A World Asunder, Mission 1 Section 1: Mechanized Warfare

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Re: A World Asunder, Mission 1 Section 1: Mechanized Warfare

#16 Post by y7h65 » Fri Jan 23, 2015 9:51 pm

As the door was forced open, the faint illumination from the assorted armor and light attachments revealed more about the foyer. A large dented and damaged metal and plastic sign hung above the the entrance where people would have once walked through, with a message welcoming survivours to the City Bunker of Alps. The layout is familiar with the exit doors of the foyer at the far end of the room across from the entrance while three other semi-recessed security booths dotted the walls, many of which were in the same state as the one Ivan currently was in front of. The notable difference, however, were the displays built into the walls displaying what Bunker Life was to be like with many miniatures and models showing tiny people working scaled down hydroponic farms as well as maintaining various systems necessary for the continued existence of the bunker. Oddly, while the rest of the room were relatively damaged, these displays remained relatively intact, a memorial to what was once done in this bunker.

The floor, on the other hand, was absolutely littered with the destroyed remains and signs of battle. Countless firearm magazines littered the ground in certain places while empty sections of power armor could still be seen lying on the ground. Scratches and marks in the ground denoted places where something with claws had passed through while the larger concentration of armor parts, broken weapons, and magazines revealed the final scenes of the fight with the defenders literally pushed to the wall.

"Confirmed Botsch," Jason responded, already crossing the room at a rapid pace even as he spoke. "Polaski, Hackett, assist Botsch in his search. All others are to investigate and attempt to see if there are any other locations that it may have run off to. If you find no evidence of it's existence, we are to continue to our objective."

(OOC: I will be sending out PMs about what your characters find. However, as I am currently busy, they will not be written for up to 24 hours.)
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