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Play around with roles and whatnot in here, I suppose.

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#301 Post by Ursalon » Wed Dec 21, 2011 8:52 am

I do enjoy RP and thought I'd post a few characters, would love some feedback. I've got a lot so I kinda had to narrow it down. The first is my paladin, not based off of TwoKinds, the 2nd will be inspired by the comic and its world.

The Last Paladin
Name: Aeonus Tyranell (most often goes by his last name)
Occupation: Paladin
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black, with a well kept chin-strap style beard
Eye Color: Gold
Skin Tone: Caucasian with a very light tan
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 240lbs
Standard Clothing: Aeonus normally wears simple priest's robes with white bracers and boots (more in power description) He also wears a simple golden circlet and a holy amulet about his neck that help focus his powers.
Age: 29
Race: Human with string angelic lineage (more in his background)

Physical Features:
Aeonus is tall, with a very defined physique. He has wide shoulders and carries himself with strength. Aeonus normally has a very stern look on his face and is serious about almost all things. He walks with purpose and carries an air of power that hangs about him in the air. He radiates an aura of “good” that lets all know his alignment and purpose. This aura will glow and become visible depending on how much power he is currently using. Said aura is a majestic gold in color. When channeling divine energy his eyes glow the same color as his aura. His voice is clear and deep.

Aeonus is a force of good. He seeks to help and defend all others, following a code of conduct that is rigid and defined. He is kind and benevolent, and refuses to be rewarded for his services unless said refusal will offend. Aeonus is courageous to a fault, never tells lies, and has unshakable faith in the divine. He serves the gods and their people above all others, thinking of himself and his own safety last. He is honorable, and encourages others to follow the path of good.

Aeonus is an expert healer. His connection to the divine also allows him a wide variety of powers, all of which are holy magic. He is capable of creating shields from divine energy to protect himself and others. Aeonus is also capable of incredible bursts of speed and power, allowing for strong attacks and short distance teleportation for intercepting attacks directed at others. He can heal wounds by laying his hands on others. He can radiate protective wards that create sigils on the ground or in the air that offer beneficial effects to allies that stand within the affected area.

His most notable abilities are perhaps those provided by his lineage and armor/weapons. Aeonus wears a suit of magically crafted full plate that is white with gold detailing and has an angelic motif. This armor is called Ankarderus; The Wings of Hope. It normally lays dormant within him and can be called at a moment’s notice. It appears as golden energy that solidifies into its true form. It offers incredible protection against magic and physical damage, especially from evil foes. Aeonus also carries a shield of similar make, sister to Ankarderus. This shield is called Feytria; The Aegis of Purity. It carries heavy enchantments and also is angelic in appearance. His final armament is his longsword, an angelic weapon forged for war, infused with divine power. Vahlkyrus; The Light Bringer. This leads to his most powerful abilities. Aeonus floods his being with holy energy, releasing the seals upon his soul and assuming an angelic form. In this form his aura is fully visible and is strong enough to damage foes and will heal allies that bask in its radiance. He sprouts six wings that grant him flight capabilities. This form magnifies his powers, but comes at a cost. His “true form” can only be used for short periods of time, and is only accessible in great need. After the transformation is over, he is left with little to no magic and is significantly weakened. Aeonus needs time to recover after use to once again be able to access his full powers.

Aeonus is one the last members of an order of knights that dedicated themselves to the gods. His father and mother gave their lives in fulfillment of the order’s ideals, leaving him with their weapons and armor. He is of noble lineage, mingled with mortal and angelic bloodlines. His ancestry led to the founding of his nearly dead order, and allows him to stay in perfect heath. The Knights of Empyria had five founding members, each a great champion of good. They were gifted with angelic power as they swore their oaths to the gods. The five great houses of the order were nearly wiped out by the forces of darkness, and are slow to rebuild. Aeonus seeks to purify his bloodline and recapture the full power of his ancestor, Vikalleon Tyranell, who was the first leader of the knights. He travels on his quest, an endless crusade against evil, to kindle hope and belief in the gods once more. Aeonus is a light unto the darkness, and the shield of the righteous.

“Fear not, all shall be well” –Aeonus Tyranell

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Re: Characters Thread

#302 Post by SekerutaHeruta » Wed Apr 25, 2012 9:53 am

Oh man, do I have a lot of characters for you all to enjoy. Here they are in chronolical order.

1: Miles DèMalkin (Current version.)

Name: Miles DèMalkin
Class: Fighter, Valkyrim.
Level: 23.
Weapon: Dusk Noir. (Greatsword.)
Age: 28

HP: 12000.
Atk: 15799. (+2100 and 600, so really 18499.)
Def: 9814.
MP: 7009. (+600, so really 7609.)

(Lot's of stats and spells were edited out.)

Additional stuff: He used to have a wife and daughter, whom he seeks to ressurect.
The wife, Amy Vilesense, died due to diseases.
The daughter, Lucy Vilesense, was raped and murdered.

2: Noel Falkner.

Noel Falkner of Iris.
Used to be a noble, but a group of robbers raided his mansion, killing his family. This forced Noel, who was a spoiled brat at this point, to mature very quickly.
Unfortunantly, he was unable to find work anywhere, and eventually turned to thievery. One day, when he stole from the grand Witch Iris, she cursed him to live out the rest of his life as a Bound.
When the Crusaders raided her household, she fled the place, while Noel was hiding in the basement. Unfortunantly for him, he was found, and sentenced to death by execution. (I like your idea.)
Uses air around him to fly, turn his body parts to almost any kind of sword, move faster and create sharp winds.

6,0 tall, 72kg, short blonde hair, blue eyes.
Has a scar over his left eye, preventing him from opening it.
His right arm is covered in cloth bandages, due to wounds recieved during the robbery.
Wears a lightblue, shortsleeved shirt, brown vest, brown cloth pants, black shoes, a dark blue royal coat, and a blue cape with his family's coat of arms on it. (A falcon with 2 crossing rapiers in the background.)

3: Exiel Nightfall.

Exiel Nightfall
The eye of Ragnarok
22 years old.
Star, Soul, Arcane.
Fists. (White gentleman's gloves.)
Soul Weapon: (When aquired.) Deus Machina: Absolutio.

Worked as a card dealer and bouncer at a night club, but was forbidden from working after he absorbed the eye of Ragnarok. Has lived a shady live ever since, working as a con artist by cheating people with card tricks.

Usually acting like a gentleman, he treats everyone with respect, and always seems to be smiling. Though he becomes surprisingly vicious during combat, beating the opponent long after he or she has been defeated.
Unbelievably sadistic and cruel during combat, and especially loves the sound of bones breaking. Quite fond of tearing jaws off as well, and eyeballs when he's feeling different. Doesn't know anything about "The end," though he's somewhat curious about it.

Has azure eyes, (Eye of Ragnarok colours his right eye red, and gives it a more lupine look.) medium long blonde hair, 6,1 tall.
Wears a purple blazer with fitting pants, a white shirt under the blazer, a purple tie and white gloves, as well as black wedding shoes. Usually wears a purple top hat with a white stripe as well. Wears an azure monocle on his right eye, in order to hide the eye of Ragnarok.

4: Sora no Hazami.

Name: Sora No Hazami.
Looks: About 19 years old, with golden/hazel hair, and azure eyes. 6.0 tall, 68kg. Wears a large, tattered brown scarf, almost as big as a cape, along with blue jeans, a gray shirt and black sneakers.
Background: A bounty hunter, looking for vigilantes and mercenaries. Figured they would be likely to show up at a place like this.
Abilities: Fights with a regular sized scissor, a giant scissor, and a balisong knife. The giant scissor has blades that are about 25 inches long, and is tied to his right arm with a magical barrier. Can use etheral energy to increase the size of it, change its shape, as well as use various wind based techniques with it. (Hence the name ´´Sky of scissors.``)

Additional info: An artificial human with 3 engines in his body, granting him different powers.
Wing-like blades from his back when using the Icarus engine.
Rocket boosters and blades from his legs when using the Hermes engine.
Increased strength and the ability to send out blasts of air from his arms when using the Iscariot engine.

I also have a character called Drive Reinhardt, but he has yet to be in anything.

EDIT: Forgot about fighting styles.

Miles is a CQC expert, Noel is taekwondo-ish fighter, Exiel is a boxer and Sora is a wrestler.

EDIT AGAIN: I hope this doesn't qualify as necro'ing.
If it does, please forgive me.

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Re: Characters Thread

#303 Post by Lee The Werewolf » Wed Jun 20, 2012 2:16 am

Gender & Age:
23 year old Male
A blonde, clean shaven teen Gandalf. He has light blue-grey eyes and hair is feather-light, the golden strands tending to get in front of his eyes. His height is 5' 4'' and weight is 135, though lean and slightly muscular.
A light and dark grey all over, charcoal black fur starting at his paws, muzzle, and tail tip and and fading into the rest of his coat.
Lee lived and was born to a small family on the far edge of a dark forest. After birth his parents abandoned him in the forest, realizing what their son was to become, never to be heard of until recently. He was raised by one of the resident wolf packs until he was found by hunters to his disdain. Lee was brought back to civilization where he learned to speak (However broken it may be) aloud but was more adept at signing. Later on he fell in with a group of undesirables and learned to control his temper and the muscular gray wolf that came with it.
Basics, Grey-blue muscle shirt and gloves, blue jeans and steel-toed boots.
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Re: Characters Thread

#304 Post by logdog102 » Thu Aug 30, 2012 3:29 am

I don't really RP much, but I've decided to make a person so here we go.

Name: Logan (Is it sad that I can't come up with something that isn't my name?)
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Class: Run away slave
Species: Western Basitin
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 135 lbs

Appearance: Light tan/grey fur, dark brown hair that just reaches his neck, light brown eyes, unusually large ears, and thin with little muscle.

Normal Clothing: A pair of black pants; Short sleeve dark green V Neck; wrist and neck shackles; a pair of round glasses; a black pair of gloves decorated with steel plaits going down each finger in lines and up to a circle on the back of his hand which then leads down to another line that runs down to his wrists. Often seen with an old brown backpack when going from city to city.

Skills: Running, sneaking, persuading, and smithing.
Weapon: A scimitar that he "found" and a curved dagger
Note: He seams lucky in regards to him still being alive

Likes: sour foods, quiet places, the night, cool weather, being around friends

Dislikes:Spicy food, Noisy crowded places, very bright places, hot weather, being around strangers

Fears: The undead (they just creep him out), dying.

Personality: Logan is a quiet guy most of the time but if he trusts someone, they will eventually know almost all there is to know about him. If he is around close friends he will be very open. All he really wants to do is live his life in peace, which is hard to do when you have no money and people seem to hate any sentient with fur. He does not enjoy his life as it is and is looking for some way to change it for the better.

History: He was a slave under the control spell, but that all changed one day when the spell somehow wore off. When he was 10, him and two of his keidran slave friends planned to escape. Logan was the only one to escape and he does not know if his friends are dead or captured again. From that point on he has been living the life of a petty thief just to keep himself fed.

A year went by and on day a strange man walked up to him offering him a job to steal a sword. In return he would be given 10 gold coins, which is more gold than he had ever seen in his life. Little did he know that he was stealing from the Templar. He was nearly caught in the act of stealing it by a guard. He was forced to kill that guard and it was the first time he ever killed anyone. When he returned with the sword to the mysterious man the man told him to simple keep the sword and gave him the 10 gold coins, which completely baffled him. He had no idea what to do with a sword.

Half a year went by and Logan met a smith named Alnore who took him under his wing. Alore taught him how to work a forge. Wile with Alore Logan mad his dagger, replaced the hilt of his old sword and made a pair of gloves to help him hold onto his weapons. Fore three years it seamed all was going well for Logan, he had a place to sleep, food to eat, and a friend to talk to. That all changed one day when Alore got sick. Alore was old and couldn't fight the sickness so he eventually died.

He never understood what Alnore saw in him, but after Alnore died he tried to run the blacksmith on his own, which eventually fell through to debt because he didn't know anything about running a business and was forced to sell it. So he found himself living on the streets again as a thief.

I'm still working on this character.
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Re: Characters Thread

#305 Post by T2x » Tue Oct 23, 2012 1:33 pm

Name: Matthew K. Connelly
Nick Name: Matt
Gender: Male
Age: ~10
Class:Battle Mage
Species: Half Breed (Fox Keidran/Human)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 160 lbs

Description of Character: Light Orange Fur so over all he looks like an average Fox, With a white tipped tail, toned muscles from years of training

Clothing: A pair of Tan pants; Long Sleeved Blue Shirt; Wears a necklace with a red gems on it ;And often a old Templar robes passed down from his father.

Skills: Very Skilled with Swords, Magic, Crafting, Alchemy, Cooking
Weapon: A Family Heirloom Black Sword
Misc: The Necklace can open rifts that double for storge

Likes:Reading, Cooking, Experminting with magic and Alchmey, Fighting All out, Makeing Friends Along the way

Dislikes:Being Bored, Expermints back firing in his face, Mean people, Being left out

Personality: Matthew is usually friendly, shy, and a little naive about somethings in particullar. He loves meeting new people in his travels. Very polite and kind to others. Very Rich from his Fathers wealth and usually buying nice things for others if he can. He likes to help others in any way he can.

History: Matthew is the Son of a Human Templar William Connelly and a Fox Keidran Madelyn. He was Raise in a hidden town built by how do you say a group that had trouble came to them. But he grew up with many childhood friends he had a wonderful childhood. His Father taught him everything he knows to this point. Vary Curisous about most things that his way if he wanted to know how it work more than likely he'd find out. At the Age of ~6 he set out upon the world to find adventure and prosperity on his own. unlike others he was able todo magic with out mana crystals which made others envious of him which in turn got him into trouble by accident because of this untapped power he had problems casting magic and occasionly blow up something when he didnt mean to. But after a few years he learned to control this power and use it to his liking which was usually helping others.

Big Role player and im still working on him :3

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Re: Characters Thread

#306 Post by Darkrider » Sun Nov 25, 2012 5:30 am

Okay, for starters, the profile I'm about to give are from other forums I RP in, but I think I can find a home for him here. The profile is copy and pasted, maybe with one or two tweaks here and there. If anything seems OP, don't hesitate to point it out to me.

Name: Darkrider, Dark, Todd Velden (Human name).

Species: Bio-roid.
Affiliation or Occupation: None at this point.

Rank: Ex-A class Hunter (Pre Elf-Wars)

Physical Description:
Male. Appears to be 19 years old, although he’s at least 100. Approximately 6' 3" tall. Golden Yellow eyes. Just over 125lbs. The armor is mainly black and white with gold trim, and a dark green gem on his chest, as well on his upper arms and his ankles. He also has a long, diagonal scar on his back (Reminds him of what he is fighting for)these are usually hard to see due to the fact that he usually wears a black cloak. Hair color is a shade of golden brown.

Shadow Buster: Preferred weapon, Dark elemental. It's easy identified by the unique bayonets. It's built into his arms, much like the X Buster.
Light/Dark Blades: Backup weapon. Darkrider only has the Dark Blade at this point. The Light and Dark blades are twin blades, the location of the other blade is unknown. (Blue blade/ Red blade) Each blade has a scabbard that can be detached from the user's belt.
Backpack: Used to carry healing items, extra weapons, and ammunition.
Limiters: Decreases Darkrider's power by half by limiting the flow of energy flowing through his system.
Hover Skates: These replace the Sonic Thrusters (A speed booster) he originally had. Allows him to travel up to 100mph.

Skills or Techniques:
Dark Disruptor: Darkrider's most powerful move. Turns Darkrider's eyes red. Darkrider unleashes a sphere that is 6 inches in radius at his opponents that, upon contact, bursts into a 5yd blast. Capable of removing 1/4th (With limiter) of his opponents’ health.

Hyper Mode(s):
Delta Spectre: Powered by Darkrider’s Shadeium energy core. Darkrider's body changes entirely to black, except his eyes and teeth. His speed and power are increased 1.5 fold. Limiters can released in this form, but only for a short period of time. Anything longer than 5 minutes, and Darkrider risks the possibility of going maverick, or worse…

Darkrider was born in 22XX, but was a victim of a maverick attack that took his parents, his memories, and half of his body at the age of 16. Years later, he would be discovered by a maverick hunter. Darkrider joined the maverick hunters, and two years later, earned his A-class license. During that same year, his body was introduced to an Energy known as “Shadeium,” and pulled the trigger on his little sister, who caused the damage to him 2 years ago. Darkrider would continue to work for the hunters, and proved to be highly efficient on the field. However, his energy problems would slow him down, and Darkrider retired. When he retired, he was placed into Cyro-sleep after the defeat of Sigma for researching a way to stabilize his energy core. The intent was to eventually put him back into Maverick Hunter service.

Fast forward.

Darkrider is long forgotten in an abandoned lab. The reasons for its abandonment are unclear. What is known is this: Darkrider’s powers have greater potential than expected. To increase the output, A few improvements were added to his system, such as the Hover Skates he now uses.

Basically a lone wolf, but helps out when needed. A little abrasive and impatient. If you hurt a friend of his, you're gonna be in a world of hurt. Very driven.

Dreams: Prevent others from suffering similar fates, and recovering the rest of his memories.

Reasons for Dreams: See background.

Miscellaneous Information:
Has the tendency to stand on a high place and think on his past.
Most of the data on Darkrider and Shadeium was destroyed except for the data in the lab for safety reasons. Darkrider holds what little knowledge there is left.

Notes: Don't start a fight on his species. There was quite a bit of controversy on what Darkrider exactly is. Unfortunately, he was stuck with that, but there's several ways to call him what he is. Cyborg, Reploid with a Human mind, Bio-roid, take your pick. I never had fun with it.
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Re: Characters Thread

#307 Post by Lockheart » Tue Feb 05, 2013 4:11 am

so if i make a mistake or am god modding please tell me and ill change it.

Name: Nathaniel Lockheart (prefers last name)
Race: keidran
Sub-race: domestic cat
Age: 23
Gender: male
Profession: freelancer
Class: CQC assassin
Role: Ruthless anti-hero

Weapons: an enchanted katana named lunar where wolves dance down the blade and devours life energy to repair its-self and gunmyr a small crossbow that never misses inside 20 ft. other than then those he has various survival knives and traps

fighting style:he tends to get in close and "flow" around his enemies rendering their swords useless. he gets harder to fight the closer he gets.

Powers: born with advanced blood magic and abnormal perceptions.

Appearance: has grey fur with black stripes and silver hair. stands around 5'6 and wears black leather with steal gauntlets, pauldrons, and shin guards. wears a utility belt that holds all his misc items.

disposition: very shy but relativity friendly and sarcastic which hides his cold, calculating, and psychotic side. very loyal towards friends.

Bio: illegitimate son of two prominent members of the Illuminati, Lockheart was found in front of an orphanage with only a bound katana and crested cloth. he was more agile and care free than the other children, and was adopted at the age of five by a human retired royal guard named Karn who taught him how to survive and fight. after a few years Lockheart was able to best his master in martial arts and sword-play. at the age of fifteen he had to face his final test and was abandoned in the mountains to fend for himself. after some time traveling he made friends with a merchant caravan. his time with them was short lived as they ran into bandits, and he was forced to watch their murder which caused his powers to manifest. the only survivor was a fox Keidran who managed to scale a tree as the blood and bones started flying. her name was Kiara and she was a huntress who was forced from her home at a young age. after he collapsed from exhaustion she nursed him back to health. when he was healthy enough to set out on his own he found her tagging along.

weaknesses:due to his heightened senses he gets disoriented easier, and his blood magic leaves him drained and weak for days

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Re: Characters Thread

#308 Post by jacobc62 » Fri Mar 08, 2013 7:16 pm

Name: Tyler Bladerunner
Race: Keidran (Fox/Snow Wolf Mix)
Gender: Male
Age: ~18
Profession: Blacksmith
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Role: A smarter version of [Database Error], but still can be an idiot sometimes.....

Bio: Born in a small rural village along the fox/wolf keidran border, Tyler didn't see much of the outside world. He received sword training with several different types of swords by his grandfather. Around the same time, he also learned trade skills with blacksmithing and tavern running. After all, his father owned the only blacksmithery and his mother worked at one of the local taverns. Eventually, Tyler created his own greatsword, which had been cast of a mixture of Titanium and Starmetal.

Wepons: +1 Greatsword (1d20+9 to hit, 2d6+12 damage), Shortbow (2d20+3 to hit, 1d6+2 to hit).

Strengths: mild poision resistance, meaningless battle.

Weaknesses: Hot chicks, bacon. General reactions to both: |D (girls) :D~ (girls and/or bacon)

Apearance: Although he looks like a normal Fox Keidran from afar, up close he looks more like a wolf keidran. After all, his father was a snow wolf and his mother was a fox.... literally.... :wink: Brown eyes, orange hair, greyish paw pads. Wears a green sleeveless shirt and dark brown pants.

That's my character...
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Re: Characters Thread

#309 Post by Stryder221 » Sun Apr 14, 2013 7:40 am

I'll just leave this here... Because, why not?

Name: Kin Marni
Appearance: ... uinkey.png
Race: Half-beast
Gender: Male? no wait, female! Actually, nobody has a damned clue. :?
Age: Nobody knows, since he/she never mentions it.

Strength: Master wind mage, very fast runner, able to fly via wind magic. (No passengers.)
Weakness: Mind of a puppy. Likes shiny stuff, And... "Fooooooooooooooood..." :D~
Weapons: Bare hands/little claws.
Non-magic skills: Sharp eyes and ears, can spot little things easily, and can hear things with similar ease. light-fingers, pickpocketing possible. Master of stuffing face full of delicious food.
Items: Clothes on back, including Bell that never seems to ring. Silver pendant in the shape of a leaf, Kin values this highly.
Role: Clueless wind magician who's never seen a human.
Alignment: Chaotic neutral.
Combat style: Tends to float out of reach, attempting to reason with attacker. If that fails, attempts to send them soaring away with magic, only fights for real if both tactics fail. Has only a few lethal spells, which involve using the wind as a sharp weapon.
If wielding physical weapon for some reason, attacks with what can be best described as indiscriminate flailing.

Bio: Not much is known about this strange child. But numerous sightings confirm this half-beast lives mostly in forests and jungles, often seen speaking to squirrels or thin-air.
The kid doesn't seem to have any parents to speak of, and asking has no effect, as he/she has no memory of them.
Only one memory seems to stick to Kin's head, one of a great fire. It often haunts Kin's sleep as a nightmare.

Misc: small wildlife and various wind spirits take a liking to Kin, and the mage can communicate with them.
Gets uncomfortable and nervous indoors or in a large city.
Do not remove bell, it's more trouble than it is worth.
Stealing the pendant will only bring pain and suffering, so don't play "keep away" with it.
Doesn't like wolves for some reason.
Loves a good meal, and tends to eat a lot.

"I-I'll help! Somehow!" -Kin Marni

EDIT: Eh, I might as well throw this one in, too.

Appearance: Tall and thin, with pale skin, silver hair, and white eyes. Wears a leather hat and coat.

Name: Ark Vanguard
Race: Corrupted Angel
Gender: Male
Class: Angelic Battle-mage
Role: Antagonist/Anti-hero.
Weapon: An angelic greatsword known as "Goddess' tear", enchanted to never dull nor break, and to drive away darkness upon touch. However, it has been corrupted by Ark in his volatile state, giving it a blood-red glow and a vicious edge.

Skills: Expert swordsman, he wields the goddess' tear with no difficulty, cutting through foes with incredible strength and speed.
Master Mage, His experience with light magic is unparalleled, and his elemental skills are nothing to laugh at, either.
Wings. Yeah, he has wings, but they're usually hidden. Can fly with them, of course.

Disposition: Cold and merciless, questionable sanity, and prone to fits of rage, but is loyal to those he deems innocent.

Bio: Ark was once a guardian angel over a town called "Destian". [1] He took the role of guardian with great enthusiasm, protecting it from all danger, human or not. In the second year of guarding, he fell in love with a human girl by the name of Amelia, a beautiful Red-head who always smelled of roses.
Eventually, three years after their first meeting, the two had confessed their love for each other, and had been ready to marry when disaster struck.
On the very day of their wedding, a band of mercenaries began to pillage the town, smashing and burning everything. All who stood in their way were cut down.

Amelia was not spared from the carnage, either, as she received an arrow in the throat in the church, and died in Ark's arms as he was unable to save her. In a fit of grief and rage, he lost himself, and began to cut through the marauders as if they were nothing. Despite his resistance, he was quickly overpowered, and was sealed away via Black magic, his only companion being the steadily decaying body of his dead lover.
For decades he brooded on his never-ending wishes for revenge, eventually breaking free [2] as his magical prowess spiked. Awakening to nothing more than an ancient ruin, Ark flattened what was left in his rage.

Now, maddened by grief, he intends to cleanse humanity with violence, destroying anyone who dared to so much as pick up a blade.

Weakness: His mind is fragile and on the edge of insanity, tampering with it may force him over the edge.
Being a former warrior of light, Ark is especially vulnerable to dark magic.

Misc: Keeps a rose with him to remind himself of Amelia.

"My home was destroyed, my love slaughtered, and myself sealed for decades with her rotting corpse. Did you really think I'd just forget that?" -Ark Vanguard

1. Subject to change depending on the RP.
2. Also subject to change.
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Re: Characters Thread

#310 Post by Alphahalo1999 » Mon Jul 22, 2013 4:34 am

Name: Aaron
Race: Keidran (Fox)
Fur colors: Ash black with cyan accents
Age: 11-ish

This is my first character and he is pretty basic from my standpoint, I'll improve him as time goes on and probably give him a revision when i feel it is needed.

Abilities and facts
-Aaron is a rare mutation of fox the results of this are an affinity for all things arcane, his templar-like ability to absorb mana from the earth, and his strange fur color.
-He is unlike most Keidran in the fact that he gets along with Keidran, Human, and Basitin alike.
-He is a heavy magic user but usually puts negative spells on his sword.
-Much of his magic is influenced by his emotions, so he sometimes accidentally uses spells if he is affected by a strong emotion.
*Bio is soon to come*

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Re: Characters Thread

#311 Post by TheJuggernaut » Wed Nov 06, 2013 2:13 am

Here's my character that I wish would submit, but won't due to the hypocracy of being an anti-fur and liking the story (only slightly anti, though). Oh, and the character tends to fight about as brutal as the mod for Doom of the same name (Brutal Doom), so gore would be too common. OOH!!! Almost forgot one last trait: He's got quite the sailors mouth, too.

Name: Connor Bunce (Yes, that's my name IRL. Problem?)
Alias: "The Juggernaut" (hence my username)
Race: Human (Caucasian)
Age: 29
Alignment (Thanks for the inadvertent reminder, Kin): Chaotic Good
Main Theme (0:00-1:39) & Crazy Idea Theme (1:40-6:06):
Battle Theme:
Wandering Theme:
Combat Strategy (Especially when he's angry and/or drunk):
Height: 7'0" (originally 6'0")
Physical Appearance: Shaved, dark brown hair; golden-yellow eyes (originally hazel, so he's not a hybrid); reddish-tan skin; muscular build; odd, tribal tattoo-like markings reaching from his now demon-like right hand to his shoulder.
Apparel: Metal shoulder plates; metal chest plate; leather boots; leather glove (left hand); red demonic metal gauntlet with an ancient rune on the back that glows like fire; oval-shaped, metal face mask that slightly resembles a shield (Army of Two: The 40th Day inspired).
Abilities: Feral Abilities (FarCry Instincts: Predator inspired); aura vision; fire spells; BERSER RAGE.
Weapons: Ancient Stone Claymore; "Boomshot" hand-held cannon; harpoon used as a grappling hook launcher of sorts; wooden buckler; his father's wood axe.
Personality: Grumpy, racist, slightly insane, and short-tempered, but with a kind heart he usually keeps locked away under his tough exterior. Did I mention he likes alcohol of all forms?
Bio: Cursed with immortality, a fearsome appearance, and a blinding rage by the demonic gauntlet he wears to this day, Connor wanders across the land of Mekkan, either killing anyone who harms the innocent, or, and I quote, "kicking the living **** outta any ***holes who are involved with the slave trade because I hate 'em too ****ing much to even let the so-called 'good' ones get away. Lousy little hypocrites..."

So, fellow forum users (and Tom, whom of which I recently learned is Markiplier's brother! :grin: ), what do you think? Sorry for all the edits by the way.
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(Even though this is for RP, I actually made that poem myself!)

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Re: Characters Thread

#312 Post by SilverScarfFox » Wed Nov 13, 2013 3:56 am

I'll post only one of my guys for now till I get everything sorted out I'll just introduce one.

Name: Lex LeBlanc
Race: Fox
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 185
Ability: The power of Electricity
Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: A young Fox with blue and black fur. His fur covers his right eye like a hair style and some of his fur spikes forward and his about as high as his ears. He wears a long silver scarf that is about to his knees. He wears white fingerless gloves that have the words "Fight On" of the back hands. His black pants have the words "Rock On" on them. His also sports on boots and wears a white shirt with blue on the shoulders to the sleeves.

Bio: Lex LaBlanc was a normal (well normal for his family) Fox who ended up being raised in an orphanage for part of his childhood due to his parents wanting him to live in a place away from the fate that his parents would suffer. He lived a good life in the orphange, even with him not knowing much of using his powers in a safe and controled manner. Until one day a teenager was looking for a Fox who was the son of two well knowed Foxes that knowed to have a son with the powers of electricity. Even when the maid and the owner of the orphanage tried there best to fool the teenager into thinking that there are no Fox children in the orphanage, the teenager killed them both and began killing allthe children, maids, buttlers and others in the building. The one thing the teenager didn't know was that the Fox was not in the building, but was in a near by shop getting bread. Lex retunred to only see the dead bodies and the orphange burnt to a crisp. He never knew who did this but found a note saying "This was the sane fate your family suffered, you little fox!". After that, Lex had been strugling to survive by himself and having to deal with the fact the all he loves are dead. Until one day a man showed up to help the boy be raised to survive by himself. Lex soon learned how to fight using all of his body and electrical powers and learned how to control his powers and use it for many purposes. The man who saved him gave him a silver scarf that was found in orphange, somehow untouched. He also gave Lex some fingerless gloves and pants that dawn the words "Fight On" and "Rock On". Lex then went on to try and live a normal life and find who killed all he loved and kill him/her.
(Ow my hands)

Personality: Kind to those he see no threat, Rude to those who interupt his meditation. Hates being called emo for his gair style, tries to be helpful, willing to fight no matter what, strong willed.

(Well that's all I can say for hands hurt from all this typing)
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Re: Characters Thread

#313 Post by SkybornWG » Thu Mar 26, 2015 10:48 pm

(Slightly edited my original post)

Name: Mara Nie’Miec (pronounced MÄ-ruh nye-MĒ-ek)

Race: Human

Languages: Human, some Keidran but not enough to be fluent

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Alignment: Neutral-good

Appearance: Abundant,
bright red hair that stops half-way above her knees, and with messy bangs; hair hanging down between her eyes and on either side of them, as well as hair sticking up in the back/at the side. She has bright eyes that are cyan in colour, and her skin is very pale, but not sickly-looking. She’s just an inch or so shorter than average height and often stands with one hand on her hip, with her arms crossed, or with one arm holding the other arm at the elbow--she never stands just with her arms at her sides, or else she starts fiddling with whatever she can get her hands on.

Clothing: She usually wears a white shirt with a black cardigan over it. She wears dark grey jeans and lighter grey sneakers, dark sunglasses perched on top of her head, and a silver locket with the Templar insignia on it that she rarely opens.

Personality: She loves being unpredictable. She’ll sometimes play little jokes on people, and it makes her really upset when someone can’t take a joke. She loves making people smile and laugh, but it’s hard to get her to talk to you at first. She loves adventure, so she likes to travel. She is always practicing things like magic, art, music, combat, and so on. She is a very accepting person and she looks at other races as all being human at heart, that all races are equals in the end. She can be a bit irritable, though, and has a quick temper. She also has a knack for sarcasm.

Backstory (short): Ever since she was small, it was obvious that she had some sort of magical ability, but her mother could never do anything about it but ignore it, so she was always searching for books about magic, thrown out by people like the Templar once they were too worn or out-dated. It was the best that she could do for a long while, because she doubted that she would ever be skilled enough to do anything else with her magic. By the time that she thought otherwise about her powers, she had realized that the Templar were taking certain actions that she didn’t agree with, so she started avoiding anything to do with the Templar...unless her locket is taken into account. Her locket was left on her doorstep at random. The locket held--and still holds--a mana stone and a picture of Trace, who had been the Grand Templar around that time. She wears it because of the mana stone within it (as a backup source of mana), but also because of the fact that wearing it calms her nerves. She would hate to lose it, in any case.

Abilities: She is a master of disguise and relatively good with dual-wielded blades. She knows how to use mana to wield magic, and is more skilled at it than she would care to admit, even to herself. She is also relatively good at quick-fixing things like straps, tools, or chains.

Attributes: She can’t stay quiet to save her life, so stealth is not her strong-suit. She is curious to a fault and can not control her emotions very well, which is why she wears sunglasses, in case she starts crying or something of the like and doesn’t want anyone to see it.

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Re: Characters Thread

#314 Post by esmeraldakittycat » Sun Jun 14, 2015 1:13 pm

I have a character I'll be RPing as. She's a WIP.
Name: Esmeralda
Species: Tiger keidrian
Age: 8 (in human years) 18 (in Keidrian years)
Personality: Kind, sweet, bit of a coward
Past: She was a slave until she escaped. Now she lives as a loner.
Eye color: Green
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Re: Characters Thread

#315 Post by JoshtheOverlander » Wed Aug 19, 2015 7:42 am

Name: Arryn Axel

Race: Human

Languages: Human, Keidran

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Appearance: Shoulder-length, straight black hair, slanted red eyes, pale skin, athletic build, 5'8, with a handsome, angular face.

Clothing: He's known for wearing a black cloak and a dark red tunic underneath with a black shirt. He wears dark brown leggings and leather boots too. Additionally, he has a short sword strapped to the left side of his waist with an iridescent red blade, sheathed in a dark scabbard.

Personality: Arryn can be quite a dark person. He rarely shows signs of humor and is generally cold towards others, but that doesn't mean he doesn't care. It's just that he cares more for the Keidran than for those of his own race. He's become rather numb to killing others if it means saving a Keidran from abuse or enslavement or especially death. However, just because he's numb to it, doesn't mean he likes it. In fact, he would rather avoid bloodshed. That said, he seems a little...ignorant of how flawed his ways are.

Backstory (short): Arryn was once a templar of considerable skill. He was held in high regards by his peers and was respected by many. That was before he earned the title Red Reaper. As a templar, he wanted to keep order and keep crime at an acceptable low, but he didn't like the enslavement of the Keidran and openly protested it. Finally, while witnessing a slave trader abusing a captured Keidran, Arryn had finally had enough. He drew his sword and slew the trader, freeing the Keidran he'd captured shortly thereafter. The death of the trader didn't go unnoticed by the templars and they tried to have him executed. In the process of escaping his death sentence, Arryn had put down twelve different templars and freed several Keidran, the only ones of which were Keidran that didn't want to flee, of which there were few. After escaping he began to free Keidran slaves left and right, avoiding the templars when he can and slaying them when necessary.

Abilities: He's a master with his red sword and has an impressive aptitude for magic as well. He can also work a lock really well.

Attributes: He's strong and agile, but not very resilient. He's a lightweight and can't handle too much alcohol. He is well-known for killing humans, but also for freeing Keidran, which has put him on decent terms with the Keidrans in general, allowing him to travel freely through Keidran territory without much trouble. The fact that he had taken time to study the Keidran language helps as well.


Name: Dormen

Race: Panther Keidran

Languages: Human, Keidran

Age: 11 years (About the same age as Arryn in Keidran years)

Gender: Male

Alignment: Neutral Good

Appearance: Scruffy black fur, golden, slanted eyes, long, slender tail, athletic build, 6'2.

Clothing: Wears a dark brown cloak and a dark brown vest. He wears black leggings as well and a silver bangle on his right wrist. Hidden in his cloak, strapped to the back of his waistline are his two daggers. Curved, silver blades with an iron hilt with leather woven around the handle and sheathed in brown scabbards.

Personality: He's usually laid-back, with a joking attitude most of the time and regards Arryn with a casual tone and behavior. Though he seems like a complete slacker, he's wiser and more fierce than he's given credit for, especially in battle. He tries to treat whomever he fights with respect, regardless of race or social status, as it is his belief that there is no superior between two opponents. He likes to crack jokes to liven the mood and even puts on silly acts to put the atmosphere in a much brighter light.

Backstory (short): Dormen was a slave to a rather abusive master and didn't like being the way he was, so he acted casual and outspoken, especially when his master had guests. One day, his master got a very special guest who only asked one question for Dormen and his master each. He firstly asked Dormen, "Is your master kind or do you hate him?" When Dormen told him he hated his master, despite the risk of being put down, the man then asked his master, "Your slave does not enjoy being with you, so will you free him or do you plan to keep up this act?" When Dormen's master said the Keidran was just a slave and his slave at that, the man drew his sword and killed him. The guest told Dormen he was free now and the Keidran followed after him, regardless of his protests. During an ambush on the man's life, Dormen defended him until the templars were beaten down. The man thanked him and asked him his name before giving his own. Arryn Axel, the Red Reaper. Dormen gave Arryn his name and continued to follow Arryn, watching his back since.

Abilities: He is quite a sneaky Keidran and is skilled at making sneak attacks. He's a wiz at hunting and he's quite the master at fighting with weapons akin to his daggers.

Attributes: Agile, fast, and stealthy. What he lacks in magical aptitude, he makes up for in wisdom and combat prowess. He's not quite as physically strong as Arryn, but one of his sayings is, "strength to hold back an attack is hardly needed if the enemy can't land a hit in the first place."
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