Mouse & Trackpad Sensitivity

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Mouse & Trackpad Sensitivity

#1 Post by Dalenger »

Dear Nerds,

Windows 10 here. I recently dished out some serious $$$ to buy a razer mouse (which all in all I've been "meh" about, but anyways) and have found the sensitivity out of the roof. However, I find I can't just turn down the mouse sensitivity from the control panel, as that also turns down my trackpad sensitivity to an unacceptably low level. I can't find any trackpad or mouse specific sensitivity control. Am I looking in the wrong place? Is there some software out there to do that? Am I doomed?

Thank you in advance.

~Dalenger :heart:

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Re: Mouse & Trackpad Sensitivity

#2 Post by Myperson54 »

I've never used a Razer product before, but if it's anything like other gaming mouse manufacturers, their settings tool should affect just your mouse and not your trackpad.

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Re: Mouse & Trackpad Sensitivity

#3 Post by Samantaz »

Have you also installed the right drivers ?
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Re: Mouse & Trackpad Sensitivity

#4 Post by avwolf »

Depending on your mouse, it might also have a built-in DPI control on the mouse itself. I haven't run a Razer mouse personally, but the other gaming mice I've used have little +/- buttons on the mice which adjust their DPI (this is so that you can quickly and easily adjust mouse sensitivity for different games and potentially in different games for different situations). You didn't link us which Razer mouse you're running, so without looking at their whole product line, I don't know if we can say whether or not the mouse has a DPI control on it, but I'd look for that if I were you.

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