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Re: Characters Thread

#271 Post by Draconian23 » Sun Jun 13, 2010 2:41 am

((tis a bit of a bigun, but I'm pretty proud of it))

Name: D' Aricht

Age: 26

Species: gecko

Gender: Male

Job: Ranger/free agent

Class: D' Aricht is an outcast among his own clan, and an outlaw in most wolf clans to the east. Since his race is not seen by many other races outside of the wolf territories, the gecko is an oddity or a spectacle to other races. Those educated individuals who know of the gecko clan, would probably view D' Aricht as a simpleton before they knew him personally, as his clan is considered a 'lesser race' than even the most simple of kiedran.

Weapon: The weapon of choice by the young gecko would have to be a longsword he retrieved from the holds of the ancient dragon his clan worships. The two handed sword has a plain, silver blade with a gold guard, encrusted with a red ruby on the pommel. Most of the time it sits strapped to his back. His secondary weapon was given to him at his initial inception as a border guard. Chosen for it's balance, the short sword is kept at his right side, and is charmed to glow if Kiedran were near. D' Aricht's backup weapon is a simple bow made of yew. A steadying charm placed on it makes it easier to reach targets from afar. As a last resort, the gecko keeps a dagger in a leather sheath, stashed inside his tunic. the dagger is strong enough to use for utilities, but the top of the tang was made to break off if enough force was used, allowing the blade to be broken off at the hilt, if the need arose itself.

Appearance: With a shock of gray hair clashing with his pale green complexion, orange eyes, and the presence of the large sword on his back (among other weapons), the gecko was an intimidating-looking fellow from afar. Most of the gecko clan have the same characteristics, and D' Aricht had a lot of similarities to his fellow geckos; but, standing at a height of 6'2, the gecko towered over a majority of his brethren. Apart from their scaly green complexion, the floppy ears, their tapered tails, and their digitgrade legs, geckos physiology resembled that of a kiedran's for the most part. One main thing that set them apart from their furry neighbors besides their physical appearance however, was their behaviors. Whereas most Kiedran are easy to read because of their body movements, Geckos are not. D' Aricht is no exception. Though he is different from his clan in many ways, he held the same basic behaviors that defined the cool, seemingly calculating aura of his race. D' Aricht is mostly seen in a long brown cloak with a hood, a sand-colored tunic with dark breeches. He keeps his feet wrapped in linen. Most of his clothes he keeps charmed with a vitality charm to keep them fresh and new, and an aversion charm to keep pests and dampness away from his body.

Skills and charms: Because of his time serving the gecko clan as a border guard, his involvement in the Eastern Wolf civil war, and the training he had as a hunter, D' Aricht is proficient in all of the weapons he carries, as well as other weapons available to him. He is mainly defensive in nature, striking only when the opportunity arises, especially in swordplay.

There are three charms that he uses on a regular basis, in combat and out. The most important charm he has learned would have to be the Vitality charm. The vitality charm is useful because of it's applications on living and inanimate things, preserving whatever state the thing happens to be in at the moment of casting. The charm is limited in that the charm degrades to nothing over a period of two hours on living things, and needs more mana than average to cover anything larger than a palm wide area. However, on inanimate objects, the charm can last indefinitely, as long as the object is not torn or damaged very much. Like living things, more mana is used for larger objects.

The barrier charm is another important charm to D' Aricht. While a weak barrier charm can be used to repel water or pests, a strong one can turn the flimsiest of hats into an iron helm. Unless the charmed object is struck with a direct blow, the charm will hold, otherwise the charm will deflect the blow to some extent, and dissipate afterward. The barrier charm is very useful in that it can turn thick foliage into a seeming wall, among other uses.

The last main charm that D' Aricht has a mastery over is the Illusion charm. While the charm can be useful in that it could make his cloak look like a boulder, or mask his satchel from the eyes of his foes if he drops it in combat; this charm is especially useful in combat to make himself look more intimidating, to mock the casting of magics, or even making a 'clone' of himself to confuse the enemy.

Charms have basically the same complexity and variations of magic, and can be cast directly (time and mana consuming), but can also be cast in advance and applied later, much like mana necklaces. Most charms can be cast onto folded paper ornaments or carved wood mementos.

Besides his combat oriented skills and charms, D' Aricht knows a few others, including the knowledge of how to play some stringed instruments. He's not much of a bard, but the soft warbling lilt of his native tongue easily compliments any tune he has learned along his travels, sometimes dispelling the unease and distrust that follows him in most places he goes. Carving wooden mementos or practicing origami is also another skill he possesses, coming in handy with casting charms in a hurry as well as giving parting gifts to those he has met on the road.

History: The history of the gecko clan is a long and arduous one. The lesser beings scratched a living off rocks for ages, while the more adept and prosperous wolf clans thrived in the lush eastern territories along the barrier. They were nomads for most of their existence, traveling up and down the mountains until they knew it better than the billy goats they hunted for food. occasional territorial skirmishes with the wolves were unavoidable, and the hard life in the mountains kept their numbers in check. Lacking a proper purpose, just struggling to survive was a morale dampening plight that hung over the gecko clan for almost an age.

With almost every rock in the mountains stepped over, climbed on, or otherwise traversed over, it never occurred to the nomads to turn one over. One faithful day; however, a small group of geckos encountered something that would change their stars. Nestled at the cusp of a valley close to wolf territories, was an ancient dragon hold. the elder with the group instantly realized the potential of the find, and sent as many of the small group that he could, to gather their clan together. Over the next few decades, the small nomadic camp developed into the first community the gecko clan ever had. Rudimentary charm skills that the gecko clan had used to keep them alive in the mountains developed into more and more diverse and complicated forms, thanks to the ancient treasures found in the holds. However, the paradise the nomads had found was not without danger. As Wolf territories expanded and clans fought each other for control of the other, they got closer and closer to the gecko settlement.

Worried and weary of the skirmishes of old times, the gecko clan took what little knowledge it had in defense and combat and applied it to the first young few that stepped forward to wield the weapons found in the dragon's hold. These few nomads were the best hunters and the wisest charmers that the development had spawned. Using charms of illusion to keep their numbers and traps hidden, they were successful in keeping most of the wolves back. More time passed, almost an age, but the wolves eventually found out about the gecko settlement. The young few had grown into a force of many. Deeming themselves 'border guards', rather than an all out army, they were able to defend the gecko clans from their expansionist neighbors.

Though their numbers never grew more than a small town or village, the gecko clans were able to survive in the settlement they had created for themselves, even against the threat of wolves to the east. Eventually their holdout proved itself useful, and the wolves proposed a truce of sorts. Valuing the charmed items that the gecko clans could produce, the wolf clan holding territories directly east of them, proposed a trade of charmed goods for 'protection' from other wolf clans. Though the gecko clans had advanced considerably from what they had been, their level of society was still on par with that of simple peasant farmers. A lack of conflict and the incentive of protection for a contribution of goods was a deal that the elders found almost irresistible. They agreed, and the first diplomatic transaction between the gecko clans and a kiedran entity was completed. It would not last...

Bio: D' Aricht was born shortly after the trade agreement between the eastern wolf clan and the gecko clans had been established. Coming from the ancestral line of the elders that had established the settlement, he would be looked upon to become an elder at some point in his lifetime. His childhood was unnoticed by most at first, his daily life full of the make-believe adventures of his ancestors. He would even drag a gaggle of many other children in his adventures, something unheard of among most children. They would regularly get together when some children started challenging the others to fights with sticks or rocks, but D' Aricht would rally them together with make believe tales of their nomad ancestors. This eventually drew much attention to himself, his father mistakenly recognizing his son's bright imagination for superior leadership skills (usually gained by force, instead of imaginary tales). With high hopes for his son, he started training D' Aricht earlier than most children as a hunter, a precursor to becoming a border guard, like himself.

The young gecko was sad to leave his friends so early, but he quickly adapted to the extra attention his father was giving him, soaking up the teachings of the old border guard like a sponge. He taught him the ways of the hunter, how to track, how to move silently, how to mask and avert one's scent with natural sources and charms, and most importantly, how to wield and construct a bow. However, when the time came to teach his son traps, D' Aricht surprised his father with his quick thinking. The old border guard had hardly taught his son how to construct a snare, and the young gecko was already making swing traps. He had taken the ideas behind the snare and applied the same principles towards his new trap. furthermore, the young gecko had constructed the trap with no help at all.

Adolescence was eye-opening for D' Aricht. As a hunter, he was in the wilds more than he was at home most of the time, and he began to make observations about the world around him, and how things worked, much like he had done with the snare. Though the clan had already established an active horticultural community that had a close relationship with the medicine man, D' Aricht began to notice what plants the animals would eat when they were sick, or had injuries. Without any knowledge in medicine making, he made his own deductions about the plants he was observing, and began to make his own poultices and tonics when he needed to, as the hunter's life was too busy to go running to a medicine man every time he had cut or ache. One of the most important observations that he would recall, was the contempt that their supposed allies, the eastern wolf clan, held them in. His fellow geckos did not seem to realize it, not even the elders. But he did. He saw the look on their faces, the body language they displayed. it was the same type of body movements he made himself, when he was to treat younger gecko than himself as young 'adults'. The observation would dwell on his mind for quite some time.

Adulthood would change D' Aricht's life forever. The gecko entered the final stage of his life with his initiation into the border guard. Where he had been hunting with a spear and a bow, his primary weapon would now be a shortsword, the weapon of choice for all guard. He personally thought that the weapon was a bit short, but he was glad to be a part of something that would help his clan defend itself, no matter what weapon he would be using. His daily life became more structured and disciplined, and in his first years of service he was appointed a file of guards and promoted to pathfinder because of superior leadership skills. Looking back, D' Aricht would remember it as easy as playing childhood games. The guards listened to inspiration and stories of their valorous ancestors more than they wanted to battle it out for the leadership position. They respected D' Aricht more than they feared him, and were proud to serve under him. Things were going well, until a civil war between the eastern and northern wolf clans broke out.

Demands for charmed armor or clothing were high from the eastern wolf clan, but the sentiments towards the gecko people were still the same. The wolves held the gecko in contempt, more so than they did when D' Aricht was only a hunter. They never thanked their neighbors for any of their contributions, or let up on their high demands.

It was around D' Aricht's 24th birthday, when the wolves asked for a small contingent of guard to bolster their numbers against the northern wolf clan. Naturally D' Aricht's file was chosen to fight alongside their allies, but the young pathfinder did not think it so. As they marched along with the wolves to their initial destination, the way the wolves observed their movements, the way they carried themselves... it was as if they were gauging their abilities. Even as they set up their field camp, the wolves watched them. It did not sit well with D' Aricht at all. As they moved to surprise the wolves from the north, the pathfinder saw the eastern wolves hang back, watching their every move into battle.

Combat changed the way D' Aricht viewed the wolves. Most of them were brawlers, ones who attacked with reckless abandon. They were merciless in their attack, but careless. D' Aricht and his file fought with measured blows, efficiently eliminating most of the opposition. after the rest were mopped up by their wolven reinforcements, the allied force went back to camp. D' Aricht could not help but feel that the wolves leading them back were smug, almost as if they were anticipating something profoundly entertaining. He didn't trust them.

The night before they went back, D' Aricht went alone to the wolven tent, sneaking around to the back as he avoided the guards posted there. He waited for quite some time, listening to conversations, before he overheard what he had expected: The wolves were planning to attack them.

Sneaking back to his encampment, the pathfinder told his file about what he had heard, and told his troops to mount a surprise attack on the tired wolves just outside of their camp, as D' Aricht rushed back to the gecko clan to rally more guard for the cause.

Everything seemed as if it would be alright, until the gecko returned to his home. Explaining himself to the elders, he was astonished to find that the elders did not believe a word he said. Trying to explain himself to the captain of the guard did nothing to help, either. They did not see the contempt the wolves held them in! D' Aricht was not even permitted to return to his troops to see the outcome of the battle...

Most of his file returned the next day, along with a force of wolves behind them. The wolves did not breach the guard's trapped border, fearing for a significant loss in their numbers, but the report from D' Aricht's file did not sound well. The wolves near the encampment were routed, but they returned with reinforcements. As they sat waiting for blood, the wolves demanded an explanation to the routing of their troops. Envoys came and went, demanding answers, and they finally found one; the root of the problem.

Even with most of the guard behind him, there was nothing they could do to stop the banishment of their best pathfinder. The elders wanted peace to remain in the settlement, and the wolves wanted blood. to keep the peace, the elders had done what they thought was right. The guard would never let the guard down now, however.


Two years of wandering around without a purpose had cooled the pathfinder down. Though exile was not a situation anyone would not like to find themselves in, D' Aricht made the best of it, learning new skills and meeting interesting people along his travels....


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Re: Characters Thread

#272 Post by Donnellson86 » Wed Jun 23, 2010 3:42 am

Name: Altair [Redacted]

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Anthro Type: Arctic Fox

Appearance: Fur-white; hair color-dark brown and graying at temples; physique-large and muscular but undefined(caused several injuries early in process due to underestimation of strength); eye color-blue; height-6'2"; clothing-multiple layers allowing him to add or remove depending upon the weather.

Personality: Stand-offish at first but once he develops an idea of where you stand he will either stand stead-fast at your side or will take up arms against you.

Skills: Strong but very agile(given his size). Also has strong understanding of practical physics. Capable of learning at an accelerated rate.

Background: (Side note: This one was found wandering the northern wastes.)None known.

Equipment: Steel tomahawk and lengths of rope and chain.
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Re: Characters Thread

#273 Post by darktimes » Fri Jul 09, 2010 9:40 pm

I'm posting this scifi character up so that it isn't lost. I worked hard on that one and WILL not let it go to waste. the Rp kind of dies right now. the GM doesn't look after it.

Name: Katherine Jones
Age: 22
Gender: female
Species: shapeshifter: while there are many different types of shapeshifters everywhere in the galaxy, Katherine only has "two" forms, her human (slightly changeable) and the other, more problematic forms...
Appearance: she's trained and fit, athletic and without an ounce of fat. she isn't a flatchest, but they aren't really big either. she stands about 1.70m, has shoulder long dark blonde hair and brown eyes.
Clothes: she wears her standard uniform with a hight tech bulletproof vest over it, and an helmet with holographic HUD.
Occupation: soldier
Training: medical combat training. she also learned to change her human appearance a little, but seldom uses that.
Specialty: Medic, close combat specialist.
Personal Effects: her journal, her last will and several letters (in case she's KIA) dogtags (in her pocket)
Equipment: Vortex tactical shotgun, with slug (ranged solid round) and pellet ammo (classical). backup pistol, with ammo. combat knife. advanced medic equipment, Holographic HUD programme which diagnoses patients and has several other programmes, vision modes and things.
Personality: Katherine is a pretty friendly nature, who likes to have a good time, however, she can be quite aggressive if people behave stupid, and isn't afraid to put down some hurt. she keeps her shapeshifting ability a secret, and she, and the rest of the galaxy, think of her as human. she's been in denial for years now. and the DNA tests and check up as she enlisted didn't prove otherwise. however, she can't help it when she's stressed or angry that her human appearance shifts a bit. she doesn't notice that tho. (darker hair, longer, pointy teeth, slitted eyes..)

Katherine grew up on Maltica, a pretty hot colonized planet about two star systems away from earth. at the age of 14 she first transformed, but nobody really noticed her emotional distress. puberty and all. anyway, she learned to fear and hate her ability after it happened again and again, but she learned much about her shifted forms. about three hundred years ago, her homeworld was in a war with an hostile alien species, the Khaara, which were defeated and exterminated. the Khaara were different than most alien species, and after she saw a picture of one of the Khaara's worker castes... she knew that the alien weren't completely hone. she decided to leave her home before she was discovered and probably killed as alien 'spy'. and the fastest way to do that was to enlist to the army. so she did. to her surprise nobody ever noticed that she was different, even her genes are 100% human according to the tests. she underwent basic training and applied for medical training to become a medic. to help people instead of just shooting them, and in the hope to find out more about herself with her new medical knowledge.
she served for four years, mainly away from the interesting stuff, and treated people who were brought back from battles. eventually she saw her own share of combat, and was ordered on this Rescue mission.

shapeshifting abilities:
the Khaara was a gigantic bacterial lifeform, that formed huge telepathic hiveminds and fully functional bodies in seconds in case they were endangered. they were five trademark lifeforms that the human soldiers encountered: the Skulk, the Gorge, the lerk, the fade, and the onos. Katherine can transform into them with the exception of the onos, who is the size of an elephant...
while she retains her mind and control when she has shifted, and can shift from alien form to another. there is a difference with voluntary shift and accidental shift: if she wants to shift she can change back without a problem, but then it happens because of pain, stress or anger, accidentally, its trickier to control, and she can't shift back until she calms down again. a hard task if you just mutated into an alien species. she can't speak in the shifted forms, but has all the abilities the Khaara lifeforms had:
for the abilities: ... lasses.htm
how they look: Skulk,Lerk, Gorge, Fade

(while powerful, she loathes her ability, and tries to live a normal life. so, she won't be using it much.)
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Re: Characters Thread

#274 Post by Evernessa » Tue Jul 13, 2010 10:09 pm

I have indeed done some roleplay and I usually use the character I'm going to put here.
:flora: Age and Identity. And whatnot. :flora:
First Name: Ever
Last Name: Chain
Age: 18.6
B-day: 3rd January
:flora: Appearance :flora:
Height: 6'7 (This gave her the nick name "rather tall person")
Thinness: She's just come out of anorexia, so she's pretty thin.
Other attributes: Fox ears and tail and cat eyes, but no fur over her body.
Attire(Yay thats the first time I've ever used that word :karen: ): She wears a lot of purple or dark blue things, she's VERY fussy about her socks for unknown reasons, it could be just because she's practicly insane. She's NEVER without her pink micheal-jackson style hat.
:flora: Personality :flora:
Ever is pretty much laid back, she likes to be lazy and sits around alot and she NEVER does as she's told. However if there's something she REALLY wants done she'll go out of her way to do it and nobody will stop her. She can be strong willed at times but at other times surprisingly timit. When it comes to love she's so shy she'll almost allways run away.
You don't want to come at her from behind, she has an usually heightened sense of touch and will feel you coming. And she's pretty strong for somebody with no muscle at all, you'll be out-cold bleeding before you know it.
Her hobbies pretty much consist of sitting, thinking, giggling and slapping people very hard untill they do what she wants them to do.
She HATES it when people boss her about and is more liable to slap them rather than do what they want her to do. She slaps a lot. She'll slap YOU if you're not careful, mwahahahaha!
She's never serious, she's sarcastic a lot, she pretty much likes everything unless it doesn't go ping or isn't pink, purple or blue or it doesn't do as she says.
:flora: Special powers :flora:
None whatsoever. Why should she bother with magic when she has her pink micheal-jackson style hat :flora:
I'm totally bent, totally un-eating, totally tall, totally [censored], totally pink and totally awesome. :flora:

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Re: Characters Thread

#275 Post by y7h65 » Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:07 pm

This here is my standard sci-fi Character's.

Name: Riptide, Avalanche
Age: Both have been around since the mid 1950's*.
Gender: Riptide was male, Avalanche is a android.
Species: Riptide was human but his cybernetics granted, never ending life. Avalanche is an android that Riptide made at some point in the 1950's for some purpose he has since forgotten.
Appearance: Riptide:
Avalanche: ... 978_11.jpg They're both 7 feet tall
Clothes: What clothes?
Occupation: Freelancers
Training/skills: They are both experts at the following, marksmanship, melee combat, running like crazy (Riptide is better at this than Avalanche), and stealth. ALL of this was learned by hundreds of years of experience, and cybernetics. Both are about as tough as an APC, oh and as fast as one too.( Once again, Avalanche is about 25% slower than Riptide, Riptide's armor is about 30% weaker than Avalanche's.)

Specialty: Riptide is a front line trooper that has had experience in espionage. Avalanche is a bombardment specialist and expert marksman.

Inventory: Both of them have a pouch containing a locator to track each other down, Oh and Avalanche carries a bag of spare parts.
Equipment: Riptide: Has a custom assault rifle with a reversible sword bayonet. attached to his wrist via hard points, that require His or Avalanches Cybernetics to use, a combat knife a dozen frag gernades, brass knuckles, and LOTS of ammo of EVERY sort hidden in caches located all over his body and in his bag.
Avalanche has Twin back mounted 120mm artillery cannons, twin shields that are also melee weapons and artillery shock bracers.Also carries a lot of ammo. They can switch their weapons around if the need be.

Personality and other stuff: Riptide is like Deadpool, With 98% less 4th wall breaking and 90% less crazy. He also likes cats, of any type and sort. Avalanche is quiet , usably communicating with only nods and hand movement, however he is also quite adventurous, sarcastic, and snarky. Riptide doesn't need to eat or breathe but unfortunately sleeps a lot to recharge his power cells. However he did modify his body to generate power through movement and solar energy, the system is still kinda glitchy and it's generally a better idea to recharge energy by sleeping. Avalanche being an android doesn't need to sleep, eat, or breathe. He does watch a lot of movies during downtime and listens to music when hes supposed to be on watch.

Background: Both of them aren't of this universe. Both Riptide and Avalanche are from an AU of our world except that in their universe the british government were aware of Extraterrestrials and had done experiments to create an army of super soldiers to combat the Extraterrestrials. It didn't work that well. Riptide was the only success but he had lost his memory. The government decided to terminate the experiment and it's only success. Of course Riptide wouldn't let that happen so he killed everyone on site, the people that were to kill him and managed to escape, but before he escaped he was hit by a truck and damaged his memory even more so, to the point where he could barely remember what had happened to him. He forget all of that after falling into a coma for a few days. However when he was discovered by that time he had manged to get all the way to America. From there on he worked with some secret agent for a couple years and during that time he built Avalanche.
After they were finished with that, he took to space, Where they worked as mercs for a couple of hundred years.
Then they got into a bit of bad luck and during an assault on a fortress owned by the terrorist group ,Black mesa, there was a mishap with a teleporter portal and they were sent to ( insert appropriate locale and time here.)

More pics: Avalanche
Make note for the more pics of Riptide please disregard the last 5 pics and all the pics that show his assault rifle with a chainsaw bayonet. He dose not have the chainsaw bayonet or the parts depicted in the last 5 pics.
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Re: Characters Thread

#276 Post by bsteven93 » Fri Jul 23, 2010 5:47 pm

My character is Thundra The Wind Spirit
-I am the guardian of the Arch-Magus of the Air
-Whom ever receives my blessings my grant the power of Air
-I'm mostly an endless vortex leading to the world of spirits were the Arch-Magus-es can only use and my personal appearance is my avatar I use for the forms
-So beware my POWER!!!!! "RAWR!!!!!!!"
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Re: Characters Thread

#277 Post by darktimes » Wed Aug 11, 2010 5:10 pm

Name: Darktimes
Character Name: Murk "the mysterious Alradaila!"
Occupation: wandering entertainer / shadowdancer
Age: 26
Race: Human
Weapons: shortsword, dagger, throwing knifes.
Magic: shadowdancers don't perform magic, even though their abilities seem like it. shadowdancers walk the narrow path between light and darkness, and understand these factors like no other, allowing them a range of abilities:

1. concealment: Murk can hide in plain sight, if he stands in a shadow, it doesn't matter if its day or night, or how dark the shadow is. its a the core ability of the shadowdancers, and its secret is kept very well. but it is obvious that a person must be extraordinary good at hiding and sneaking beforehand.

2. darkvision: it isn't surprising to find out that murk can see in even pitchblack darkness. some argue that shadowdancers don't, and just rely on their other senses. it doesn't make a difference though.

3: illusion: Murk can make people see, hear or smell things that aren't there. it only works on one person at a time, and the illusion must be small, faint or just a idea of movement. Murk isn't really good at the visual aspect, so its not hard to tell what's real or not in daylight. in the night its another story.

4: the general ability needed to even learn all of this: almost inhuman reflexes and swiftness, excellent thief skills, flexibility of a performer, ability to judge other characters, and of course vast knowledge in people, in the arts and the intelligence to use all these attributes effectively.

Bio: Murk was born into a wandering juggler family, who travelled from town to town and performed for money and shared news and information with the townspeople. his mother was a shadowdancer, and her father before her. as he learned to spit fire, juggle things, and perform acrobatic stunts, he also learned from his mother to sneak, to throw a knife accurately, or how the kill a man silently. in the open he was soon introduced as "the mysterious alradaila", who performed miraculous stunts and created swarms of animals with a stroke of his hand... it was a good life, the only life he knew, but lately he finds himself more and more impatient, first errors sneak into his performance. why learn all of this when all he can do with it is performing infront of bored peasants? he decides to leave his family in the next town and make himself a name, to do something of value, of consequence!
Appearence: Image
Other: he can't read. and is very slippery, in all ways of that word, and in all situations where 'slippery' can be applied at.
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Re: Characters Thread

#278 Post by ODST » Thu Sep 30, 2010 12:54 am

Might as well post this up

Name: Haseo
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Race: Human
Occupation: Freelance Hitman/Bounty hunter
Weapons: several small knives, a weapon called "DSB-8"
Equipment: spiked gloves, medic kit

Appearance: 6'1", slight build. His overall apearance is obscured by a Ghillie suit. (It is ussualy just mesh, execpt on stealth jobs.) He does have black hair.

Personality: He is'nt big on emotions. He the no nonsence type who'd rather let his actions speak for him. Hes does seem to enjoy satire and music. He dislikes foolishness. He's rather agressive to anthro's of all types. He belives them to be something mankind must eleminate as they are a mockery of humanity.

Skills: Strong and Cunning. An expert tracker and hunter. His trap making, planning, and combat skills make him a go to hitman in the underground.

Background: He was born in a place called Exion, the location of which isn't widely known. He first made a name for himself while serving in as a security guard for a not so honorable nobleman. While preforming some "task" for his employer his talents where first recognized. With the sudden and tragic deaths of the nobleman's rivals he was granted used of an experemental weapon. He continued to eleminate the noble's rivals and opponents. The whole time he worked for the noble it was due to his own intrest that happened to be simular to that of the noble's. He eventually left taking the weapon after an incedent, details of with are unkown. He has since earned a name for himself in the black market as cost effective hitman.

Other: The DSB-8 is basically a hand held railgun. He only uses it as a desperate messure.
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Re: Characters Thread

#279 Post by Four-zero » Wed Jan 12, 2011 2:58 am

Name: Ingis (Latin for Fire)

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Species: Human

Roles: warrior, combat mage

Weapons: Katana, six-shot revolver

Height: 5'11"

Eye color: red

Hair color/ style: bald

Appearance: Medium build. Wears black pants (Blue jeans in more modern RPs), a black T-shirt, hiking boots, and a black cloak and hood (a Black Jacket is in more modern RPs.) His left armed is bandage and in a sling, which is more of an act. He can use his left arm, and is the one he uses to cast magic, but it is deformed. The lower half of his left arm is a dead black, containing a series of lines and the Medieval runic for F, all of which are a red/dark red mix.

Skill: Ingis has heavy fire magic, and his left arm can change to a more demonic style (his whole arm turning black with the red/dark red lines)

Personality: Ingis is a quite person, keeping to himself. He highly aggressive to anyone who attacks or stands against him, and has also gotten the knack of getting into unfair fights. He also just as loyal to anyone who has his respect, never betraying him or standing down unless for a good reason.

Background: Ingis's history is surround by mystery, he pretty much not existing for the last five years. Even then, he was a stranger to anyone and everyone. Only showing up to assist in some fight, help a stuck traveler or two, or seen hiking the older roads. Of course, he actually hasn't gotten too far from back then, only being seen more on the roads and even in some times and speaking to very few people.

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Re: Characters Thread

#280 Post by Hybrid » Thu Jan 20, 2011 7:50 am

Here's my character, in 2K at least.

Name: Thether Jones
Gender: Female
Age: 36
Race: Human
Hair: Gold
Eyes: Mobile phone backlight blue
Skin: Tanned
Location: Currently Basidian Islands

A magic user and apothercary, Thether is currently studying the Subtleflower and it's effects. She's also hoping to obtain and classify samples of rare plants found nowhere else in Mekkan. Also, she is taking advantage of the exchange rates of gold, on the side. Her weapon is a staff with a mana crystal embedded in the end. Her room is filled with chemistry equipment.

Thether was a Templar, but quit to explore the world. (This was before Trace came to power). Since she didn't fully complete her training, she knows only a few spells. She trained in her father's business and inherited his shop but sold it and became a roving merchant of herbs and medicines, which has led to strained relations between them. Her mother died in childbirth when she was five.

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Re: Characters Thread

#281 Post by darktimes » Wed Jan 26, 2011 5:52 pm

I see we got allot of friendly guys and gals here. i'm mix it up with a jerk. I'm going with entrophy. if that is ok. (sorry lief)

[( character planned for 11 shadows )]

Name: Nathaniel "Nathen"
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Race: badly burned albanian boy :P human
Physical Description: Image
Wears what you see in the pic, he's got a padded leather shirt under the tunic. his hair is black and cut short, his eyes are green. and you can see the 3 day beard.

Personality: Nathaniel is a gambler, a guy with a strange sense of humor, who is kind a jerk with his sarcastic wit and his smug grin, his laziness and arrogant behavior. he's arrogant alright, having been treated like a god while growing up, but he can tell good from bad, and truly is engaged with people around him. he just can't show it right. he can't stand seeing people cry, mourn or be otherwise sad, he can't watch misery happen. while his attempts to help these people seem crude and heartless, he is really trying. then he gets irritated because all he does makes it worse or they refuse him.

Personal History: Nathaniel has grown up in a small village on the edge of a forest, between the desert and the treeline. the Village consisted of ten houses, and ten families living in them. he was fairly innocent, and the youngest brother of two elder sisters, (2/3 years older) and his power wasn't discovered till he, while playing catch with his sisters (he was five, they were seven/eight) accidentally aged the younger sister Lilia into her teen ages, while her dress withered, ripped and became a bunch of rags. the entire village was shocked, Nathaniel broke out in tears and run to his mother, and seven year old Lilia, now beautiful seventeen, didn't know what was going on, as it happened that fast.

long story told fast, his powers were figured out, but instead of saying he's a demon, the villagers embraced him, and treated him like a godsend. his sisters and parents didn't know how to react, and six year old Nathaniel neither. it took him six years to figure out and use his powers on will. Lilia, grown to a woman of 23 years, was struggling with the decision to revert back to her real age, which would be 13, or stay in her current age, which she has grown accustomed to in the last six years. Nathan ended the struggle with a compromise of five years, turning her eighteen. the other sister, Emily, who had been envious of Lilia being older all this time, but swallowed her anger till her brother learned to fix it, wasn't glad as she still is younger, even though she was technically a year older.

after that, nathaniel was busy making all elderly people young again, on request of them of course. everyone treating him like a king, wanting something from him, and forever thankful to him, it isn't surprising to see him grow up to be a selfish brat. in his teens he was known as a ladies man, even though that was more for his fame than his charms. he refused to sleep with people over thirty though. even if they looked like sixteen. the ability to know the true age comes with the power. anyway: in the end, he has gotten lonely, and tired of the devotion and envy. he packed his stuff and left the village.
the people, especially his grandparents, were not glad, and are now tracking him down to bring him back.

Dominions: Nathaniel can make anything he touches, or that touches him, either younger, or older. the process is very fast, ten years compressed into a second. he barely uses his secondary powers. most of his uses are subconsciously, such as in combat the world seems to become very slow.

Other Powers: he has this "aura of authority" around him. be it that he's such arrogant, or acts like he owns the world, maybe both. swords, hammers, knifes, axes, clubs, all turn rusty and become dust when they strike. he only fears arrows. and magicians? it is easy to turn them into helpless old men or... rather cruelly, a baby. but that are just branches of his main, not other powers.

Special notes: gonna dig a theme song later
sending PM soon... or not. I might not even
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Re: Characters Thread

#282 Post by Nephireon » Thu Feb 03, 2011 9:02 am

Here's another for you.

Name: Nephireon Desreakyun
Age: 22
Race: Dragon/Ethereal Spirit Monger
Gender: Male
Element: Dark, Light, Wind
Height: 6'02
Weight: 175Ibs

Physical Description: Average body mass. Has dual colored hair (purple and black) has a darkened skin tone. Has amethyst eyes. Wears a black and gold tunic and black pants. Some times wears a cloak or robe for is own amusement. Wears light, black leather boots for mobility purposes only. Carries around a special Glaive given to him from another realm. Is capable of casting spells at will on a whim.

Personal History: He's still learning who he is and what happened to him. Around 40,000 years ago he was sealed away by councilmen concerning a tragedy that occurred some 1000 years ago and was blamed for the outcome. His home was nearly wiped out. Over the years of his confinement he found a way to get out and start a new life... although not being able to remember what had happened. He has helped another family similar to his own and they see him as... part of the family although they know who he is and what his role was but they never told him... until 20 years later.

Other information: Nephireon is normally seen with a black dragon with amethyst scales and trill that has white tiger like strips running from the back of her neck all the way to the tip of her tail. He calls her Ebony and why he calls her that, no one really knows. If any should ask him why... he doesn't usually reply but remains silent. He and Ebony have a strange bond together that some would look down upon. In a group of people... Nephireon tends to be a little over exaggerated and things don't always go as he plans but when the time calls for it, his intelligence knows no bounds and he can get many people out of dangerous situations. Has the ability to cast any kind of spell and knows most levels and forms of spells without even having to say it out loud. This has made him top of any magic academy very quick. He rather dispises academies because some time ago... he lost a good friend... that had fallen in love with him.

He finds himself... at the mercy of his companions in the Command Center in the Spirit Realm. There is never a dull moment that goes by without some mundane and pointless chaos.
when it comes to an actual battle...whether it be sparring or just a flat out brawl, he is one who never shirks his training. He is a master of a hidden art called Guardia in which he sheaths his weapon and he counters (not attacks) all moves and attacks thrown his way. This usually turns the tables in many hard pressed battles for him.

On a side note, he's really soft spoken, keeps to himself and is always lost in thought. Ebony would always tease him about things when he's quiet... it keeps him from having to worry about his lost family... in which he just recently discovered... though he's very skeptical.
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Re: Characters Thread

#283 Post by Excalibur » Sun Feb 06, 2011 3:17 am

Name: Onyx "Iron Clad"
Age: ~42
Species: Unknown
Type: Turtle
Gender: Male
Height: 9' 11" or 3 meters
Eye Color: Fiery Orange
Eye Coloring Type: Overcast
Shell Color: Onyx Black
Skin Color: Dark Green

Often cold hearted, seldom cares for others. Rather violent when angry or frustrated, but gentle and silent.

Supernatural Powers:
He has the ability to manipulate gravity to his own will. He also has the ability to bend EM and light waves, even to the point of being seemingly invisible. However both of these require plenty of energy and stamina thereby making them a bit rarely used. He also has the ability to absorb energy around him to add to his own strength and stamina.

This huge turtle has a high muscle mass and is rather bulky in build (the shell quite closely resembles the proportions of a turtle shell IRL as well as relative dimension ratio). His arms are strong, however his 3 fingered (4 if you include the 'thumb') hands do not give him the finest dexterity with small things. Especially how his long clawed fingers make his hands resemble much like the hands of the Godzilla Series' Orga (a quick google search should give you some results of what it looks like). The eyes are narrow and glow brightly its fiery orange. The glow intensifies relative to the amount of energy stored in Onyx's body (biological, elemental, or otherwise).

The head of this... behemoth, resembles the skull structure much like the head of a snake. The head being wide and near flat on top. With the eyes mounted on the side and the mouth splitting across the entire head. The skin resembles a mosaic of armored plates, the armored skin is bullet resistant, giving him a natural resistance to projectile weapons. The shell his completely bulletproof and can withstand a great deal of explosive force. Making this creature a prime fighter with great physical strength and endurance.

The one major defect of this creature is that it is unable to speak outside of the restrictive Reptilian language. Making him very dependent on telepaths for any communication. He himself is incapable of telepathy but thanks to previous association with telepaths has become experienced in knowing how to project his thoughts into words.

Personal History:
Onyx was genetically engineered in orbital science labs. He was designed to be the ultimate fighting machine through genetic engineering and molecular manipulation. Costly efforts were made to give him the ability to manipulate gravity. His other abilities were unexpected side effects of the tedious manipulation of his molecular structure.

One day when he reached full maturity he awakened, because of various risks, he was shot in an escape pod down to Earth before he could escape from his stasis chamber. Once he broke free he was unable to control his powers and caused a black hole to erupt in the center of the planet. The only thing that saved him was a spacial tear that pulled him from his own reality into an alternate reality.

He spent many years alone, learning to control his powers better. However his skills were still flawed. One day he met a telepathic girl whom he had quick emotional attachment to as she helped him sort the chaos in his mind that prevented him from mastering his abilities. However it was only a few years before a tragic death occured. When he accidentally killed her trying to defend her from men whom violated her.

After his loss, Onyx again spent his life mostly alone. Often getting into fights through misunderstandings because of his inability to speak.
Name: Phantom
Age: N/A
Species: Unknown
Type: Shapeshifter
Gender: Male
Height: N/A
Eye Color: Chrome (regardless of form, his eyes are the same; with extremely rare exceptions)
Eye Coloring Type: Humanoid often, overcast when using his abilities or taking a non-humanoid (or anthro) form.
Skin/fur color: N/A

Mysterious, Reserved, and respectful type.

Super Natural Powers:
Shape shifting is in his nature. However he has become deeply tied with dark powers, more than one could list. He is also an elemental meaning he can draw energy from elements around him. This also means that even though he can use magic, he is not dependent on Mana.

When in his natural state, he is a glossy black fluid. His most common form is a human(oid) male adult. Often wearing a black cloak. Most of the time when he wears his cloak the hood hides his face often only his glowing Chrome eyes being visible. Sometimes he becomes divided (watch out... KH reference) into his Heartless and Nobody. While his nobody resembles the original quite well, its quite visible that he is a nobody with a glowing white Nobody Symbol tattoo on the left side of his face regardless of form. The heartless however acts much like Phantom's more evil and dark side that once awakened before causing countless deaths. When Phantom is divided all that the Nobody cares about is binding the two back together to be whole again. While his heartless only cares for manslaughter and destruction.

Personal History:
In rather ancient times Phantom was a human named Helec. Helec was a 'monk' deeply tied into the ways of elemental powers. And one day while visiting the Sacred Temple of Light, he was cursed and turned into a shape shifter. While his new found nature was rather a gift including immortality and near limitless power. He was forced with the burdens of the blood guilt of hundreds of millions of lives. Including the millions said to have been killed by the "Black Plague".

He spent hundreds of years trying to better the lives of others seeking redemption. It has been often found that his 'generosity' sometimes comes to a point where some find it disturbing almost. He healed people of permanent deficiencies and diseases, and even revived people from death. Regardless of his virtues he continues to seek redemption. However at times his Dark Side reawakens causing his destructive habits to come up again.
Name: Morning Star
Age: ~15
Species: Fox
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 7"
Eye Color: Sapphire (Multi-tone)
Eye Coloring Type: Humanoid
Fur Color: Golden Yellow

Innocent, Curious, and Open Hearted.

Super Natural Powers:

This young vixen has been mistaken many times to be older than she really is. As she has a body that would resemble a woman in her 20s. Especially since she has a mature bust and curves to go along with it. However along with her rather "perfect-template" body, she has white stripes of fur that start from the palms of her hands traveling along her arms, up the back of her neck, and end on her bangs which often naturally hangs over her left eye. Her feet also show spots of brown fur with no specific pattern.

Personal History:
(Still in Development)
Name: Yelhit Leonhardt
Nickname: Leon
Age: ~23
Species: Coyote
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 8"
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Eye coloring type: Humanoid
Fur color: Burnt Orange

Respectful, Fun Loving, sometimes Reserved.

Super Natural Powers:

This Coyote has a fair muscular build, has a single patch of black fur on hsi forehead, and additional patches of black fur on his back and legs. He often wears a pair of Black Jeans, and a Black Leather Jacket, and underneath would be a t-shirt that varies from time to time. He himself is skilled with swords, he personally owns a Xtlu'zahl. A personal weapon of choice that is wielded with its angled hilt (much like Count Dooku in SWII) and when carried is often carried over the shoulder. His Xtlu'zahl measures a length of 3' 6" (106 Centimeters) however others have varied in length. Some being as long as 4' or more. Leon is also experienced in other weaponry including daggers, shurikens (aka Ninja stars), and the Zai (plural for Sai, a Japanese melee weapon)

Personal History:
(Still in Development)
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Re: Characters Thread

#284 Post by kartracer76 » Fri Feb 11, 2011 2:50 am

So we just use this thread to create our characters that we use in the other RP threads?
Well here goes nothing...

I have two characters, one is anthro the other human. Just because.

Name: Zac Mahoney
Age: 18
Species: Common Thresher Shark
Height: 5'8"
Physique: Medium build, toned.
Eyes: Right eye is blue, left is completely white. Though he can still see from it.
Scales: A deep and slightly iridecent blue. White belly.
Hair: Short dark brown hair, apx. 1" long. Worn in a "ceasar" style cut. Spiked top, buzz cut sides.
Other body notes:
- Brown goatee

Zac is rather reserved at times but once pushed too far he will snap and everyone near will know. Zac sufferes from certain emotional and social dissorders so he is slow to warm up to people and there are few he reveals his true self to.


Name: Zac Mahoney
Age: 18
Species: Human
Height: 5'7"
Physique: Medium build, toned.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light brown. Very short, sometimes spiked.
Other body notes:
Brown goatee.
Rather average features.

Zac is rather reserved at times but once pushed too far he will snap and everyone near will know. Zac sufferes from certain emotional and social dissorders so he is slow to warm up to people and there are few he reveals his true self to

Ya I know they are pretty much the exact same. idfc
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Re: Characters Thread

#285 Post by darktimes » Wed Mar 09, 2011 5:35 pm

well, I think this is sort of a treasure chest. sometimes you make a character for a Rp that doesn't take off, or shuts down very fast, or you simply don't have time to join... so instead of forgetting all my work I copypaste them in here.
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