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Re: Dreams

#1966 Post by RennisTora »

Had a short dream that I was riding along down the road just after sunset where's still some light in the sky.
Was a passenger with my oldest brother driving and one other passenger, I was looking out the window bored.
I saw some odd object in the sky with a trail behind it, eventually there was a bang and I realized it had been a meteorite.
I got my brother to stop because it seemed to have landed nearby, we could see a small crater about 30 ft wide.
We got out of the vehicle (which seemed to be a minivan of some sort, mid 90's maybe) and as I got closer but
before I could crest the ridge and see inside the crater I woke up.

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Re: Dreams

#1967 Post by RennisTora »

Been a bit, mostly do to not remembering a lot of the dreams I've been having enough to write about them without it being a jumble.
Some were also just terrible and I didn't want to dedicate them to memory and then quickly forgot the details of them.

Had a dream before waking up today though, wasn't all bad with some sweet spots, but still some not nice bits, though more standard bad dream rather than nightmare.

I was a trip of sorts with some family members and a girl, I guess (was never said) she was my girlfriend since we were close enough to hold hands (interlocking fingers) and nuzzle.
Her name was Mana and she looked a lot like Leo from the anime Dog Days with the exception that I think she was a wolf instead of a lion? Still had long white hair, golden eyes.
The parts where we were close and lovey were a really nice change of pace from some of the dreams (shudder) I've been having, not just horny but sweet.
We were all on either a train or highway bus going alone the waters edge of the ocean or maybe a large lake, we saw some ruins in the water that looked sort of Roman.
I remember even pointing out to her "Huh, looks kind if like an old colosseum?" as we rode past, the rest of the journey seemed uneventful.
Eventually I started getting my luggage ready and checking things when I gave myself a little cut somehow, it was minor and our stop came up so we got off.

Everything past that started to go down hill with exception to hand holding and nuzzles with the occasional peck.
We were apparently visiting relatives while on this trip (none I actually have, made up for the dream) and things got awkward.
Even worse was the fact that my cut (on my hand) had somehow contracted a disease from Mana's home world do to contact with her?
If I had to guess, it's probably something like she was immune but a carrier or something, but hey it was a dream.
The cut turned black like I'd had my hand in a bucket of charcoal or something, there was a tiny hint of pink/purple in the wound.
Mana helped me bandage it and told me it must have been from a creature she fought before coming over for this visit, and that
the infliction itself was called "The Blight" which as names go is pretty generic I do have to say, better than "The Infection" though.
We kept the whole thing on the down-low for the time being (seems kind of reckless if you ask me, but hey dream logic) and tried to
just enjoy the trip, and sure there were nice moments but soon came more panic moments, people not taking well to Mana being more than human.
I remember one scene in particular where they tried to sit us all down in a room for a makeshift "court" thing, which ended with me interjecting and
walking up to speak, only to lean in close after saying "I'd like to say" and then shouting "AS IF I CARE!" before grabbing her hand and running from the room.
There was a lot of panic and running after that, especially once the whole Blight thing got discovered, my hand had turned black up to the wrist now
(in hindsight that sounds a like what Trace has going on, funny/ironic given where I write these down) with the original hint of pink/purple having
now turned into crystal looking growths protruding from the skin about 1 centimeter at most with others being varied heights.
After a lot more running and hiding it seemed like some of the people searching for us were on our side of things but still had to hunt us down?
There was a jump-cut and I was with some of my family I'd taken the trip with and a couple others who were trying to help.
Somehow the two of us had gotten separated and while the others kept saying she was waiting ahead I kept getting the feeling they were
only telling me that to get me onto the whatever vehicle (might have been a boat, might have been a bus) before more people showed up.
I asked a few of them where she was in a increasingly harsh tone of voice and higher volume with each one keeping up the act, eventually
I turned to my father who was also there and asked him plainly "Where, is, Mana" and he started to give me a sad look as he began saying she was taken.

That's about when I woke after screaming her name to the heavens in the dream...
Side note, when I woke up both my legs felt tired like I'd been running for real like in the dream, quickly went away though so more of a brain trick.

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Re: Dreams

#1968 Post by RennisTora »

Had a short dream before waking up.

I come into possession of a ring that was very plain in style with a gold band and red gem that was a smooth dome shape.
There was this compulsion to wear it when I found it, but nothing bad happened after putting it on.
I quickly realized that it was magical in nature, it not only allowed me to detect sources of magic with a pink highlight but
to also absorb magic from items like books or potions etc by touching the ring to them, after which the gem
set in the ring would glow as it grew slightly with each source of magic absorbed into it.
After a while I started actively wanting to find more magical things to drain, like the compulsion to wear it.
While walking past some people in the street they just stared at the ring like were also being compelled by it, so I hurried off.
It seemed to only be if they looked at it, so if my hand was in my pocket or something then it was fine.
At one point I was in a library or shop or otherwise room with someone talking about the ring, they left to get something
and I started looking around the room feeling the urge to drain some of the magic books they had, fighting the feeling it was wrong.
It was especially tempting since I and the other person had realized the wearer could then use the spells the ring absorbed.
They came back before I could convince myself to do it, there was this awkward air before I was woken up by a loud [censored] car horn outside.

Ended talking with my brother who DM's for me and a friend (D&D) about how it'd make for an interesting magic item in a game.

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Re: Dreams

#1969 Post by RennisTora »

Kept having dreams about not being able to sleep in between not being able to sleep...
I would suddenly be on the couch in the living-room watching old VHS tapes on one of our older TV's with nothing else to do.
Thanks for that I guess brain, not like it was confusing or frustrating enough tossing and turning.

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Re: Dreams

#1970 Post by RennisTora »

Had a post-apocalyptic dream set 30 years in the future from now.

It was very randomly explained off-hand by myself saying "I was frozen for 30 years".
Nobody seemed to really question it like it wasn't that odd a circumstance?
There were some obvious Fallout themes thrown in with at least one person wearing the BOS emblem.
I was in a reclaimed part of the a city similar to what they did with Goodneighbor, minus the crime.
There was still a police force to keep people in line along with other remnants of the old world like shops/businesses.
I don't recall how we met, but there was this girl/woman who used something like Power Armour but it was more sci-fi and bodysuit like.
We were a team for some reason, I think she was supposed to be either BOS or formerly with them, she seemed interested in what I was doing.
I overheard two cops talking about some old business that was expected to go under soon with the owner being in bad health,
when I pipped in asking what that was about, they told me that the old man running the business was being stubborn about
something out on the outskirts of town, and that even now with his health declining he was refusing to move into town.
I and the woman (really don't have a name for her) decide to hire a guide to take us out to where the old man is living.
There was a scenic overland travel portion showing that nature had retaken most things, and weird bits of terrain where lots of earth shifted.
There was a lot of me getting nostalgic or otherwise reminiscing as I noticed or recognized things as we passed, we were in kind of vehicle.
There were expected moments of generational differences like me loosing my cool seeing a rare car left to ruin while the woman just saw salvage.
By the time we arrived it was getting dark and was raining, we were on an old piece of highway, an overpass that was isolated and needed some
elevator like contraption to reach it, there was a good view of the area though in the dark I could barely even tell there used to be
civilization here, it was practically a forest that had just engulfed and hidden most of the form and outline of buildings and streets.
There was what looked like a house made of bits of old world houses, either someone moved it or just cobbled it together.
When we got inside I remember being a little cold and wet, taking off my jacket and bag, we were "greeted" by an old man,
he did a lot of sitting and laying down in bed with not a whole lot of standing in between (From what I can gather he was alone.)
We didn't recognize each other but he did seem to loosen up a little when he heard I was from the same era as him, before all this.
I explained why we were there and he began to explain why he was, the house we were in used to be in what is now the lost part of town.
He and his family moved it piece by piece to this safe location that was still near their old home, he was staying out of sentimentality.
I can't recall if all of his family died or if some did and others moved away, probably his wife died and his kids moved if I have to guess.
The man seemed to be in at least his 50's if not 60+ and he wasn't doing very well on his own, which begged the question of why.
There was something he couldn't leave behind but hadn't been able to find before his health started getting worse, he was determined to stay.
I ended up agreeing to go look for whatever it was (can't recall it being described clearly) along with the woman I was traveling with.
We stayed the night and were going to set out in the morning, lady wanted to leave some of our stuff behind rather than lug it around
while I argued that we don't know what we'll run into be it enemy or environment and it would be reckless to leave anything we might need.
I took her bag and gave her mine so that she wouldn't complain and that I couldn't since I was the one who wanted to bring more stuff.
She went outside and I stayed for a moment to chat with the old man, understanding his refusal to abandon his memories and give in to ruin.
I recall getting a little choked up thinking how he reminded me of my own father and that I could relate to no longer having family to lean on.
I decided to use the bathroom before heading out, as I was getting the angle of the dangle right with morning sunlight shining in the window, I woke up.

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Re: Dreams

#1971 Post by RennisTora »

I had a dream with two of our old cats in it, giving them a reactionary pet as I walk by, stopping a moment to remember they're dead, and continuing to walk away sad.


Oliver (top, daughter) and Tipsy (bottom, mother), they both lived to be 19 with Oliver passing one year later than her mother.

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Re: Dreams

#1972 Post by Technic[Bot] »

SI I had a curious dream and since it was Twokinds related I decided to post it here.
(Spoilered for brevity)
So I was dreaming about a common day at my job. But for some reason my boss decided to dump me a whole lot of stuff to do. Really not nice. For that reason i decided to unwind a bit before chaining myself to the computer and start doing all the stuff i had been assigned to do.
Opened the Twokinds comic page and noticed a discount on the comic printouts so i decided to buy a copy. The thing arrived 3 days later. In hindsight i should have realized then it was just a dream, there is no way international shipping takes only 3 days specially not from Amazon.
Anyhow this was some weird comic book. The thing had a simple glossy gold paper for the cover. I remind that it was not rigid at all despite being quite a thick book. On the cover it only read: Twokinds:Anthology with overly ornate font. Kinda like the font they use for final fantasy games covers. It had small circles just under the title with small portraits of the main protagonist. You know Keith, Nat, Flora and Trace.
I opened the book on a random page across the middle. To my surprise I had not read that page. "I might had skipped that page" i though. Openened a different random page and the same, did it again the same. Eventually I noticed around I had never seen around half of the pages before. So I went to the index. To my surprise chapter 20 finished around half the book. Everything else was new.
I came to the conclusion that Tom had finished the comic ages ago and was simply drip-feeding us the rest to us and that for some reason I got delivered a copy of a future release of the printed version. Naturally, after the initial shock, I went to the last page to see how it ended.
Turns out it ended on Traces funeral a simple but touching ceremony, for some reason, he did not survided. Alas his offspring and Flora did.
And before I could read the rest I wake up.
So there you have it Twokinds ending prediction some Mexican dude came up with while asleep :)
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Re: Dreams

#1973 Post by RennisTora »

Had a dream about some kind of magic or adventuring school, a fantasy academy for lack of better words, though it did seem to be modern day like Harry Potter.
I was supposed to be some nobody from an unspectacular family who got in through either some miracle or mistake, but would turn out to have something unique about them, classic protagonist.
I didn't have a history with magic or the things that revolved around that part of the world, so I was supposed to be the fish out of water type trying to fit in.
Apparently I was good with machines or devices both mundane and magical alike, I also turned out to have a knack with magical crystals.
I was on good terms with one of the teachers since I kept cleaning and repairing some of the equipment in the crystal working shop class.
During one such class, we were studying and I started absentmindedly playing with a small fragment of crystal that was on the table, about the size of a pill.
I didn't notice at first but the students I had started to make friends with who sat at the same table could see that the crystal was different after I fiddled with it,
it went from being a rough fragment the size of a pill to something resembling a cut gem about the size of a grain of rice, by time I noticed there was also some residue on my fingers.
Although I wasn't supposed to be fully aware of what happened, from a narrative standpoint it looked (The "camera" was on the crystal while it happened.) like as I fiddled with
the crystal absentmindedly it began to shape like clay almost and made this sort of water like substance that was left on the table and my fingers almost like it had melted like ice.
(If you've ever held an icicle or the like in your hands and had it slowly melt and change shape, that's what it looked and felt like, except that it wasn't cold.)
The others started talking in a language I couldn't understand, it didn't so much sound like gibberish as just something alien to me, after class I spoke to the teacher about it.
The teacher was a man, probably in his late 30's to early 40's, no really noticeable greying of his hair, wore earthy tones for his clothing, just trousers and a shirt with a tie (Possible bow-tie?) instead of suit.
They said that the language was called Delsati or something like that. (I definitely heard the word at the time but after waking up can't recall it exactly, it sounded like a fantasy language.)
They explained that it was a somewhat obscure if not secret language. (Like the Druidic language and some others in D&D, that's probably where my brain even got the idea.)
Before I could bring up the crystal thing to them, there was a crystal related mishap in the classroom where some students were using or otherwise messing with a large crystal (About 6 feet tall.)
that was used for studying the stars and space, it had what looked like a galaxy inside of it (But maybe it was more like could show that thing rather than it being inside of it?) and
stood suspended vertically length-wise inside of a minimalistic metal frame and could be rotated and spun much like a globe could.
The issue was that someone had gotten carried away spinning it and it was now rotating around at random from momentum and they couldn't manage to stop it, it was starting to make
sounds and vibrations (Both the crystal and the metal frame.) that made it seem like it would either brake or come off it's fixture at any moment.
The teacher and I hurried over and through a combination of magic and muscle were able to stop the violent motions, but when we tried letting go to let it stand normally it kept trying
to start tipping and spinning again, the teacher came to the conclusion that the violent spinning had somehow thrown the system off balance.
I started looking at it top to bottom and felt I had an idea of how to balance it again, since the teacher already had a good opinion of me they trusted me with attempting it.
I placed my hands on the top of the crystal, reaching up slightly (I'm normally 6'1 so I guess I was in the dream as well.) and instructing them to rotate it slowly like a pottery wheel.
Once it was moving I started trying to do what I had done absentmindedly earlier and began shaping the top with my hands, the teacher was understandably alarmed at first but settled down
once they saw the crystal slowly behaving more calm in it's motions, in the end I only had to "melt" about an inch or two from the top, leaving it looking still smooth and organic.
We were finally able to let go of the crystal and step back, it still seemed to behave like it should, with the bit I removed having not contained part of the galaxy image.
I don't recall the conversation with the teacher after that all too clearly, I did get the inclination that it was a rare ability most humans didn't or couldn't possess and was more common in say Dwarves but even then.
After that things got less coherent as I was clearly starting to wake, given that I did soon after, there was a funny joke scene though where people packing for a trip
and someone was having trouble getting a long package to fit in their luggage, another person pulled it out and said "No no, you don't put +1 Longsword in your suitcase, obviously it's Carry-On!".
There was also a scene that had a very strong "Prom" feel to it, wearing fancy clothes and sitting outside talking to a girl I liked, neither of us wanting to be part of the zoo going on inside.
I recall a short scene after that, not sure if it was also part of the prom or just similar, girl seemed to have gotten into "substances" she shouldn't have and needed a chaperone, me.
She ended up being approached by some sleeve and his friend in their car, I got up in their faces and we had to run from them in the streets of the town the school was in.
We got to a point where I was going to goad them into trying to hit me (Which they had already tried and failed to do.) with a pole or wall not far behind me, my plan being to
use my weird mineral melting powers to basically T-1000 through the car since it was an old school all steel body design, it felt like something I could do at the time, I woke up before it happened though.

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Re: Dreams

#1974 Post by Chicken Man »

Sweet dreams are made of these.
Who am I to disagree?

So baby dry your eyes
Save all the tears you cried
Oh that's what dreams are made of

So sing with me sing for the year song for the laugh and sing for the tear sing with me if just for today never tomorrow the good lord take it away.

I oft have bizarre dreams involving surreal realism so disturbing as to confuse me upon waking. I dream of corn fields.
I'll cross the road and cluck with you.

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Re: Dreams

#1975 Post by RennisTora »

I know it's been a while since I posted something, which I've done before, but this time is more that the few dreams I'm remembering after waking up
involve my father who passed away this year so I don't really want to write those down for obvious reasons.

I did have something short, nothing I can really make a proper post out of but if you've watched the anime "Mairimashita! Iruma-kun" or "Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun"
then it'll make sense when I say I had a dream like that except with vampires instead of demons, still very anime high school/academy though.

I'll sometimes get stuck in a rut with either forgetting to write one down or just not having anything memorable to write down but I will try.
I don't want this thread to fall into the cracks like other old threads that get locked down after too long of not posting anything.
Hell, I've got 516 posts on this thread and have shared my dreams with you all in ways I've never been able to with others on other platforms.
It felt really great to not only get feedback from people with what they thought of my f**ked up brain but to see what others were dreaming too.

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Re: Dreams

#1976 Post by RennisTora »

Finally had a dream (two technically) that was both memorable and not painful to dedicate to memory and write down.

I was some kind of spy committing corporate espionage on a company that had a notoriously unethical reputation despite remaining in business.
I was supposed to still be young, mid to late teens, a sort of high school age spy or some such reasoning.
After infiltrating the companies main facility my team and I found it to more resemble a military compound.
While I was in the mainframe room accessing records, the rest of my team sounded the alarm that they'd been spotted.
I locked the room down with the digital locks they were using since I was no longer worried about being detected but rather captured or worse.
I could hear someone outside making a commotion and going to get help as I found what I was looking for in the encrypted files,
in their R&D section there was something marked as top priority for both security as well as secrecy. (no name was given, so we'll call it Project Eve?)
I set a timer on the locks to open just after I snuck out so that they wouldn't know which route I was taking, all but one (I wasn't taking) to throw them off.
After making it down to the Research and Development level of the facility (because of course I could, it's my spy movie!) I came face to face with the objective,
a girl named Mina locked up like a specimen, it turned out she was born or made in the lab there as some sort of "perfect being" synthetic human.
She was human from head to toe but wasn't born in a traditional sense, there wasn't anything robotic or cybernetic about her.
She was a little younger than I was supposed to be, maybe 12 or so, she was wearing a hospital gown and had bright blonde hair with clear green eyes.
The girl, Mina, asked me to steal her away in a classic "dashing thief meets princess" kind of way, which just so happened to align with my reasons for being there.
Getting out of the facility was going to be the hard part, not only with baggage but now that the place was on high alert even more so...
I tried to make my way out with the girl in tow but could only get so far with disguises like a technician with a cart or a "fat" guard, one close call was with the
Director of R&D for the company, a woman in her mid to late 20's to early 30's with red hair and blue eyes along with some freckles.
Eventually I came to the conclusion or perhaps realization that there was no way we were making it out with stealth, and so came "Plan C".
I would hide my identity with a sky-mask or the like, and strap the girl with (fake) explosives as a bargaining chip to let us through,
me reasoning being that the girl was supposed to be one of a kind and cost the company both time and a ridiculous sum of money to produce
and as such they wouldn't throw that away so easily even if it meant letting her be stolen or at the very least their hesitation would give me time to find an opening.
Just as we thought we were home-free I heard the click or a firearm being cocked and readied, it was the Director we had narrowly avoided before now
holding a pistol aimed right at my back with the two of us moment from freedom, the exact words fail me but I'll try to give the gist of the meaning.
Essentially, she was more concerned for the girls safety than she was the company and for a very good reason, she was for lack of a better term the girls mother.
It wasn't disclosed if that meant she was the genetic source or if she simply raised her after the 1 in a Million breakthrough that was made in the lab.
When I made it clear to her that Mina wasn't going to be put in any kind of danger, that she was going to be brought somewhere she wouldn't be property
the woman eased up and lowered the pistol, I agreed to take her with us to where we were going so she could see for herself and she agreed.
Jump-cut to another facility, this time much more clinical rather than militaristic with white walls and almost sci-fi level gadgets and dressings.

I woke up and fell back asleep, having other mixed dreams before eventually having what felt like a sequel to the above dream, same characters and general story.

It opened up with a few years having passed, I was now at the end of my teens or just barely into my 20's with Mina being in her mid to late teens.
We were living alone for some reason, maybe a dispute with the organization and or Mina's "mother" took place off camera?
Things weren't all rosy however as something strange was happening to Nina, her body was withering with no discernible reason.
My first thought wasn't to go to the organization I worked for in the previous dream but rather her mother, so I feel something HAD to have happened?
I showed up where she was currently residing which had a very "resistance group turned rogue lab" kind of feel and esthetic with them being
based out of an old building they had repurposed and made to look either unused or at least unassuming from the outside and ground floor.
I strolled into the scene with a water tank on wheels that held Mina as it seemed like the only way she wasn't in pain, especially in transit.
The emotions between parent and child were as to be expected considering the situation, not so much words as tears and feelings.
I feel it worth noting that Nina and I didn't seem to have much a relationship beyond living together, she didn't care about being nude in water at least...
Meanwhile her mother and I seemed to have an oddly tense relationship, including flashbacks to the previous dream from her perspective
finding the dashing rogue to be, well, dashing. To be fair, I feel their was a brief "sneak through a party/gathering" portion of that dream where we met so...
Something I do recall about their conversation was when the mother called her Mina out loud (this was the first time, I used it before in writing for clarity sake).
Shortly after that I woke up before anything could be solved or progressed in regards to Mina's condition.

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Re: Dreams

#1977 Post by RennisTora »

Had a number of dreams, most of them short.

1. Dreamt I had a flying motorcycle in a sort of magical fantasy themed Earth.
There was a part about needing to fly during a thunder storm, which was terrifying.
Something about seeing a couple of non-human people suspiciously come out from under something
and seeing that there was a tunnel, overhearing them talk about something illegal and me trying to call the cops.

2. Brief Spider-Man powers dream, honestly can't remember much more than me fighting someone tall
and trying to web their face so I could pull them down into a knee-face situation.

3. Had a dream I could fly, had wings, modern surroundings, me trying to avoid power lines and the likes.
There was a scene in particular with me trying to land on a roof ledge but stepping on a hedge instead
and falling only barely able to correct myself before hitting the ground, then skimming over traffic.

4. A brief dream about super powers, was doing some kind of training exorcise with people.
I could fly but didn't have wings, I also had night-vision.
During the exorcise some monster or demon attacked and there was a bit with someone
grabbing a police mech and then another monster that could hurt the first one.
I recall holding a coin in my hand, something equivalent to a dollar, but instead
of a queen or king or president it was All-Might from MHA... Plus Ultra!

5. I was some kind of badass monster hunter fighting demons or possessed humans like in Evil Dead.

6. Racing dream, felt like playing GTA or something similar, not much to it other than that.

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Re: Dreams

#1978 Post by RennisTora »

It's been a hot minute or month since I posted something, keep having unpleasant dreams with something to do with my dad who passed away in February.
Finally had a short one I could recall enough to write to down that wasn't like that, will try harder in the future as well, I refuse to let this thread die.

Had a short dream that was along the lines of a supernatural/paranormal hunter meets magical girl anime, like if Card Captor Sakura hunted ghosts instead of cards.
I was experiencing the dream through the eyes a young girl, early high school at most, it was winter and I was tracking down a local ghost story with some friends and a teacher.
We had figured out that we were looking for an object the spirit had tied itself to, something old, the cryptic hint we got was something like "where one could rest, where none shall rest again".
With the area we were in we had come to the conclusion that it meant a bench since we were in a park like space, we went around checking old benches, even finding some that ready to fall apart.
After checking what felt like every old bench in the area I saw something in my peripheral vision, it was picnic table, I recall saying something to the others like "What if... It didn't mean a bench, but a picnic table?".
We started checking those sorts of things as well but with no luck, eventually we entered a more forest like section with trails, I again saw something in the corner of my vision, this time an old picnic table sitting
partially on what looked like a large stump and half buried in snow, there was also what looked like the remains of an old building long sense collapsed, I remember mumbling a tune as I walked towards it.
The tune was something along the lines of a tree being cut down to build or make way for something being built, the thing built decaying with time, and a tree growing to retake the space over and over like
some version of the Song That Never Ends. I can't recall the exact nature of the tune, it was slow and gentle though, kind of like a folk song or nursery rhyme, it ended with me standing in front of the table.
(I feel like the word bridge was used in the song, as the thing being built maybe, as well as the use of o'er instead of over like it was an old tune, wasn't really depressing, more like everything changes with time)
Everyone else gathered around and the teacher asked me if I was sure, I responded with something along the lines of "I would stake my life on it" in a very low voice and serious tone.
Moments after touching the table there was a fade away like a white-out or black-out, the next thing I knew I was indoors, not a school but some kind of changing room/showers/bath kind of structure.
I was alone and started wandering around looking for my friends and teacher, I would peak into rooms cautiously and most were empty but a couple had people in them, but they didn't respond like a person would.
I got creeped out by their uncanny responses and quickly would carry on searching, eventually I found a larger shower room with more "people" in it including my teacher, he was sitting on a bench quietly.
He reacted to my entering the room so it seemed like he was okay, just playing it safe and not interacting/interfering with the haunt, some of the people were my friends but they seemed to have been possessed.
When I tried to approach the teacher and called out to him the people crowded around him, things started to get creepy and weird and I started to loose my temper, feeling things were becoming dangerous I
pulled the classic magical girl and summoned my wand/staff thing, in this case it was some kind of staff/rifle that I twirled as I summoned it, ending in an under arm position like a fire hose.
I said loudly something along the lines of "I said *pulls a cocking lever* get away from sensei!" with a tennis ball sized sphere of energy forming at the end as I pulled the trigger it fired off in a beam.
I aimed over overone's heads, the room was so bright it was hard to see but I could tell something was happening to the room, it started to shatter or tear like reality being torn asunder.

I woke up then, but as usual bits and pieces of what would have followed floated in my surface thoughts as I slowly woke up, something like the building had been the haunt and not the picnic table.
Something like it had been an Inn or bathhouse once upon a time that burned down and sat to rot, hence the "where one could rest, where none shall rest again", makes sense given the showers and such.
I blame the cannon thing on having watched the anime World Trigger not that long ago, there was a girl character with a beam cannon attack, but yeah, something anyway.

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Re: Dreams

#1979 Post by RennisTora »

Had a dream that was either fantasy or distant dystopian future, took place on an island with humanoid beings with different aquatic and such traits.

They lived quiet, peaceful lives on their island for the most part, about as much anyone could really.
Every 4 generations or so the water level would rise and the people would be forced to move to higher ground until it threatened their main sources of food,
when this happened they would gather a handful of people from the island who would wade into the ocean to commune with a being they called "the great mother of the sea".
There were murals and statues decorating some of the oldest parts of the island dedicated to this Great Mother, depicted as a beautiful almost human looking woman with arms outstretched.
She was believed to control the waters and, when the level would rise like this that people of the island would commune with her under the waves, ultimately joining her.
It was believed that doing so would cause the water level to lower back to normal and that those who went to her would be remembered as having joined their goddess.
Sure enough there were many accounts of this being the case, that the water would return to normal levels after the fact, sometimes there would even be someone who
was still alive during the previous event who could recount it as a first hand witness of it working.

Such a time came again, when the waters claimed much of their island home and they began the rituals of choosing who would join the Great Mother.
More often than not the majority of those that took that role would volunteer for it, but faith in the Great Mother had been waning in recent years
and so a number of those chosen this time were selected by the people of the island.
While the exact root cause of the decrease in faith was vague, it was most likely the result of the simple passage of time, people questioning things, and either social and or intellectual advances.
Among those still devote to the Great Mother stood a man with shark like features or possibly orca like as there was a strong contrast in his colourations.
When the time came for the communal those chosen went below the waves and waited in the deep waters, those who had been voted to join them straggled behind the others.
(They could all breath or otherwise hold their breath fine, being aquatic humanoids, no one showed signs of distress at least, beyond the obvious tension of the situation.)
After what felt like an eternity of waiting, something started to fade into view from the murky deep waters, it was hazy at first but could eventually be seen as a humanoid figure with arms outstretched.
The zealot and other devoted exclaimed that it was the Great Mother, many of whom, including the zealot, closed their eyes and waited with arms wide open to receive her.
To the others however, something began to feel uncanny with the figure, her form remained frozen in place despite moving towards them in the waters, but perhaps that's the nature of a god?
It was those who had been selected rather than volunteered that then began to notice something else, an outline in the dark waters moving with the Great Mother, almost like a long slender form.
Once it was close enough, those that had not chosen to close their eyes saw it for what it truly was, an enormous mouth with many eyes and jagged stone like teeth, a long eel like body
with what now looked like a statue affixed to its head, a statue like protrusion that did indeed look almost alive in colouration but was motionless like stone.

Those who saw the truth began trying to warn the others, but they wouldn't be swayed, and so they retreated back to land leaving the devoted to their chosen fate.
The scene stayed on the devoted as a shadow slowly covered them, a cavernous mouth surrounding them, the last thing the zealot thought was "I can feel it, the Great Mothers warm... Breath?" as they opened their eyes a moment too late.

That's when the dream ended, seems like a story of Causality vs Correlation, the people thought the rising and lowering of the water level was the act of a god that needed to be appeased when it was just a natural cycle.

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Re: Dreams

#1980 Post by Bellhead »

I had this one, kinda reminded me of an ad for a horror movie.

Takes place in an old mansion of some kind, and the first scene I see is my character/main character sitting on some scaffolding that's in a fenced in area, maybe 20 ft by 6 ft. Never looked up, but I was about 6 feet up, back to the wall at night, and there was another container in the rest of this area that looked a little like a shipping container. There was another almost identical enclosure across a courtyard, and the scenario happened multiple times.

The general premise was the same each time. I'd hear rattling from the container, then a large gray cat, like a lion or a puma or something, would jump up in the other enclosure to the scaffolding I was on and would knock something off. On my side, another of these cats was getting on top of the container, but it was covered in goo of some kind, too dark to make out what. At this point, I would have to jump down, unlatch the cage, get out, and relatch the cage. At this point I could somehow end the ad, by hitting the escape key. Didn't make much sense to me either.

A few times after my first, I tried waiting on the scaffolding. The cat killed me. A few times later, I found that after getting out of the cage, the cat started attacking it and I couldn't hit the key because the keyboard was gone, which was weird because I was the person, not playing them. I ran to find a computer with a keyboard to hit the escape key, but of the two computers I knew of, one was broken, and the other which I was using (?) had no keyboard. I ran toward it, to some kind of garage, made it, and tried to use the mouse to select "quit game". I couldn't quit, but I opened the shut down menu and put it in stand by as the cat crossed outside. Woke up right after, 15 minutes before my alarm.
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