Keidran Legends, a twokinds RPG using the new Open Legend RPG system

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Keidran Legends, a twokinds RPG using the new Open Legend RPG system

#1 Post by goldgardian » Fri Oct 21, 2016 4:33 pm

okay, so a few months ago I began work on a project to create expansive rules to allow a Twokinds RPG using the 5e dungeons and dragons framework. I have found that while the basic rules, fit marvelously into the world Tom has created, there is a crippling problem in a certain area of the mechanics, I'm talking of course about magic, namely spells in D&D such as Time Stop, Wish, and the biggest elephant in the room, Resurrection. Tom has weaved a world where a lot of the spells of D&D just don't fit it. by taking out these spells though, you devalue the power of the spellcasting classes, that unbalances the game, and I'm all about that game balance. I considered stealing all the spells the worked, and making ne spellcasting classes, but that was definitely a long term project. So when I discovered the miracle that is the Open Legend RPG I was ecstatic. I could see that this system would work nearly perfectly with the world of Twokinds, with minimal effort on my part. that is to say, I'm still going to have to do some stuff, charts of available goods and services, a few recommendations for capturing the magic of Twokinds using the Open Legend system, and some other goodies. I don't have anything ready just yet, but you can check out the core rules here and then you too can see how well it can work. #notsponsored I just really think this RPG would be really cool

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