Twokinds Viewer v0.1

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Twokinds Viewer v0.1

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Twokinds viewer is a android app front end for twokinds. Please do not expect anything good as this is the very first android app I have made but It is functional.

Main problems
[*] Every comic page before 2019 has been formatted in JPG while everything during and after 2019 has been formatted as PNG this creates a problem in the current indexing code where anything during and after 2019 will not be found.

What needs to be worked on
* The entire design of the application
* A way to save the indexed photos so the application does not have to index them every time it runs.


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Re: Twokinds Viewer v0.1

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Damn! Great work!

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Re: Twokinds Viewer v0.1

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FuelAngel wrote: Thu Dec 12, 2019 12:21 am Damn! Great work!
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