Intel CPU Security Flaw

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Intel CPU Security Flaw

#1 Post by Cyon »

So yesterday an Intel CPU security flaw surfaced that compromises computer security, the patch for which could potentially reduce system performance by 9 - 20% depending on what generation the CPU is from.

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Make sure to update your OS if you've turned off automatic updates, I don't think there's anything else you can do.
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Re: Intel CPU Security Flaw

#2 Post by Myperson54 »

Do keep in mind that this bug only resulted in a 30% slowdown for one application on one device tested by researchers, and it was one which made a kernel access call multiple times a second. The vast majority of userspace programs, especially games, will not see a performance hit significant enough to notice.

The security implications are real and dangerous. The slowdowns have been overreported. Everyone, update your systems.

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Re: Intel CPU Security Flaw

#3 Post by Neutral Smith » ... n-spectre/ <- With a lot more information.

My advice: just wait for the patches, and apply them as soon as possible, there's not much else to do. And don't let hackers touch your keyboard.
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