A World Asunder, Mission 1 Section 1: Mechanized Warfare

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Re: A World Asunder, Mission 1 Section 1: Mechanized Warfare

#16 Post by Stryder221 » Wed Jan 21, 2015 3:13 am

"Righty-O, sir. You heard the man, right this way". Argonz had said. And with that, he advanced slowly through the hall. Being defender and all, He'd be the shield when things went sour. Not literally, he hoped. As he moved through the quite frankly creepy hallway, he couldn't help but feel he'd made a grave error in not having a flashlight attachment of some kind. True, he already had a small, barely noticeable attachment to his helmet, and a handheld light somewhere on his person probably, but the damn thing was a bit too dim for his liking, and he can't hold both an autocannon and a flashlight at the same time. Maybe with some duct tape or something... Once this was over, he was going to request night-vision or something for his helmet.

The defender shook his head. Again, he was getting distracted. Damn it all, that was going to kill him one day... He'd just have to make do.

Upon seeing the damaged interior doors for himself, he had just one thing to say about it. "Either the guys inside got royally [censored], or... Ugh, apologies, no time for bad jokes..." Other than that failed and abandoned attempt to lighten the mood, he remained silent as he repeatedly scanned his surroundings, keeping his eyes peeled, checking everywhere from his twelve to six to everywhere in between. Oh, couldn't forget the ceiling, either, doppelgangers never seemed to expect people looking up.

Who said the doppelgangers couldn't blend in like chameleons? That's right, nobody. Times like this, a little paranoia here and there was justifiable, maybe even encouraged.
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Re: A World Asunder, Mission 1 Section 1: Mechanized Warfare

#17 Post by Hotep the psychic » Wed Jan 21, 2015 3:29 am

Krimstad backed slowly with the group he checked his sides with a slight turn of his head to check rooms, however most focus was on the door he shut. Upon hearing that a possible someone was seen he turned to face the unknown only to be false. Then he heard the thud of the rear door and refocused but saw no break yet. Then he tapped his helmet in a slow manner feeling he was being watched and with a low beep two lights on his helm dimmed to life lighting the rear, the door was dented now and with that the thought of holding seemed simple utilizing the hall as a bottleneck point. He went to a knee stance and readied his rifle. "I would estimate around two minutes untill door breaches and then aprroximatly 2mintues holding position here sir."Krimstad said.
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Re: A World Asunder, Mission 1 Section 1: Mechanized Warfare

#18 Post by Gabriel of creosha » Fri Jan 23, 2015 12:55 am

Ivan walked up to the now safely judged doors and put his hands on them. He gave them a decent shove and felt them grind a bit further apart. "Good. I think It's possible for me to move them all the way open..." Ivan braced himself between the doors and pushed with all of his might, the doors holding for a few moments before finally getting them to slide all the way open. In the new silence he heard a faint humming noise, it disappeared just as he pinpointed the source; a nearby semi-intact recessed security station, built into the wall the gate is connected to. Ivan walked over to it and his helmet displayed his own face for a moments. He looked inside the recess in the wall, and around the room but didn't see anything too amazingly important. Glancing over the remains of bulletproof windows made him shutter, reminding him of the terror they would face ahead. He walked in, making sure not to step on anything that looked important, and ran his hands along a grate at the top of the room.

It was a ventilation shaft, with the great still on it. Ivan contacted his team over the radio and readied his blade. "I found a grated vent shaft in this security station. The grate's on, but the thing you guys think you saw may have crawled into it. I'm going to stand here at the ready until someone a bit smaller comes over to investigate."

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Re: A World Asunder, Mission 1 Section 1: Mechanized Warfare

#19 Post by y7h65 » Fri Jan 23, 2015 9:51 pm

As the door was forced open, the faint illumination from the assorted armor and light attachments revealed more about the foyer. A large dented and damaged metal and plastic sign hung above the the entrance where people would have once walked through, with a message welcoming survivours to the City Bunker of Alps. The layout is familiar with the exit doors of the foyer at the far end of the room across from the entrance while three other semi-recessed security booths dotted the walls, many of which were in the same state as the one Ivan currently was in front of. The notable difference, however, were the displays built into the walls displaying what Bunker Life was to be like with many miniatures and models showing tiny people working scaled down hydroponic farms as well as maintaining various systems necessary for the continued existence of the bunker. Oddly, while the rest of the room were relatively damaged, these displays remained relatively intact, a memorial to what was once done in this bunker.

The floor, on the other hand, was absolutely littered with the destroyed remains and signs of battle. Countless firearm magazines littered the ground in certain places while empty sections of power armor could still be seen lying on the ground. Scratches and marks in the ground denoted places where something with claws had passed through while the larger concentration of armor parts, broken weapons, and magazines revealed the final scenes of the fight with the defenders literally pushed to the wall.

"Confirmed Botsch," Jason responded, already crossing the room at a rapid pace even as he spoke. "Polaski, Hackett, assist Botsch in his search. All others are to investigate and attempt to see if there are any other locations that it may have run off to. If you find no evidence of it's existence, we are to continue to our objective."

(OOC: I will be sending out PMs about what your characters find. However, as I am currently busy, they will not be written for up to 24 hours.)
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