that each one was addressed directly to each student, and contained instructions for a meeting between us, our parents, and her, and each instruction was correct, and had to be followed. I knew by experience that these rules were absolute, and not to be questioned. Another woman walked in and continued handing them out, and sat down to explain further, saying that "everything on these forms is correct, and none of it is wrong." The page seemed to be stained in vibrant rainbow colors, and I found it very difficult to read, but the first paragraph caught me off-guard. It started simple enough. Name, "You are subject to a meeting", time and place, "you are required to attend, no exceptions." Then it said "You are required to wear a bikini for this meeting." I froze, knowing that there was nothing I could do about it, and I was a guy. So I read the unicorn-vomit colored paper, barely comprehending it, and got to a line that said "You must wear adequate clothing". Using this as my ammunition, I flagged down the lady in front of me (not our teacher) and said there was something wrong with it. "No, there's nothing wrong on there." "Well, there is definitely one thing wrong on here." The whole class chuckled, and everyone looked at me for causing a scene. I said, "It tells me I have to wear a bikini, but it also says I must be appropriately dressed. As a guy, I can't do both. Are swim trunks okay?" She gave me a stern look, and without pause, said something about a trashy, white-girl outfit, and it made no sense to me, so I replied with a stern, confused "What?" She moved closer, as if to scold me for not listening the first time, but chuckled, smiled, and said, "Yeah, swim trunks are fine." and moved back to her chair. The moment I picked the paper back up, I woke up, without a chance to read it through again.
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Re: Dreams

#1985 Post by RennisTora »

Had a long alien invasion kind of dream, felt very Xcom like where they rolled up and curb stomped most of the planet, eventually leading to a resistance, then in the end mostly being free again but having traces left behind.

It started with some kind of localized mutations in our population after first contact, with a wide spread hive-mind like control plan to hasten their invasion, I was taking part rather than simply watching as some of my dreams have done.
I developed scales and wings and was crazy strong, seemed to be something like a half-dragon where I was mostly human looking still, initially I was fighting back against the aliens and trying to help a group of people get
to safety, there was a clash with some government team with Brotherhood of Steel like tech from the Fallout series, they thought I was working with the aliens because of my mutation, I nearly tossed someone wearing
some kind of powered armour suit off a rooftop helipad before things got cleared up, I remember seeing the group of people including a child I'd saved leave with them in an aircraft before a jump cut to nearly one century later occurred.

I was still alive and even seemed to aged very little, most likely do to the changes I went through, I was working with some underground faction while wearing what looked like a trench coat with a hood and a mask.
There were a lot of sci-fi elements and designs in the world around me compared to before the time skip, very Blade Runner and Cyberpunk 2077 like though I guess even later Xcom games are like that in a sense.
It seemed like I had been captured or otherwise brought under control for a portion of time during the time skipped, and that I had more recently broken free and joined up with a resistance group.
I remember feeling especially sullen after learning how long I'd been out, with little to no memories of my time being controlled, and that one of my first thoughts was about my loved ones almost certainly being dead by now.
There was a scene in a more rural environment of a family or group about to take off looking for another safe place to settle, they were some kind of resistance fighters, they uncovered an item from a cache
that had been left for them by either myself or another ally, it had some kind of information they needed.

The invaders were getting the short end of the stick in recent years, and humanity was starting to retake some places and aspects, the view of the dream shifted from me experiencing it after walking out of a building
to scene in space where a repurposed shuttle was being piloted towards an orbital station of some kind, on board is a single person, an adult woman that seemed like she was either a grown up version of the child I'd saved
or their direct descendant like a grandchild, I'm thinking the latter given how much time was supposed to have passed, while approaching the station the shuttle got hit with a laser or plasma beam causing it to split in half.
A fighter jet like craft came roaring into view, the most likely source of the attack, when it came around for another pass the pilot of the shuttle came out from cover with some kind of pistol weapon drawn,
they opened fire and pierced the cockpit of the fighter killing the pilot before it began drifting off into space, the human woman then began a long drift in her suit towards the station.

Another time skip brought it back to my perspective, people had finally reclaimed more and more of the planet, a large portion of the population were like me however with some having been random during the initial years
or the result of later genetic modifications either at birth or purposely like one might get a tattoo or piercing, and of course some having inherited it from their parents or grandparents.
I remember seeing a metropolis like city with a large power plant that had been reclaimed, lots of of people able to walk the streets without fear.
There were plenty of random or natural looking examples of gene modding, but there were of course others who looked like they had purposely based theirs off of character from pop culture or mythological creatures.
Dream ended with me looking around more like an observer than a part of the community, feeling disjointed by my lengthened lifetime, but I did feel warm and fuzzy inside seeing the smiles freedom had brought.

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Re: Dreams

#1986 Post by RennisTora »

Had two relatively short dreams, both about anthro people living on islands, getting the short end of the stick from humans.

1st Dream had a retro feel to it with early to mid 20th century tech, I was a wolf or maybe fox guy, most of it took place at night.
The island had a class system issue with the anthro inhabitants being more or less treated as second class citizens if not worse,
either being discriminated against and harassed by most humans or the laws straight up being written to exclude them.
I was some kind of Robin Hood like deal or otherwise a thief, things came to a boiling point when I found some jewelry unattended
and grabbed it before running full steam back home, I lived in a rented loft over an Inn/restaurant kind of set up in the part of town
that was mostly non humans. Quickly ran into trouble that I couldn't sell the jewelry and it was fancy enough that if caught with it
I'd be made out a thief right away since non of the non humans had that kind of wealth here, at least not normally.
There was a fire starting to spread in the anthro quarters, set by whoever considered themselves "in-charge" of the island that
had been ticked off for the last time, seemed more like they were using it as an excuse but it was bad either way.
In the end I escaped along with some others on a large sea plane piloted by an old friend, for some reason this old friend
was literally Baloo from the old TailSpin cartoon by Disney, the dream ended with us flying away and the raging fires on the island in the background.
I remember something about a bomb being dropped by humans but it honestly got fuzzy at that point.

I woke up but went back to bed, the first dream was probably around the mid point of the night, the second was before waking up fully.

2nd dream was more modern day, anthro and humans living on an island with a lot of political tension.
It showed a sweep of the island, fairly built up and modern, showed a military instillation that was some kind of air defense or early warning set up.
There were fewer humans than anthros this time around, and it seemed like it was the humans who were largely not welcome, though
there were no outlandish laws targeting them, just personal prejudices from old social and political wounds.
I was part of some small group who made it their purpose to express how unwelcome the humans were and were going to target a building,
some kind of resort or spa facility they built and pretty much didn't allow anthros into despite being a "local" and public business.
We weren't trying to kill them or anything, it was more of a scare tactic kind of deal, terrorism-lite as it were?
It was around then I was revealed "to the audience" as being a lizard or reptilian race, and that I was going to be sneaking into
the pool and then dramatically emerging to scare off the patrons, which went well enough until someone decided to play the hero.
Some human guy tried to stop me like he was supposed to be security or something, I ended up knocking him on his [censored] with a
solid right hook to the head, I then proceeded to grab whatever I could carry even if it wasn't valuable, just to mess with things.
As I ran out of the building and our group dispersed, the guy came running out after me and started chasing me down a street.
He started closing the distance as we exchanged words, first it was shouting expletives while sprinting but eventually turned
to both of us complaining at each other as we ran out of steam, he ended up catching up and grabbing me by the arm while we both wheezed.
It was at this point there was an info dump by me like some scripted event, it seemed that in the distant past humans had claimed the island
and oppressed the native population or maybe they made them with science or magic, it wasn't really clear on that part.
It was however clear that some sort of calamity or otherwise disaster took place on the island, and that most of the humans fled to safety
while leaving the rest to their demise, instead they ended up surviving and then flourishing only for the humans to return more recently
and try to make claims to land they had owned or otherwise possessions they'd abandoned when they fled.
Naturally this didn't go over very well with the anthro people, and while they allowed some to return as a sign of peace there was no shortage on tensions.

I recall actually speaking these things to him, not the usual slideshow or flashback montage I get in dreams when history comes up.

"You're people took everything from us, you spoke of your god who loved only you, left us with nothing and then ran away, we rebuilt and now
you are trying to take our home from us again, after everything you did, and you ask why we are angry, why we do not welcome you?"

He looked at me speechless for a bit, maybe their side left out some details in history books? While we stood there a plane roared overhead,
the man grabbed my arm again only this time pulling me to cover as the plane dropped something onto the city, followed by a boom.
It cut to an aerial view with the early warning station having been hit with some kind of explosive, the pilot radioing in their success.
I think there was a look of realization for what he had tried to do, trying to pull me to safety, there was also an ominous feeling of things to come.

I don't enjoy having heated dreams like that, but it was interesting at least, and another example of how my dreams sometimes try to continue themselves.

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Re: Dreams

#1987 Post by RennisTora »

Had a very pleasant dream, very scenematic, another classic example that made me wish I could share what I see in my dreams.

I with a group of friends and family tour through a mountain range with snowy peaks and dramatic elevations, a sort of gorge or valley separating it from another part of the range.
The stone was dark grey and almost black in places, there were paths, decks, and railings made from an old dark wood nearly as black as the stone.
There was a breathtaking waterfall in the valley/gorge that must have been 100 to 150 feet high at least that ran into a stream where people were wading and swimming.
Across the gorge/valley on another segment of the mountain range stood the remains of a huge stone tower built into/onto the mountain.
Eventually we reached a more closed off area with snow caked overhangs made from the same dark wood as the pathway, they were resting over what looked like natural hot-springs.
The whole time I was trying to take pictures with my camera, with most of them not turning out great, either being too blurry or the flash doing something weird.

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