Download things as .zip for no reason

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Download things as .zip for no reason

#1 Post by midnightblink »

So, my laptop has been doing this for a while, and I still haven't found a solution. For some reason, whenever I try to download something from my browser (Chrome), it downloads as a .zip and I have no idea how to use those. It's weird, because it's not like EVERYONE gets them as .zips, I've even gone back to download some things I've uninstalled, and even though they weren't .zips the first time I downloaded them, they are now. Anyone have any idea what's happening?
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Re: Download things as .zip for no reason

#2 Post by TinyVoices »

Well I have no clue what is making it download as a zip...

Let's say you go to save my avatar. Do you have your browser set to just automatically save whatever you tell it to? So right click, save, just makes it download to a predetermined place?

If so, you can tell it to ask you first where to save it, and in that same window you tell it how to save the thing as. If you haven't already, try switching from auto location save to browse, or however the thing is worded...

I have no clue why it wants to save it as a zip, so if you are already manually saving stuff as, say, a png and it saves as a zip anyway, then I got no clue.

BUT! If it is saving the png/whatever inside a zip folder, and not the contents of the thing (so I think an exe would give like a bin folder and such, a png would have a text file that is the code for the image... neither of these are practical...) then you could just unzip the folder to get at the thing you downloaded. It still doesn't solve that middle man of things downloading weird, but eh if no one can figure a solution then you got that at least? S:P

You can unzip a zip folder by using programs such as winrar and 7zip. Both are free programs. I myself love 7zip. Get the program on your comp, and then right click on a thing, and you'll see like 7zip->extract or else just extract or something. You can figure it out shortly I'd think. When you get the extract window open you can just go with the default it has to hopefully just turn the existing zip folder into a regular folder.

And of course all of this I assumed you have a PC and not a mac.... I forget what you have and have no clue how macs are run.

This may potentially help.

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