Poisoned soil Posts apocalyptic scenario

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Poisoned soil Posts apocalyptic scenario

#1 Post by TheDodo » Thu Feb 15, 2018 8:14 am

"Year after year passes by
But where it goes
Nobody knows." Unknown survivor.

I want to introduce you to a world that lost so much, jet still has some to offer.
We have the year 471 after the event commonly called bright light.
And still there is nothing but burned soil. 471 years after the the bombs were detonated which killed nearly everything on this planet. But still thereis live on it. Together with the few survivors there came knowledge resources and ideas.
Some of them helped to ensure live and a very crudestructure of society. But some where dangerous.
The clockwork a perverted form of an old religion that wants to free the world from everybody that is not "pure human"
The wild ones a species that emerged as a byproduct of the desperate attempt to ensure the survival of the humans. In the radioactive wasteland.
But only effective on 10% of the former population. And with extreme side effects that made them mutate more or less into animals.
Most other human's are quite neutral towards the wild ones. But those who listen to the clockwork want them all dead.

There are many different dangerous and crazy things out there. Giant guinea pigs. Acidic rainfall toxins in the air around the grate swamp and more.

Welcome to the world, welcome to your adventure.

Hello everyone this is the world I want to make an RP about. This system will have no stats for the characters important to Mention that I'll develop the story and the world further as this game progresses.

To do something with your character just write here.
And as the story teller I'll respond as fast as I can.
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