Power saving mode causes connection issues

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Power saving mode causes connection issues

#1 Post by Akira110 »

When I put my computer into a power saving mode for my wireless adapter, I found it odd that from the word go, I started to immediately have issues with connecting. And I knew it wasn't my router, because that would take me to a page that says that the internet is not available. Instead I got the "Cannot find" error on firefox, which told me that my wireless had shut down. Now, this is too instantaneous to be a coincidence to me, but I wanted to ask you guys what y'all think.
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Re: Power saving mode causes connection issues

#2 Post by RevZ »

If you have Windows Vista through Windows 10, you can go to the wireless network adapter settings, check its Power Management tab and disable any option about shutting down the device to save power. That should fix soft-start disconnecting issues on most wireless chipsets.

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Re: Power saving mode causes connection issues

#3 Post by cliffpanther »

Also there is an option in Power Plan>Power Saving>Advanced Power Management for wifi, set it to the "maximum performance" level (or something like that, depends on what OS you're running).

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