This is little short of a miracle

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This is little short of a miracle

#1 Post by TheMasterOfOats »

So Nvidia just released the RTX 30-series. To sum up the new silicon, the biggest change was a shift to Samsung’s 8-nm (based on their 10-nm) FINFET process. This boasts about double the transistor count, a small reduction in power draw, and a METRIC TONNE of price/performance gains. The least powerful card in the new lineup, the RTX 3070, is spec’d to be as powerful as a 2080ti, while being almost half the price.

What impact do you think this’ll have on the market? Do you think this’ll functionally eliminate AMD from the consumer-grade market? What about Intel? How will this impact the launch of the Xi GPU series?

You’re welcome.
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Re: This is little short of a miracle

#2 Post by Neutral Smith »

nVidia GPUs in computers with AMD CPUs.

But it's 2020, so a it's a disaster for my bank account.
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Re: This is little short of a miracle

#3 Post by Technic[Bot] »

Even if you cannot afford a 30xx prices are gonna drop for the 20xx and the 10xx. I think you can still get your money's worth if you get two 2080 on the same computer.

In any case this will hopefully decrease the price a bit I want to finally get a gpu for my pc, even if not top of the line.

Amd does not seem to care they have no support door deep learning nor parallel computingm they seem content with being a game card. Much of recent nvidia growth come from the back of general purpose parallel computing a machine learning but and seems not give a [expletive]

Oh an Intel wont care their gpus are not meant to compete with Nvidia but simply expand their market. Any gpu is generally better than no gpu.
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