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Re: Dreams

#1936 Post by RennisTora »

Had a dream I suddenly got turned into a girl, so that was odd... I've had one or two of those over the years ever since I had one back in high school along the lines of "what would I have looked like if I'd been born a girl?".
I remember specifically it was something like "Huh, but I can turn back right?.. I can? Okay cool, guess I could stay like this for a bit and try it out." so at least it wasn't a panic kind of thing.

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Re: Dreams

#1937 Post by RennisTora »

Oof, completely blanked and forgot to come write this down.

Had a dream that was sci-fi space travel age stuff, about being out there somewhere among alien society where humans are part of the slave trade...
I recall something about making a break for it with the help of another, fighting back with alien weapons and tech.
It all kind of mixed together, but thankfully was pretty straight forward in terms of if you try to imagine what it was like, that's what it was like.
There are a couple bits that stand out, like a bounty hunter guy with cybernetics that was chasing me down, one of the people that
helped me most was a woman with a red jacket and hooded outfit, a moment in a street with police or the like around doing inspections.

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Re: Dreams

#1938 Post by RennisTora »

Had a sci-fi dream about space and warp gates, the craft that myself and others were using were all based off of classic cars for some reason, style I guess?
Something about flying passed the moon and there being hostile aliens now living on it, when we got to the gate only one of them was still working with the others
covered in what was either alien eggs or some crystalline structure (it went by fast) and then we went through the only still working gate like something out of Stargate.
The transition from a first person perspective was like a cross between moving through brightly lit water/jelly with a TV static like effect over everything, when it was
done we were in some kind of star port or station like structure, there were different kinds of aliens all around with some being mostly human looking either because
they were or had interbred with us at some point. It was a lot more vague after that with trying to settle down or figure things out as one might.
In hindsight the station sort of had a mall kind of look as well, maybe a large combination of buildings which kind of makes sense if it's some travel hub.

EDIT: No wait, [censored]... I just remembered there was more, I thought they were separate dreams or something. (this is maybe two minutes after writing the first bit down)
My cat was being a little monster just now and telling her stop while petting her reminded me.

I recall more settled and civilization type stuff, a neighborhood or apartment complex seems like the best way to describe it?
There was this alien father with a... Child I think, that or a pet? It was small and cute but intelligent like a person, I recall hearing "papa".
When held they would occasionally try to nibble on fingers and things, mostly harmless but still a "Ah!... No, bad!" kind of behavior.
They were truly adorable, but it's hard to describe their shape or form now that I'm conscious... Maybe humanoid, or sort of?
Four limbs at least, maybe a tail, the limbs were more like a human or primate rather than a quadruped in terms of flexibility or dexterity.
I can't remember if they were smooth skinned or fluffy or had scales though, I think I was holding them in a blanket like you would an infant at times?
In either case, it was a matter of having already settled into the area and lived there for a while, considering the father asked me to watch them.
I don't know why but I think there was a distance between the two, while looking after them (her?) there were moments of pity or empathy towards
the little one as well as awkwardness about them treating me warmly and I think calling my papa at one point?

I remember interactions with other neighbors and parents and children, there was a species who had perpetual baby face/head and were curious/confused
by human babies as they looked weirdly alike. I'm not sure now if it was a matter of being asked to look after them, or having to like they had no one else?

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Re: Dreams

#1939 Post by curtysmi »

My dream last night was that tiny frogs were chasing me in a castle and I was wearing a princess costume. I don't remember dreams vividly that much and I tend to forget them the day after.

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Re: Dreams

#1940 Post by Neptune »

I had a dream last night where there was a truck bomb that went off and killed everyone around me. Still unsettled/traumatized. Fug :-DDDDDDDDD
Image Haha, he's so tiny! Where is he going?

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Re: Dreams

#1941 Post by RennisTora »

Ho boy did I have a dream, I hope to god I can recall it enough to write down that it isn't super vague.

To start with it was sci-fi, like "we built a fusion reactor so efficient it only had to be at 50% to supply enough power for effectively the planet" level of science fiction.
Aside from that part of exposition the day to day life cycle was pretty normal with sci-fi spices sprinkled here and there throughout.
That is until some kind of space terror(ist) being showed up that could both infect and corrupt most technology or the like, but also control people all hive mind like.
(Though maybe it was just futuristic enough where most people had cybernetics like in Ghost In The Shell so it was able to control them that way, my brain didn't make it clear?)
It was a gross level of infection with weird colouration, bulges, and veiny stuff both on the tech it would infect and the people it was controlling.
I was running through the city just trying to survive, I realized at some point it could infect tech so I was avoiding it much as possible.
For some reason I was armed with a weird breach loading pistol that was like a cross between a black powder gun and a rail gun for how it shot and sounded.
(Something like the Caster gun from the anime Outlaw Star if you have or haven't seen that, it's easy enough to find an image on Google.)
I was trying to get to a man made island connected to the city by bridge, I made it just in time as part of the bridge was either destroyed or lowered into the water.
The reason being that someone had figured out that creature and it's infection couldn't stand contact with salt water, so we were mostly safe there.
What was left of the police had also gathered there and were on a "shoot on sight" mind set if any air or water craft tried to reach the island to hold quarantine.
The island itself was home to the reactor or at least one if it's global monitoring/control stations, the space entity wanted to use it to make the fusion reactor go out of control
and destroy the planet like a miniature sun, that or it would dry up all the water and the thing could spread as it pleased making use of the planet and the other resources?
The point is we would all die if it did that, we were all but safe until it turned out someones private communicator or device had been infected without the obvious signs.
Suddenly the ground shook as a giant worm like thing made of tech and that weird infection came up, it had either used underwater cables or simply tunneled.
(I think it probably used the device more as a way to quickly infect other things and people rather than a way onto the island or signal since it could clearly do that already?)
It kind of looked like a cross between a classical giant worm from fantasy (long worm like thing with big sharp mouth) and the tongue of a Graboid from the Tremors franchise, except metal and stuff.
I was running to the top of the tower to try and either cut the controls or just keep it from making the reactor go out of control. (Of course it was at the TOP of the tower, stupid cliches...)
Closer to the end of it all I was given some kind of weird ammo for my pistol that looked sort of like liquid jell cap medicine but glowing, I was told they were experimental and very dangerous
so naturally I found an opening in the tower and shot at the giant worm only to see the shot gouge out a huge part of the worm revealing a bright core of some kind.
I lined things up and shot again only this time at the now visible red core, it struck if only just barely and it shattered, the worm fell apart and people started coming to their senses.
(1 Of course it had a core, even if that seems stupid for a hive mind thing to show up in person. 2 Not everyone was okay, only those who recently turned it seemed, others even jumped to their deaths...)
The reactor had been effected and was going out of control as the creature planned (maybe it's dying wish/effort had broken the security in place?) and we were running out of time.
As I continued to the control room I woke up, because my neighbor wanted to test their snowblower early this year... For once it felt like I was going to have a conclusion in my dream
but no, here I am only able to guess what would have happened...

That turned out detailed enough I think, not "super vague" as my half asleep self worried it would be when I started writing this down at least.
In hindsight, it was kind of like a mashup of a bunch of different sci-fi anime and movie plots I've seen over the years.
I can see clear influences from Tremors for the worm at the end, and the tech infection thing is right out of "Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040" SPOILERS for a 20 year old anime.
There was some obvious Ghost In The Shell level stuff too, probably others as well like the reactor island though that's been done to death anyway so hard to pin it down.
Maybe like an Arc Reactor kind of deal from Iron Man, or at least the anime adaptation which I think did have a tower reactor island?
And of course the Caster gun from Outlaw Star, easily the oldest of the influences by my perspective in terms of when I first saw them.

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Re: Dreams

#1942 Post by RennisTora »

Had another dream about a magic academy of sorts, pretty standard fair for the most part.

I was someone who didn't have much experience with magic but had some talent for it, no formal education in it.
There were of course the types who thought I didn't belong there but would eventually get fed their words.
I remember living away from the school in some cabin with my mentor who was kind of magic user.
They could teach me a lot of things but my fundamentals were [censored] hence the school being needed, also social stuff.
I recall a specific trick he (it was a man) would use on people that came to bother him or us, he wore a hooded robe
normally and would have the hood up and suddenly use a spell that made him look like a skeleton and scare them off.
Thinking about it now he might have actually been a litch who used magic to look human most of the time?
I mainly wonder that as there was also a scene of him using some kind of acid spell to dissolve/melt something
coupled with the transformation in order to intimidate someone that had come by to harass us.
There was a lot more school stuff after that so part of thinks maybe I started living in a dorm?

All in all another random dream about some fantasy setting, I'll take these over zombie dreams any day.

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Re: Dreams

#1943 Post by PanClovek »

^up Sounds like Harry Potter, did you happen to read it recently ?

Dream thread !? Wow i didn't know twokinds had this kind of thread well, just so happens i had the most messed up dream in a long while this night.
It was doom 2 but with refurnished textures, I was at an esports "competition", you know the gig, there were 6 of us and we were co-oping a map while commenting laughing etc. Kind of like a lets play. Each of our screen was shown on the big wall behind us for viewers to see, first levels were forgettable and easy. Then we got to a pretty long level and completed like 50% of it before I wandered off and found a secret area, to my eyes appeared a room with no enemies, all the best items you can get ( best weapons, full hp, full ammo ) and a red door with a red key lying next to it. For some reason i decided not to speak about it and see what happens, I picked up everything the character could carry and went i. Suddenly i was teleported to a slaughter map ( Huge room with thousands of enemies you're not even supposed to fight, just run past them all to the exit and occasionaly use the weapons if some imps get in your way or you have to defeat someone to acces the next area ). The textures were all changed except for my weapons, the enemies were different... you get the idea, i was suspended in air and below me was a pound with flamethrower guys and demons that soon noticed me and started launching fireballs at me. In my hands was a BFG ( best gun ), whats interesting is that instead of doomguy I was now a blue haired anime schoolgirl. To make the matters worse the esports room disappeared and i was all alone in a dark room in front of a computer. I pressed space, landed and knew what to do, first 3 times i died but at the fourth time I got everything right, i landed and immediatly started sprinting in some random direction i chose in split second, avoiding enemies, jumping over heads, doing parkour, maintaining speed while constantly shooting. There were hordes upon hordes of demons, so much of them that my computer got choppy, then one bad jump and i ended up in a pit with thousands of sprite cheerleaders ( day earlier "be true to your school" was stuck in my head ) and they all wanted a piece of me and apparently were my fans, seemingly weaponless. I was running near the edges around them ( to run along one wall would take me 2 minutes thats how big the room was, all packed ) then I saw a corridor where they didnt stand yet, exactly like when moses split the ocean in the bible and at the end of that i saw an exit to surface, so I ran there through them, they were rapidly closing in and I knew i couldnt make it so i charged my BFG... they soon surrounded me and the gun wouldn't shoot... the whole thing lasted 3 seconds tops before it decided to shoot, i could hear them scream stuff like "Hey hes mine! I wanna touch him ! Theres enough of him for everyone calm down, give it to me"
Spoiler! WARNING: Violence, Vulgar, Gore.
I switched to third person and my character was being clawed into by the cheerleaders, bitten and punched, one of them scalped my head to the skull with a blade down to the neck and some other ripped the skin off my leg with a machette. What the ****. I could only imagine how painful it was for the character but I knew i had to run.
When it did i ran to the entrance and got to the same scene as before, I was again jumping around and i passed a waterfall where next to it walked horrid creatures with each body part from some other creature, I could hear screams but I didn't even try to imagine what was done to them. Then I got the full view of the place, it was an island... filled with monsters. A big ship was approaching the island and all the monsters apparently waited for it to arrive and board it. I made a run for it, jumping over heads, avoiding fireballs, not getting dragged, pretty soon i found myself bunnyhopping and gaining speed, then I jumped off straight to the ship, passed some stuff and flown straight to the captains cabin ( it had no separating wall from the deck ) and flew directly into a black portal that made a half life portal sound... Then I woke up but remembered that before i got into the portal for a split second I saw some kind of tall figure in a black cape ( kind of like voldemort ) and in front of him kid followers, dressed in colourful sweaters and all. When I was lying there in my bed I thought, "Wow so happy ending it is, phew" but then It got to me... If the portal teleported me back to earth... then wouldn't the monsters arrive in a couple of minutes tops and invade it? Assuming i even got teleported back to earth. Well, anyway I did the best I could to help the girl escape :|

- doom slaughter map
- character switches to anime girl
- see some dark ****
- barely escape
- dark realisation

I'm thinking about posting my favourite dreams of all time that I had, most of my dreams are boring but some were so cool I still think about them to this day.

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Re: Dreams

#1944 Post by PanClovek »

Follow up to my previous post: My favourite dreams that I decided were good enough to write down:
Spoiler! Getting free boxes full of guns
Every gun guy's dream... finding free functioning guns and getting to keep them.

My mom found 3 boxes while cleaning the attic, one black and 2 dark blue, some dust on them but pretty good quality boxes. In the first one was a rusty silver 10mm beretta with some empty casings beside it. I was amazed, I pressed the magazine button and a fresh rust free mag dropped out with a nice sound, fully loaded with 10mm rounds, I asked my mom if i can rack the slide but my mom said no, i put the mag back in and left it there, the markings on it were german.

Next box I oppened had a luty submachine gun at the top, a revolver ( taurus ? ) under it and 2 small conceal carry pistols ( derringer and some black lil gun ). There was ammo laying there and some german certificate I did not care to read.

The third box contained A Mag-7 shotgun from cs:go but it was marked walther and the name of it was a bunch of random numbers, under it were 2 shining revolvers ( think dirty harry ) , loaded, 357 casings laying around.

I begged her to let me keep them like I would want to keep a puppy or something, they gave in and let me :)

Funny thing is that after the dream I looked online for a 10mm beretta but it was never chambered in that caliber, only thing i found was kind of an old video about a guy that supposedly converted it to 10mm...
Spoiler! Joey Salads is a bad neighbor
Set in american suburbs. I walk out into my backyard ( kind of cowboy styled, ranch fences, ladders leaning on a fence, little pound, flowers, hedges, wall vines on the walls of my house ) My neighbor is Joey salads, he has a similar house to mine, I have 2 airguns lying around in the grass, old and rusty and I have a daisy red rider on a gunrack in my garage above a sofa. ( home alone reference )

Joey proceeds to tear down my fence because he wants to buy some of my backyard, then he starts tearing out my fake grass rolls. He says he wants to lay out a sidewalk where he tore them out and i tell him NO and GET OUT. To expose his stupidity i ask him how'd he like it if i built a window in his bathroom so i can watch him.

I tell my family to call the police on the guy, he gets mad and brings out a bolt action red sport airgun ( feinwerkbau )in 5,5mm. I have the same one model but in blue. We proceed to shoot at eachother, often hitting but it only stinged a bit when we hit eachother. I shot at him a lot and he only shot me once in the thigh, I was too lazy to write down more details but I remember that the fight was pretty crazy and poured out into my house, then i shot at him from my window, then we took it to the streets etc. I don't know who won, ( maybe we got bored and called it a fight ? )
Spoiler! Getting lucky (?) with a 30 year old cigarette addict
I'm "sleep walking" in a dream but instead of walking i'm riding a motorcycle on a sidewalk, after driving 1/2 a kilometre I stopped and woke up, i check the trunk under the seat to find it filled with ammunition and crayons, I'm in front of someone's house gate and there's a woman in her 30s smoking a cigarette

I approach her and say "Hey wanna hang out ? I promise i'm not a creep"

She said something about smoking so I said i got cigarettes too and she agreed to "hang out" with me, she asked me if i heard about a maniac on a motorcycle riding around on the sidewalk ( my motorcycle was like 4 meters behind me, parked on a sidewalk ) yeah i guess i heard something because it was me then she was suddenly acting all impressed "wow omg"

We go to her house which is actually my house and to my bedroom and we smoke more cigarettes on my bed, after 3rd or 4th one i put a bullet in my mouth instead of a cigarette, i quickly notice that, spit it out and put another cig in my mouth. Suddenly i am extremly sleepy struggling to be concious while talking to her, my eyes keep closing and i'm constatly 5 seconds away from falling asleep, we talk some more. Well, the dream gets cut short right there which makes me imagine the urge to sleep was too strong
If i get any more interesting dreams I'll make sure to post them :P

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Re: Dreams

#1945 Post by RennisTora »

Forgot to write down a brief dream I had the other night that involved finding and handling a strange object.

It was shaped like knife a handle with a slight animal theme/motif or at least a very rounded and organic design.
It was warm to the touch and smooth as polished marble, but translucent and shimmering like some kind
of iridescent crystal and weighed a ludicrous amount despite it's small size (felt like 25 lbs at least).

Just now when I tried looking up how iridescent was spelt and it's dictionary meaning, I was linked to
"iridescent crystal" which showed basically what I recalled from the dream, oddly or maybe fittingly
enough the type of crystal was a lead type, funny considering the weight in the dream.

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Re: Dreams

#1946 Post by RennisTora »

But also just woke up from a long'ish feeling dream that was like cross between Futurama and the anime/manga Hyper Police for plot.

At some point I had been frozen but only for about 20-50 years it seemed, in that time Earth had made contact with alien life and
now had access to advanced technology the likes of which had only been seen in works of science-fiction such as perfect gene modding
or true cybernetics and bionics with extreme capabilities as well other things like clean and efficient power or nano technology.

When I was found and woken up humans had become a minority in terms of global population though it was never fully explained why.
It might have been a war against aliens and those who welcomed them or just the gene pool becoming more diverse.
I remember a lot of people who looked almost human but had other features or were otherwise alien in origin.
There were a couple people I still knew who had either lived long or modified themselves to extend their lives and youth.

I recall some cyber-punk like stuff where it's so sci-fi it's almost fantasy like technomancy or vampire like beings etc.
There was one girl in particular who was some sort of tiger type humanoid, full or partial though the dream was a little "fuzzy"
no pun intended, she might have some shifting ability even like a werewolf except I believe a vampire...
She was cuddly when not trying to bite at least, especially after I inadvertently help to stop a drug trade that was messing with her kind.

There was a funnier scene closer to the end of the dream with me looking for a bathroom, panicking seeing two doors but the signs were both
odd and left me guessing, then I noticed in fine print underneath the signs what I could make out as which was which.

A less funny scene was walking down what used to be a familiar street with a couple new friends including tiger girl and realizing we or rather I
was being followed by some kind of headhunter on an Akira like motorcycle, we ran and it turned into a chase followed by a fight where
I was mostly just being protected which was an odd experience for me both in and out of dreams, usually I'm fine to fend for myself in either.
The dream ended and I woke up during the standoff after the attacked was disarmed and about to fight my tiger waifu...

It feels like the dream was supposed to take place over a span of time, I clearly recall more summer like weather but the end scene was in winter.

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Re: Dreams

#1947 Post by RennisTora »

Had a post-apocalypse or least far along dystopian dream.

Was sort of like Fallout but not quite as horrible, there were still mutations and radioactive problems, but more greenery.
I recall that I specifically said at one point "don't look at me, I just woke up after 100 years as an ice cube!" when being questioned.
There were raiders of course but also slightly less crazed types who were mainly trying to live free, that and a faction I fell into
that was basically the closest thing to civilization since they had trade and safe locations set up.
There was a woman who seemed to have been the one that found me and was now getting me caught up so I could help them.
I recall modern weapons and vehicles still being around albeit a little Mad Max in condition, also city ruins and overgrowth.
Something about... Monsters? It starts to get a little fuzzy closer to when the dream ended and I woke up.
I think it was sort of like the Metro series in a lot of ways, but again fuzzy.

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Re: Dreams

#1948 Post by RennisTora »

First memorable dream of the the new year was... Halloween themed XD I know it's my favorite time of the year but really brain?

It was relatively short in retrospect.
It started fairly normal with costume prep and other sorts of things as one would.
Then at some point things shifted into a "monsters are real" scenario on Halloween night.
I don't know if mankind fell to them as a whole or if me and some folks were taken captive.
There was a good sized chunk of some city now being run by them though so perhaps the former.
I and another were "lucky" in that the ones who took us into their possession weren't just monsters
but some level of demons, who specifically sustained themselves on life energy rather than eating us traditionally.
The end result was the same but we weren't going to be cooked or eaten alive or anything like that at least.
Rather than all at once it seemed like they were being smart about it and only taking what they needed at the time.
It felt like a good bit of time was passing as it seemed like we were almost starting to get used to each other in a way.
One day I realized that the other human who has been taken along with me had been abducted by other creatures.
The demons were unmotivated or apathetic about it at first, but it felt like I was getting through to them
when I explained it more like someone had insulted them by stealing prey from them.
They also seemed at least a little responsive since the two of use had excepted our fate and cooperated with them.
There may have also been a lady demon I thought was kind of pretty, not sure if that was at all mutual.

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Re: Dreams

#1949 Post by PanClovek »

Some interesting dreams I had since the last post:

Playing ace of spades while dead tired:
So as I'm saying, i'm playing ace of spades ( the old version so more like openspades ) and i'm so exhausted I struggled to keep my eyes open, playing with me eyes closed most of the time, so tired in fact I miss almost every key on my keyboard I push, i get stuck on walls, choose wrong weapons, whenever I try to chat i speak gibberish and basically utter random letters and numbers, then I get stuck in a hole and forget how to jump, i try to break one of the blocks so i can just walk out but instead of the shovel i choose a grenade,I throw it and when I realise what i've done I cover my eyes and hope for the best. I actually survive and i'm now standing in a crater created by a grenade. The map appeared to be a mix of real life vatican and cs:go inferno map, all blocky of course.

The following day ( in the dream ) I recieved a steam message from someone ( guy? ) saying " Thanks for yesterday ". I wanted to reply him " No problem, kitty" because I thought I got laid with him/her ( WTF ??? ) But then I thought about it and realised i didn't know what the hell was he talking about so i asked him and he instantly replied that he thanked me for helping to votekick a guy from some server... yeah, no problem brah

Going to a school party and meeting a mysterious girl... :
So basically there's this school party in this room, the floor is dark green marble and the walls are some dark colour. There are some columns holidng up the ceiling too, there are desks and chairs around the middle of the room formed into a square, on the tables basic party food ( crisps, juice, popcorn in bowls, cola etc. ) In the corner of the room was the audio set, a music player with some huge speakers, next to the table another table but with food if you get hungry, there sat my teacher with some class nerds chatting her up. Music playing, people chatting... As I mentioned it's a school kind of party so the people there were supposed to be my classmates but barely any actually were.
That's where I come into the play, the entrance wasn't free and you had to pay and I didn't feel like it because I thought the party sucked.
So to make my time better I decide to " have some fun " and basically annoy as much people as I can ( interrupt conversations, insult people, throw stuff, laugh at stuff etc. )
But then, someone called me out on my behaviour not in a nice way really, a guy in a purple hoodie, a little bigger than me so I started a fight ( he had some goons with him but didn't care )
The fight:
So, we were standing in front of eachother and I started it by attempting to sucker punch him but he survived that and was caught off guard so I used the occasion to start swinging at him, punched him like 3 times pretty hard and he started to punch back, as he lunged himself at me I grabbed him and pushed him to the floor which to my surprise actually worked, then I got on top of him and went at his face, hard hits from left to right, from right to left, from left to right... before someone pulled me off him and broke it up. The reactions were mixed, some were impressed and told me that was hardcore the others got mad and told me to get out.
Despite that after some time things went back to normal again and this is where things get interesting, throughout the whole party I was sitting next to a really nice girl ( she sat to my left ) and as I said she was really kind despite me being a prick. We had an amazing time together as we turned out to have a lot in common and we found eachother to be exciting to talk to, she even laughed at the stupid stuff I said, she would also show me some memes on her phone. About the phone, at some point in the party as she went somewhere ( to the bathroom I guess ) she left her phone on the desk, turned on and everything and curiosity got the best of me so I browsed through it, as the starter screen she had a drawing done in paint of nsfw nature ( something you'd scribble in a minute if you were reeaalllyyy bored ), in her gallery I found a picture of me which lead me to believe we knew eachother from before the party or she simply took it at the party.
What's interesting is that whenever I would remember how much I hated this party/ the people in it she would calm me down by... carresing my face and speaking softly to me :shock: yeah, it would get me to shut up and leave me a bit flustered but one time she did that I moved myself closer to her and couldn't stop looking in her eyes, they were blue and she looked right back at me, carresing me even more, behind the ear and playing with my hair. I thought I fell in love. Maybe i wanted to kiss her but couldn't gather up the courage ? I don't remember which one of us broke the moment but I would imagine it was her because If i were her i'd get annoyed ( what are you waiting for, just kiss me you dummy ! ). It felt real nice you know, i'd stare more if i only could... I remember beating myself for not having kissed her right there when I woke up, then the dream would get more interesting wouldn't it ? She had slight acne, blue eyes, her hair was a mix between red and blonde but closer to blonde, she didn't seem to have any make up on ( though i'm a guy so I don't know ) I guess you could say she looked kinda like Sissy Spacek from badlands but again not quite.
After some time I got a task of giving everyone a ticket, so I recieved a whole roll of them ( my mind couldn't think of an actual ticket so they were just gas station receipts ) and so I probably did. Though i don't know what the hell were those tickets for.
Then I almost started another fight when this guy snapped and asked me wtf was wrong with me. Before I could answer the teacher got up and scolded me out loud in front of everyone calling me a " freaking animal" so I got mad too, stood up and said something like " Listen you ***** do you think I like being here !? I hate all of you ! You probably want me to sit in the corner, be quiet, take insults, pretend to have fun and pretend to find the stuff you say funny ? Hell no, i'm actually having fun for once ! Yeah maybe I should't be so rude, hell maybe I just don't know how to behave around people ( my angry rant turned to a sad rant ) maybe i'm just a stupid tool blah blah blah..." then some guy was holidng in his laughter and I guess i threatened or death stared him.
After the rant I got out and soon I noticed the girl followed me and told me she's leaving too.
We went into a clothing store, small but pretty modern looking, black and white tile floor, grey walls, big windows through which you could see the city, If I had to guess it was around 2am ( why was the shop open ? ) Wasn't really busy, a guy and 3 girls worked there, 2 were busy putting clothes into shelves and the guy and the girl were chatting at the counter, I came in and said " Hi there" to which they said " hey". I took my seat and waited for them to offer me their services, the girl I came in with sat next to me. The clerks were pretty much ignoring me, not wanting to serve me for some reason so I sat there thinking of what I wanted to buy when it struck me i didn't really want to buy anything. I knew about this shop already because some time in the dream ( probaby before the party ) I saw people walking in looking normal and leaving looking like rockstars straight out of a concert ( Elvis, rolling stones guys etc. ) The guy started making some small talk with me, about the business and the whole " tough times" routine. I asked him if they had any interesting leather jackets ( Like cool patterns, crazy colours, stripes on sides, interesting graphics, lots of pins etc. ) and he pointed me to a section with like 4 red winter jackets and I was like " uhh yeah thanks that's excatly what I meant, guy. "
Then I dream about waking up and pretty soon after I actually wake up.

tl;dr of the long dream:
- go to party
- "troll" anyone i can
- get into fight
- meet nice girl
- "troll" some more
- told to get out
- i do
- ?????????
- the end

The girl got me wondering, since your mind can't actually make up a person in a dream it had to be someone I already saw somewhere... So, who was she ??? I should note that I have poor face memory and it could of been a girl friend I happen to know but her appearance warped by my poor memory, or maybe a movie character. ( By the way do people in dreams EVER tell you their name ? I never learned hers. )

The girl most likely symbolised my longing for some relationship ( love aspect ) or my mother ( calming me down by petting me like a puppy )
And as to why I dreamed of getting mad at everyone ? When i was a kid i had short temper and prone to just outrage at everyone around me, what's even worse is that a couple kids from my class would break toys/school/other kids artwork and blame it on me, since I had a reputation of easily getting mad the teacher would believe and I would be blamed for it which would get me even more mad. My temper is a lot better nowadays of course but I guess maybe the dream communicated to me that it's still there deep down inside me, I know it's pretty obvious ( duh ) everyone has anger inside them but it's cool to notice those things.

PS. Thank you dream girl for sticking with me, i'm actually a lot nicer normally :grin: though maybe you just like bad boys... 8)

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Re: Dreams

#1950 Post by RennisTora »

I had a dream that was very much like the manga/anime "Gate: Thus the Japanese Self-Defense Force Fought There" though still different.
Standard medieval fantasy type setting with other races and magic and monsters etc.

I was somehow involved with the military as either low ranking soldier/officer or even just a reserve member.
Somehow I was pulled into another world by myself with limited gear and my personal civilian vehicle, a van.
Once I realized what the situation was like I ditched/hid the van in a remote location along with most of my
stuff that would stand out horribly and attempted to infiltrate the local population of a nearby village as a traveler.
Things were quiet yet depressing for the most part as time passed, it felt like a rather long time, several months to half a year at least.
I had started to gain the trust of a small circle of people who were more curious than they were cautious of me, that was nice.
It was never made clear how but eventually more people showed up having somehow discovered or created a stable path between worlds.
Time skipped forward a little bit, maybe a month if that and I had been relieved of my position but kept on location as I knew people and places.
At first it felt like I was going to be swept under the rug so to speak and either never see this place again or simply never be seen again.
Thankfully my superiors must of figured I would be more use out and about in this new world than a cell or facility, they gave me a sort of
scouting party like position as well as some new training and of course new gear.
I specifically remember having an SMG and a pistol as my personal load-out, I also remember having to keep curious hands away from them.
That took some more time skipping and by the time I was heading out with a vehicle and small team comprised of personnel and my small circle
of trusted friends I had made there, I started to notice that our forces had expanded out a bit and been building fortifications as well as just
newer buildings and the like in the nearby area, attempting to modernize and win over the locals it seemed.
We started with a relatively close location that was still under the influence of our forces or at least knew what was going on.
I can't help but feel some really heavy [censored] went down during the grab for territory since a number of people avoided us and one younger
individual actually tried to harm me, they were a young'ish girl maybe 12 or in that range, they tried to bite my arm of all things.
I was trying to not actually hurt them but hold them back when who I assume was the mother ran over grabbing the girl and apologizing.

I woke up not long after that, in retrospect it kind of made me think something like in the actual series must of happened with a local militia
having tried to push back the "invaders" but got whipped out as a result, so the families and friends of said dead militia were less than happy.
Oh, and when I say "our forces" I'm Canadian for reference.

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