Comic/Keenspot issues, Part 2

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Comic/Keenspot issues, Part 2

#1 Post by ThunderVolt » Sat Dec 03, 2016 4:31 am

Hey, it's the aggravated kiwi here, and earlier some of you may remember that I had issues opening the comic on my phone via Wi-Fi (my home network only). It was rectified by using my data connection if I wished to see the comic. However, a slightly different but similar issue has cropped up on my computer where this time, all components of the website will load (sans ads, I have an adblocker), but this time, the comic for that day will load, but in very, very low quality. This is a huge issue, since my computer (obviously) does not have a data connection, and my service does not support mobile hotspot.

Anybody else having this issue? Unfortunately, I cannot rectify the issue using my knowledge of JavaScript, because for whatever reason, my Inspect ability is permanently broke. So that's not an option.
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