TwoKinds: Chaos Era

Play around with roles and whatnot in here, I suppose.

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Re: TwoKinds: Chaos Era

#76 Post by Stryder221 »

The moment the tone of the conversation had changed for the darker, Lei had gone almost completely silent. Phaing getting confrontive and showing her hypothetical situation hadn't helped matters much either, in that regard.
He was no stranger to such things... The scholar had run into unsavory types as well in his lifetime; Barbaric, blood-thirsty beasts looking for any reason at all to loot and kill. Just thinking about his first encounter was enough to put a dark look on his face, a look that didn't belong to one usually so friendly.

By the time his companions had stood to follow the wolf, had tagged along without another word, staying behind Phaing for the time being.
E͎͖̯̱̻͡r̲͇r͢҉͈͚ò͈̹̰̩̺͓̝̘̟̕r̨̡̺̥̲̰͕̭̬:̵͙̦̟̮̖̯̞́͢ ̴̛̞̙͙̠̲̝̟S̵͎̼̖̜̯͕̺͔̀i̶͉̟̝̻͕̺g̢̤͕n̴͈̩̝͓͖̹͕̟͢a͕̺̱͞ț̸̛͓u̢̥̣̣̰̪ͅr̨̠͙̯̣̣̘̠ḛ̡̨̟̗̥̰̱̻ͅ ̻̮̼̥͕̼͉͎u͏͔̳n͏͔͈̭̭͟a̮͕͖̲͕͙͔ͅv̺̦̼̥̭͙a͏҉̦̺̫̯i̝̙̳̜l̴̡̳̥͠a̢̘̬͈͢ͅb̶̶̦͉͙́ḷ̸̙̙̳̩̥́e͔̪̳̦̫͚̪̹ͅ.͖̠̗͔̖̞ͅ

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Re: TwoKinds: Chaos Era

#77 Post by Kieth »

El Dorado

A chase after non existing dreams and hopes, the dream of fortune and fame to all be in your hand and control. It was a dangerous search and hunt, a dangerous world you would enter and chase your entire life to never find, die unhappy, unpleased and unsatisfied. Greed would consume you, kill your joy for life, your one and main reason to live was to find the treasure, the selected target marked with an X on the map. Never would you get far, never would you find what you wanted or were looking for. You mainly cast away your life for a chest of gold, a setup of dreams and hopes that never were real. Gold diggers and the like search for this their entire life.

And if. If it existed and they ever found it, ever stood with it in their hands, earned and got the gold, the treasure and fame. What would they do with it? Where would they go, what would they live for? They found their dreams, they found their hopes, the lived out the life they searched, they stand with everything at hand, there would be no greed left, you would have it all, what should become of your life then? You lived only to chase the treasure, and you won it, you got the beautiful girl, the gold and fame.

Game over.

Life has ended, that's what happens. And some in this world knew it. was no El Dorado; no city of gold, no life of gold or purpose, there was nothing here. No gold, no fame, there was just the game, the tricking game to lure you into the danger of the land. The Golden Marked Canine saw the truth now, he could see behind the big screen on the wall. He could see how it worked. It was disgusting. That was all it was, it wasn't mighty or pretty. The Templar had been searching for El Dorado for centuries...and even with their vast influence and connections they couldn't find it. And they never would...

Not if Julius could help it. And as he walked through the streets of this lovely little town full of mismatched misfits and mongrels, those bright bi colored eyes would flick back and forth cautiously. This town...these 'people'. It all put him on be honest he had previously hoped that he would of been kidnapped by now but it seemed the omnipotent Templar were not as swift as he had previously intended...still, it mattered little. If that human who he met at the bar was telling the truth, than word of his arrival would reach them eventually. And as he reached the Apothecary his gaze fell upon the 'Closed' sign and instantly his ear twitched in annoyance. He was running low on his medication and needed a refill before things kicked off. And so he stood in the middle of the street, staring for a long while before curving his gaze to the side in the direction he had come from only to spot...very familiar faces.

Julius grimaced. Ignoring them, he simply took a seat on a bench in front of the shop and leaned back...crossing a leg over his knee and waiting. Surly the owner had to stroll by eventually right?

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Re: TwoKinds: Chaos Era

#78 Post by The Rookie »

Malcolm wasn't far behind the exotic wolf, having been lagging behind him a short distance since having left the tavern; assuming Phaing and Lei weren't too far behind him.

It was certainly a surprise to find the wolf waiting for him in front of his own store, however. It was certainly the last thing he expected.

"H-Hey, excuse me, Sir." Malcolm called out to him from a short distance. "Do you have a minute?"
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