Looking for suggestion on a replacement receiver.

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Looking for suggestion on a replacement receiver.

#1 Post by nsamok6620 »

First time posting in the tech board, hope I'm doing it right lol.

So I bought a Yamaha RX-V371BL 5.1 receiver back in 2011. A few months back the HDMI board stopped working but the audio was fine, so I just ran an HDMI to the projector and an optical audio cable to the receiver (thanks for the suggestion Sam)

But now the audio has stopped working as well. I get no output from any input. Optical, analog, hell not even AM/FM. I could crack the thing open and try and see if something obvious is broken, but last time I opened it up I couldn't tell what I was even looking at, and I wouldn't be able to fix it anyways. Plus I think it's time for an upgrade.

So, my question is, do you guys have any insight with receivers? This is the only one I've ever had, so it's all I know. When I look online for a new one I'm simply overwhelmed by the number of choices. Even sticking with Yamaha there are something like 20 different models that they offer.

As far as what I'm looking for, I need HDMI and at least two audio inputs. Lately the only thing I had been using it for was my Xbone, music from my computer, and music from my turn table (which has also stopped working, I may make abother thread for that in the future) so technically it doesn't need that much. I don't have anything that can play or show 4K, and i have no plans on buying something that can, so 4K isnt high on my priorities.

However, sitting on and in front of the table my xbone is on is a 360, ps3, ps2, and N64. I would love to be able to have all of those hooked up at once, even if I don't ever really play them. So that's two more HDMI, and two composite. I've seen some that have built in chrome cast, but if it doesn't have that I would like an HDMI port for that as well. So 4 in total at the least. I would also like it to have built in Bluetooth just to easily listen to music when I'm just working around the house or something, but I might have to live without that since it seems to only come on quite expencive models.

So in all it needs to be at least 5.1 (I wouldnt be agsinst buying two more speakers and getting 7.1, or even another sub and geting X.2, but it isn't necessary), have at least 4 HDMI inputs, some form of audio input from my computer, and an analog input for my turn table (doesn't need to be a phono input, I have a pre-amp). I would like some composite and component inputs/outputs as well, and Bluetooth would be nice. Both aren't needed but I would really like them.

You guys have any input? I put it out on facebook and only got a response from my friend who's into computers telling me to check the fuses lol.
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Re: Looking for suggestion on a replacement receiver.

#2 Post by Lief »

I don't really have much, if any, experience with receivers, but I know Newegg puts one or two on sale with some frequency. So it's worth keeping an eye out for. It's too late (Early, technically, but eh. Semantics.) for me to go poking around looking for one for you but I can take a look later on after I've got some sleep, assuming someone else hasn't already helped you out.

Alternatively you could poke about Google a bit and see if there's any electronics repair places within a feasible distance from you. They're a dying breed, but still around in some places.

EDIT: Does this meet your specifications? Good price, too.

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