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Re: Dreams

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Oh I had a dream too!
And it is even two kinds related.

So the idea is that I was in some sort of gala, ball, or banquet or any sort of fancy event details are not really relevant. But just let me stress that: damn I looked good in that suit. Wish I loked half as good in real life.

Anyway our favorite fox boy Mike was also on the event. He looked a bit older and had glasses. And we were sitting on the same table:

And why you ask? Well in the dream I was either a detective or some kind of police consultant. And the police had good reason to suspect that Mike had ran human trafficking ring. Yep my brain decided to pull a big irony the. The slave ended as a slaver. Oh by the in this context that mean he sealed with human as well as keidran.

Anyhow I and some police agents were in the ball/gala thing in order to get some evidence against Mike he had legitimate business but we had no substantial evidence of him being a slaver.

So I spent most of the night back and forth questioning Mike acquaintances and associates, colleting evidence. The event was on his mansion or something. And questioning the fox himself.

Eventually I pulled an Al Capone. In deflecting and denying my questions about his criminal enterprises I managed to get him to confess to tax evasion. Turns out he forgot to pay some import taxes on some of his legitimate businesses.

With that he was good as convicted. Now with probable cause we could seize or question his finances and it was just a matter of time until we had his slave trading ring exposed.

Once he realized what he had done his expression froze. And the dream finished just as we arrested Mike a removed him from his manor
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