Frozen Dead IC (Dead as a Doornail)

Play around with roles and whatnot in here, I suppose.

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Re: Frozen Dead IC

#16 Post by Ketzal » Wed May 27, 2015 4:09 pm

Jacquelyn stretched with a relieved groan, her muscles stiff from the long ride. She wasn't a stranger to riding in humvees like these, but scrunching up in a seat with all her gear in tow hadn't done any favors. She looked around at the dilapidated street, a pang of remorse hitting her as she imagined what it must've looked like only a few months ago. Hard to believe how much has changed so quickly...

At Agent Burke's command, however, she straightened and gave a salute. "Private First Class Jacquelyn Erinson reporting for duty ma'am. Field surgeon."

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Re: Frozen Dead IC

#17 Post by Lief » Wed Jun 10, 2015 6:20 am

Inside the small crate that Agent Burke opened were several loaded 7.62 NATO magazines, two disposable lighters, and half a Butterfinger.

Agent Burke didn't seem to be paying much attention as everyone introduced themselves she emptied the crate, placing the magazines in the proper magpouches under her coat. The lighters were both shaken lightly then tossed away, and the half-eaten Butterfinger got left in the crate. "What kind of [censored] gives someone two empty lighters and half a candybar?" She didn't attempt to mask her disdain of whoever was in charge of supply.

She stood up straight when Yosef spoke, eyeing the other agent carefully. "It's been a while, Yosef. Surprised they're letting you off base, what with all the data they need analyzed." Burke chuckled lightly, then turned her attention to John.

"Ah, they sent someone with a radio for a change? Maybe the damn thing will actually work."

"Wasn't expecting a medic either." She nodded, more to herself than anything.

"I'm Catherine Burke. You will refer to me as Agent Burke or just Burke. My role is primarily extended reconnaissance or mid- to long-range support as DeWitt guessed, but Command has decided to send me you lot to lead into the city. Find survivors, make friends with the military unit if possible. Fun stuff. Oh, and one of the other recon units reported seeing a tank, I believe. Haven't seen it myself, but it should be interesting."

"Wait. You," Catherine pointed at the man who hadn't introduced himself. "Will be referred to as 'Snippy' since you carry a marksman rifle and failed to introduce yourself."

"Now that introductions are done, we should get out of the open. Follow me, and try not to make too much noise." Agent Burke started towards the same pathway she'd come from, not bothering to check if everyone was following or not.
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Re: Frozen Dead IC

#18 Post by Tyendinaga » Tue Jun 16, 2015 4:30 am

As the last introduction went by, John gave a slight glance over to the sniper. It seemed the guy wasn't in the mood to introduce himself, or just wasn't paying attention. After a moment he glanced back to the woman, who at this point seemed to be content with sifting through a bin of magazines and random junk. Turning away from the group, he looked around, taking in the scenery once again. 'I wonder what this place looked like back when people still lived here.' He mused to himself. Even though it had only been a few months, the toll of mother nature had clearly been paid, grass grew through cracks in the in the concrete, pot holes appeared occasionally in the street, the road verge, even lawns, were completely overgrown. Aside from that it was far from Detroit. Mow the lawns, put in some windows and doors, might as well be good as new.

"Now that introductions are done, we should get out of the open. Follow me, and try not to make too much noise."

He blinked a bit all the while coming back to reality. He hadn't a clue what exactly had been said in the past few moments, in fact the last thing he caught before that was her name. '....Something Burke, Rin Burke...Wait a minute.' He paused, apparently not even her name. 'Ah Crap.' He mentally kicked himself all the while turning himself around and with a few long strides came to a normal pace following behind Burke. 'Note to Self: Do not drink the morning before ops.'

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Re: Frozen Dead IC

#19 Post by Lief » Mon Jun 22, 2015 5:55 am

After a few minutes of walking, Catherine decided to break the silence. "All I meant was no yelling or shouting or other stupid [censored]. Thought you lot would be more talkative than this. Yosef especially."

She stepped over the broken remains of a fence into a less-than-stellar looking backyard. There was a surprisingly-fresh bloodstain in the dead grass. Burke ignored it and continued, moving through a gate on the other side of the yard and out onto a street, turning right.

Dull groans and a handful of moans could be heard off in the distance if you listened carefully. The city was quiet aside from that and their footsteps.

"Closer than before. Wonder if they're migrating?" Burke wondered aloud.

"Yosef, any wisdom to share with some of the greenies?"
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Re: Frozen Dead IC

#20 Post by Hotep the psychic » Tue Jun 23, 2015 5:13 am

Trevor followed amidst the silence, he walked casually, looking around as he did so. His hands carrying his rifle. After crossing the fence and entering the backyard he habitually looked down into the tall grass as if expecting something there but found no luck to sorts. He continued on seeing and hearing the comments on a blood stain then caught the faint moans of the undead only to slightly grip his rifle some more.
Then he heard something about zombies migrating if he heard correctly. "Migrating? Noooo thats silly" trevor thought. "if you ask me i beleive they are hording around a source of prey. Almost happened to me and bill before. Id advise wed at least hole up before nightfall if were playing it safe". trevor said a bit softer than his normal tone. He looked around again making sure his own safety and the safety of the group was fine. "Even so....what if what she said on the tank is true?" Trevor thought to himself
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Re: Frozen Dead IC

#21 Post by y7h65 » Thu Jun 25, 2015 3:04 am

"Je crois que non, my green friend." Yosef responded cheerily to Trevor from his position near the front, kneeling down to glance at the ground around them. "The, how do you say, timing; it is too late in the year for most people to be travelling in the open. Many would choose to... what was it... bunker down and attempt to weather the winter."

Standing back to his full height, rifle slung on the back, Yosef took a few deep breaths. The snap of winter was present in the air, along with slight hints of ashes and the ever so faint scent of death ever present in the cities nowadays. Nothing that particularly jumped out as a sign of human activity. There were no signs on the ground either of anyone not connected to them passing through. No rushed hurried footprints, no doors and windows opened or closed recently that he could see, and no smell of rot. The fresh bloodstain was odd but with nothing to pin it down to, there was no way to tell if the bloodstain was from someone retreating deeper into the city or out of it. Finally, if they were mobbing something or someone, there would be a lot more noise or sound. Something that would have alerted the troops that had been here before he had arrived.

"No, nothing here shows that the walkers are in a horde event right now." Yosef answered matter of factily, scanning the nearby buildings. "If the bloodstain had any droplets leading into or away from the city center then I could give a more definite answer but with it being this close to the rendezvous, I do not think it belongs to whatever has drawn the attention of the walkers further in the city. More likely belonged to someone still in the area. My guess would be that the lack of food has them restless, walking towards the loudest source of noise. Something in the distance. The lack of rapid noise indicates that it is only a..., chain, of walkers rather than something moving into their vision and getting their attention."
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Re: Frozen Dead IC

#22 Post by InceptionBwaaa » Sat Jun 27, 2015 5:57 am

Moira found herself a little rock and tossed it up. It came down right in front of her nose, and she plucked it from the air. Holding the rock there for a moment, she looked at it, her eyes going crosseyed. Then, with a small smile breaking across her face, she looks up at the back of Burke's head.

"I can make a bunch of noise if you like, Burke. In case you all need a distraction." She dangled a firecracker by its fuse.

Wish I'd brought my little handheld, Moira thought, remembering the miniature radar device she'd put together a while back. It could track movement up to a distance of 60 feet, which was very handy. The thing also had a geiger counter in it, but she didn't know if there was a need for that. Best to ask now, someone might know.

"Hey, Burke? There any radiation out here?" she asked, obviously not to Burke alone.
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